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Media presentation

  1. 1. By Kellie, Laila, Sarah and Mariam SHADOW
  2. 2. TEN POINT SUMMARY1. A group of girls , out on Halloween night walking into a closed park. - The girls are all friends and have decided to go and spend there Halloween in a park. They all climb over the gate as it isclosed. This is the first shot and it will be switched from a handheld POV shot following with Panning shots of the girls wal king. (The scenery is dark, cold, scaryand lonely. This will set the feel of the movie and gives the audience a sense of tension and anxiety about the upcoming even ts. ( OVER VOICE ISINCLUDED)2. The girls then gather in a circle and are telling scary stories. - They all very loud, drinking, laughing having a fun time in the middle of the park. The s hots included are a shot reverseshot of the killer in the background watching the girls so the audience has awareness that someone is watching the girls from a distance.3. Diellza of the girls gets a phone call and walks of into the distance to take her call. - There is a close up of the phone when it rings and then zooms out and the camera follows her with the camera panning asshe walks away.4. The Girls decide to play a prank and hide form their friend who has taken the phone call. - The camera cuts to all the girls deciding where to hide. The camera shot changes to POV as it is a mid-shot of eachgirl.5. The victim turns around and all the girls are gone , she is really shocked and saying “very funny guys” . - There is then a hand held shot of the camera behind the girls whilst you can see Diellza in front standing alone.This will create a sense that someone is standing behind them and watching. The girls turn around as they can hear something behind them and no one is there.
  3. 3. 6. Diellza gets brutally attacked. - The killer then come s and beats Diellza till death, the shot is going to be a long sh ot of the situation and thena handheld shot of the girls watching there friend getting killed. You will also be able to see the reactions of the friends, as the view that will be seenthrough the camera will be like a POV shot.7. After the killer runs off , the girls run up to their friend and see if she is still alive. - They realise that she is dead and all panic. They are all going fanatic and have to put her body somewhereas they feel they didn‟t help her friend. There is a panning shot of all the girls dragging the body down the canal to leave her to rest.7. They all walk home and then the girls start receiving texts. - The girls are all getting worried over these texts and start getting scared. They d ecided to turn back to thepark as the texts are saying “come and get me” they think there friend is alive. There is a POV shot of all the girls running towards the park whereDiellza was killed.8. They all turn around as the texts are saying look behind you. - The girls turn around and no one is there then the phone rings and a deep voice sa ying turn around thegirls start running in fear and all stop to turn around, there is no one there. The killer is playing with there minds . The re is a panning shot to provethat no one is there.9. The girls turn around and the killer is in front of them from a bit of a distance. He is in a black clothing and is waving a t the girls. He starts running towards the girls. The shot is a POV shot of one of the girls running away from the killer she then falls and the cam era dies of low battery.10. There is a shot of the handheld camera and it says low battery as the killer is coming closer and closer the battery dies and the film ends.
  5. 5. LOCATIONS The canal by regents park seemed to be the best place to shot the scene which the body is dumped, it is a place which is not used frequently and therefore seemed like a good place to use.We chose Primrose Hill, as it was a park with a lotof lighting, our film will be shot when it is darktherefore we need as space which would give goodlighting.
  6. 6. RESEARCHOur group researched the different genres of film, by looking at different films to gather information and ideas.The main ideas which we needed to research was;- Music- Plot- Mise en scene- Target audience- Surrounding movies within this genre.The reason for picking out these specific ideas was because they are most important for our film. Our film is a thriller/horr or therefore the music is very importantto make the audience react in a certain way to the scene.The music used for shutter island which inspired our group was;1. "Fog Tropes" (Ingram Marshall) – (Orchestra of St. Lukes & John Adams)2. "Symphony No.3. Passacaglia – Allegro Moderato" (Krzysztof Penderecki) – (National Polish Radio Symphony & Antoni Wit)4. "Music for Marcel Duchamp" (John Cage) – (Philipp Vandré)We also watched various films such as, „Taken‟, „Shutter Island‟, „The girl with the Dragon Tattoo‟. Within our lesson of med ia we have been taught how to analysefilms, through this we have been able to look at different films and see how specific concepts portray ideas and images to an audience.
