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Media pitch ceylan and gideon and ida


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Published in: Education
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Media pitch ceylan and gideon and ida

  1. 1. As the rose falls… Gideon Breman, Ida Bass & Ceylan Akbas
  2. 2. Company logo
  3. 3. For our final product, we have decided to base our final product will be mystery crime film and so we created a word cloud out of it. The word cloud above, I searched for crime genre and added the information from three websites, the script lab, Wikipedia and Film site. After I added all the information to the website WordItOut, where it creates word clouds for you, I clicked on generate and it gave me something similar to this. We had the option to regenerate if we didn't like the layout and that's what I did until I found one I liked best.
  4. 4. Why we chose Crime…
  5. 5. Our film concept: • Our concept is a “who done it?” style crime thriller. According to Todorov’s theory, it would follow this structure: • Equilibrium – A girl is walking home going about her own business. • Disruption – The girl gets kidnapped by a mysterious, unsuspected figure. • Recognition – A detective is appointed by the distraught father to find the missing girl. • Repairing – The detective uses forensic evidence and his instincts to work out the villain’s plot and find his secret hiding place. • New-equilibrium – The detective finds the girl – but does he get there in time?
  6. 6. Opening scene of the film • Emily goes to secondary school, year 9 • She finishes school late but somebody is following her • Federich stalks Emily home • Federich closes in on her • She goes down a dark alley • Emily gets abducted
  7. 7. Villain Sir Ben Kingsley Main Characters –
  8. 8. Victim Chloë Grace Moretz
  9. 9. • Detective – Ryan Edwards, to help investigate why Emily has been abducted. • Father – David Jackson- Becomes sadden and upset, as he vows to find her, using as many resources possible. • Emily’s neighbour- Vanessa joseph- Becomes suspect as she was jealous of Emily. • Mystery kidnapper- Jack Samuels (Emily dad’s best friend), does not become suspect, until later in the film. • Emily mother (single mother)- Charlotte Watson, Emily was on her way there. OTHER CHARACTERS- WE DO NOT SEE in the opening scene -
  10. 10. Low skirt to suggest her innocence And how she represents herself in the Society. Her lipstick subverts the idea of her Innocence as the colour red suggests danger however, she is not wearing any other sort of makeup which again makes her seem pure and natural. Her top button being done up shows that she follows rules and that she is a smart girl. Her hair in a neat plait which reinforces her purity.
  11. 11. This is the bag the character will be wearing. Suggests she’s vulnerable Shows her sex appeal and that she wants to grow up quick.
  12. 12. Old man Grey hair Glasses Dresses awkward Stereotypical Paedophile
  13. 13. Characters: As Emily is walking home, there is a suspicious figure following her, she is not aware of her surroundings as her whole focus is on her phone.
  14. 14. Character: The young girl will be walking on her way to her mums house as it is a Monday, she will be wearing her uniform and she will be walking alone. Emily subverts the stereotypical school girl as her uniform is very smart but her lipstick makes her look appealing. The shot will be of her on her phone with her bag in an empty road. Lighting: The lighting will be very dark, this will prevent the audience from seeing Emily’s surroundings or the kidnapper’s identity. This will create mystery and tension for the audience. Settings and Mise-en-scene Our next location will be shot on a quite, back-road called Phillip street.
  15. 15. Republic pictures are a subsidiary to paramount pictures. They have a history with crime films and this is why it relates to us. In the ranking according to, they are 9th. When using it tells us that the republic production is ranked 9th in the world distributors and on crime films.