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Power point final

  1. 1. Six Dimensions of Wellness
  2. 2. The six dimensions of wellness must be present inorder for one to attain overall wellness in their life.
  3. 3. Physical Wellness • I learned about the importance of regular exercise and plan on doing at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day.• Eating a balanced diet is equally as important in maintaining good health. I plan on maintaining healthy eating habits.
  4. 4. Intellectual Wellness • Intellectual wellness is about adding creative and metal activities that keep your mind striving for intellectual and creative pursuits. I still have one and a half yearsof school before graduating toaddress my intellectualwellness. I also look forward tohaving time to read for pleasureagain!
  5. 5. Emotional Wellness • Emotional wellness gives us the ability to get through the rigors of life. Having a good emotional wellness helps to have a better outlook on life so you can enjoy it to its fullest.To maintain emotional wellness in my life I plan to learn howto balance my school work with my family life and not lethomework take priority. I would like to plan time to dothings I like to do such as going to the movies or to dinnerwith friends.
  6. 6. Social Wellness• Social wellness is achieved by becoming an active member of society and expanding your social I plan to volunteer at least twice a year. support I’ve scheduled to help in a soup kitchen network. one day next month and I would like to help at a blood drive.
  7. 7. Spiritual Wellness• Spiritual wellness focuses on the meaning and purpose of life. This doesn’t just take into consideration religious beliefs but also relationships with other living things and your appreciation for nature, the universe and the meaning of life. To maintain my spiritual wellness I plan to continue the breathing and mediation exercises we’ve learned in class. I’ve found that they help clear my mind. I plan to take care of myself by exercising regularly.
  8. 8. Occupational Wellness• Occupational Wellness is about the satisfaction you get from your career. If the choice of career is correct it should fell more like fun and not work. Building strong working relationships and having a clear After graduation I plan on a career in nursing. vision for the future This is something that will give me great are important aspects satisfaction and is a career that I’m really in maintaining good looking forward to. I plan to work in a hospital occupational wellness. setting and to take care of family members in need.