  7. 7. THEORY – FEMINISMFeminists have taken many different approaches to the analysis of cinema. Theseinclude discussions of the function of women characters in particular film narratives orin particular genres, In considering the way that films are put together, manyfeminist film critics, such as Laura Mulvey, have pointed to the "male gaze" thatpredominates in classical Hollywood film making. Through the use of various filmtechniques, such as shot reverse shot, the viewer is led to align themself with thepoint of view of a male protagonist. Notably, women function as objects of this gazeand women are not equal to men as they are the victims and seen to have less power.Feminist film theory of the last twenty years is heavily influenced by the generaltransformation in the field of aesthetics, including the new options of articulating thegaze and women used as “sex Objects”.
  8. 8. CHARACTERSFor the media project, there are six characters, including the antagonist; seven, that was chosen to take part within themovie. The characters are shown through the first scene of the movie however, the main focus are on only three charactersout of the seven; Dina, Millie and Mark. The reason why we have chosen three of these main characters is because Dina(played by Diellza); is the innocent victim that gets killed and begins the tension and suspicion throughout the movie, Mark(played by Omar); will be the antagonist who has killed Dina and left the other characters shaking to their knees as to whohe will kill next, and lastly Millie (played by Mariam); will be the dominant leader of the group; due to everyone‟s shockand sadness to the murder of their friend, she will be in charge of making sure they are okay and also take charge of hidingthe body as they pretend like nothing ever happened.6 girls (victims) - Diellza Uka as Dina (main character) - Marim Noukri as Millie (main character) - Carima as Christina - Fatbarhda Paci as Barhda - Safa Suwar as Sarah - Kellie Greenwood as Karen1 boy (antagonist) - Omar Abduallah as Mark (main character)
  9. 9. COSTUMES Diellza‟s character is very loud and brash, she wants constant attention. Her character will be wearing revealing clothes. Be very over the top and excessive for a simple meeting with friends. Her character will be the victim in the movie, this will follow the typical thriller conventions with the victim playing a typical „damsel in distress‟ role. The antagonist in our movie will be wearing simple dark clothing, to draw more attention to the white mask that will be disguising his face. The mask will be plain, as it presents a fear to audience as this could be seen as blank emotion.
  10. 10. Millie will be playing the antagonist, she is the leader in the group and takes control of the situation when things start to get out of hand. Her clothing will be stylish but comfortable she is a character which is very relaxed and this will be shown through her clothesThe other five girls, clothing will be very simple, as theyare not shown as much in the movie they will not need tostand out as much as Millie and Diellza‟s characters.Therefore clothing such as jeans, t-shirts and tracksuitswill be used on these characters.
  11. 11. INSPIRATION AND IDEASOnce our group decided that we wanted to make our film on the lines of horror/thriller,We began to research movies within this genre and take ideas for which we could use in ourfilm. Two films which we got a lot of our idea’s from was ‘Sorority Row’ and ‘Scream 4’.Below is a link to the opening of ‘Scream 4’ which we interpreted the idea of the prank phonecall which we are going to use in our film. also looked at the idea of creating a movie within a movie, which would see one filmbeing used in the one which we are filming, this idea was brainstormed but as a group wecame up with another idea for the storyline of the movie.
  12. 12. MUSIC Shutter Island The Hills Have Eyes Creep watch?v=Mz_QoSLDCU4 v=- watch?v=DciSEZZvS0Y XXTkv3nSBg&feature=related This is the soundtrack from the thriller This is the soundtrack from theThis is the Sutter Island MusicPlaylist which was found from our Creep , these sound are really bold and Hills have Eyes . This is reallyresearch the track is extremely violin thrilling this could definitely be used in repetitive and has a load ofled and if loud, vicious and woulddescribe the Killers actions in our our film and it would really create a thrilling sound this could bemovie this might not be the thriller convention. The sounds are as if used when the killer is standingsoundtrack which we will use butsomething similar will create an someone is screaming for help and creates Behind all the girls as itexcellent effect for the audience and tension for the audience as scary music reminded as a alert and theallow the to feel the brutal attackthe victim Diellza goes through. play‟s a huge role with the scene. sound are gloomy and sharp to create a jumpy effect.