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Tlc chat 2


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Tlc chat 2

  1. 1. Research Skills, StudentCollaboration & Tech Integration
  2. 2. + Teaching Research Skills
  3. 3. + Google Search Tips and Tricks
  4. 4. + InstaGrok
  5. 5. + Research and Writing in one.
  6. 6. + Sweet Search
  7. 7. Edu Blog
  8. 8. Texting in Class• Texting :: Questions, Announcements, Homework •Students can be provided with various concepts to research. •"Text a friend"- Bring the world into the classroom. Create mobile groups •Send reminders to an entire class or individual students. •Students and parents can text if they have a question.
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Students can text you questions about an examYou can text parentsSend Reminder Texts
  11. 11. Presidential Debate Discussion s
  12. 12.
  13. 13. + Evernote
  14. 14. +
  15. 15. + Evernote
  16. 16. Google Forms
  17. 17. Google Forms as a Rubric
  18. 18. Google Forms as a Rubric
  19. 19. A• What is the assignment? • Instead of a typical lecture or a boring power point project, my students created 2-4 minute public service announcement videos trying to advocate a particular topic.• How did they create them?• My students picked their partner and their interest group from a list. I am all about student choice and ownership!• For homework, they researched their topic. They spent two days in class creating a Google Doc. PowerPoint in which both partners were able to work on a specific part of the project at the same time• On the third day students created their Animoto video projects by saving their PowerPoint as a JPG and adding effects/music.• To see a sample handout or project: interest-group-psa-videos/
  20. 20. +Collaboration through ClassroomConnections
  21. 21. + What techniques, tools and methods might you use with your students?  Collaboration ideas  Research methods  Combining collaboration and research  Integrateslowly – Start with just a couple of tools and focus on the student collaboration. Thank you for all you do with your students everyday.