Flipped professional learning, Socratives app in esl


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Introducing Ipads in your classroom ? A model for professional learning - flipped professional learning. Follow me on Twitter @brigidwheel. My opinions are my own.

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Flipped professional learning, Socratives app in esl

  1. 1. Flipped Professional Learning Explore the Socrative Apps for an ESL classroom and learn about flipped professional learning for I padsProfessional Learning Series Apps in ESL Collated by brigidwheel Designed to be shared.
  2. 2. http://edudemic.com/magazine/
  3. 3. Flipped Professional Learning visual lear ning• Download and explore free Teacher & Student Apps and check out Socrative videos on You Tube.• Warning - This is not designed to be presented in a traditional PD style, I take no responsibility for your audience sleeping or playing with Apps while you talk at them.• This is a Quick Independent Learning Tour to get you exploring and thinking about uses and perhaps prepare for a teacher Meet-Up to exchange ideas and build knowledge collaboratively and share.• It includes hands-on tasks for you to connect with other teachers at face-to- face Meet- Ups or connect globally online to develop uses further.• Social media is a great tool to speed up learning, connecting and conversing with teachers globally. Currently Im chatting to Finnish teachers who are also using iPads in the class and a teacher in outback Australia using tools to improve literacy rates amongst the indigenous community. I really recommend connecting globally to ensure your students benefit by access to Best Practice.
  4. 4. Flipped Professional Learning social media • I thought Twitter was to tell the world what I ate for breakfast. Well, I am no longer resistant to micro blogging. It a fabulous professional learning tool. Start by using #ipadchat, #socrative when sharing on Twitter. • Consider connecting your Twitter account to the Flipboard or similar App to connect and learn together. • I look at Twitter for 30 mins a day and add some off-line mobile reading using the Instapaper App.
  5. 5. Flipped Professional Learning personalization • I read, think and design new lessons and record ideas. I jot down ideas for a blog. I use Evernote. • You could reflect and share your thoughts by creating a professional learning blog. • You could make your blog an E- Folio following your professional learning . Maybe design a rough plan of how you would apply it in your class. Blog about it afterwards.
  6. 6. Flipped Professional Learning Connectedness • Share your ideas, experience with your global teaching community with Slideshare or IMovie freedigitalphotos.net and with me on Twitter @brigidwheel
  7. 7. Free !!! Student Response System for Formative Assessment Intro videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgSp13h_98s&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  8. 8. A few ideas for English • Student generated• A modern twist on a spelling questions to review bee - compete between grammar classes - share quizzes. • Check homework use a quiz• Vocabulary quiz - checking as an "Entry Ticket" independent learning as an Entry Ticket to class. • Recycle language points.• Review yesterdays reading • Check reading with a few more comprehension from comprehension questions. graded readers or online games.
  9. 9. More Uses.... • Try using open ended questions to reflect at end of lesson • Ask open ended questions for students to explain a text. Students then read and vote on the best response. • Just in time learning - get students to sign in true or false. Students create some extra questions on the spot from a text, read them out and get the students to answer. • Track results in a Google spreadsheet or by email. Great to add to portfolios. • Ss find an image. Eg Getty images. Co-construct questions for students to describe. • Spark an opening discussion with a multiple choice question. • Create an Exit Ticket - a quick review to end the lesson.
  10. 10. Share quizzes with team.• Share your quizzes with other teachers - in the Edit Quiz section in Main menu assign an SOC number.• Take turns making vocab or spelling quizzes on the units in Q- Skills or Global.
  11. 11. How do I create a quiz? Save time Grades itself. Go to You Tube - "Creating a quiz in Socrative" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h- ue87Te9Lk&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  12. 12. How do I administer the quiz? • Select Start Quiz. • Choose saved quiz. • Options - teacher paced or student paced quiz. • Options - teacher paced or student paced quiz. • Instant Feedback. • Check out this video on YouTube by Wlliemann19 • http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=degYQxFe2rg&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  13. 13. Meet-Ups ------- Your turn ...• Download the Teacher and Student Apps - watch the How to... Videos on YouTube.• Find a teacher or a few in your pod or your Meet-Up Zone and play with App.• Role play a student- teacher and try out the different quizzes - make a few different question types.• Try an open ended question to generate higher order thinking.• Check out the results - how do you get them to Excel ?• Running out of class time - set some homework from a page in your PDF text and a quick quiz.• Find 3 more ways you could use it and share with your group.• Workflow - how could you connect this to another ICT activity ?• Google it, read online, watch some more videos.• Share your learning at another Meet-Up or globally on Twitter or a professional learning blog.
  14. 14. Teacher blogs with more classroom ideas. • http://educationwebcloud.blogspot.com/2011/12/in-this-post-we-will-explore-how-to-ask.h • http://www.teachscience.net/2011/11/09/socrative-web-based-response-system-for-the-cl • http://www.socrative.com/garden/?p=755
  15. 15. References in this presentation are from the Socrativewebsite , teacher blogs, you tube videos, twitter tweets and the Edudemic Magazine and free images.net. Socrative website http://www.socrative.com/