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Outcome Based Mapping Canvas


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I have included an Outcome-Based Canvas or A3 for your review. After completing this outline, it reminded me of Hoshin planning and Toyota Kata. However, it gives me a stronger feeling that we are looking at the soft side, the behaviors of the process more than the typical Lean methods. A description on how to complete this canvas can be found on the blog post, applying Expectations of Customer Behavior:

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Outcome Based Mapping Canvas

  1. 1. Outcome Based Mapping Canvas  What is the Vision (Ideal Target) ?  Boundary Partners (Draw an influencer map)      Mission: What is needed for Sustainability?  Boundary Partners    Outcome Challenge      Casual  (I &E)    Persuasive (I &E)            Suppor ve (I &E)  Outcome Journal          Know    Feel     Do  Change    Contribu ons    Evidence  Unan cipated    Lessons    Performance Journal for Vision  Strategy Journal  Evalua on Plan 1.  Prospec ng for new ideas            Ac vi es  Focus 2.  Seeking Feedback  Effec veness 3.  Obtaining Support  U liza on 4.  Assessing & Redesigning  Outputs  Evidence 5.  Follow‐up  Follow up 6.  Sharing Knowledge  Lessons 7.  Experimen ng  Lessons 8.  Reflec on                    Adapted  from  Outcome Mapping by Sarah Earl, published by IDRC 2001