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Introduction Smartwatch Technology nowadays is Most Popular Smartwatches on Social media - Report 2014


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Technology nowadays is moving along at a furious pace.
Developers compete with each other by implementing more
and more innovative solutions which make our life easier.
Recently, the new trend, namely wearable devices, is
catching on. They are not as popular as e. g. smartphones
yet, but the statistics show that the industry is growing very
fast. Especially the industry of smartwatches.
In 2013, the global smartwatch industry reached a global
market volume of USD 700 million, ten times the size of
2012. In 2014, the industry will grow to USD 2.5 billion – 5%
the size of the watch industry. In the years to follow, the
smartwatch industry will keep growing at a 3-digit rate.*
Wearable devices are unquestionably the future of the
smart technology. Smartwatches have already gained an
ample group of fans. This report aims to discover how
people in social media perceive those devices.

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