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CES 2015: 50+ Highlights for Marketers


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What were the hottest products and most impactful brands at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2015 (CES 2015)? See a review of cars, drones, 3D printers, cameras, TVs, wearables, connected devices, health trackers, games, toys, and more.

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CES 2015: 50+ Highlights for Marketers

  1. CES 2015: 50+ Highlights for Marketers Why keep this to yourself?
  2. CES 2015 will blow your freaking mind Here are highlights from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that are particularly interesting for marketers. But given that marketers are people too (shocking, right?), a handful of these updates are about some of the most impactful technologies and trends. And a few of the big tech updates during CES weren’t released here but tie into these themes, so don’t knock us on such technicalities. We get it. We’ve got sources on all our slides for you to explore and learn more, except for a handful of photos that came from our team. What were your favorite CES highlights? Send them our way to @MRY. See you at #ces2016! David Berkowitz CMO, MRY @dberkowitz
  3. What’s ahead • Overview • Photo / Video • Wearables • Connected Devices • Fun & Games • Transportation • Drones • 3D Printing • Wrapping Up
  4. Overview
  5. What other show can serve up every single tech buzzword in a single room?
  6. Yet do we really need sensors in everything? More:
  7. We need to keep people, not tech, at center of CES More:
  8. Brands take the spotlight 2015 is the year non-tech brands stole the CES spotlight, with Under Armour, Hershey, Swarovski, and others announcing products and partnerships. There is no turning back. What’s YOUR plan for 2016 and beyond?
  9. The Future of CES belongs to marketers “CES, at its core, isn't a show about electronics. It's a show about time.” - David Berkowitz in Ad Age More:
  10. Why do brands show up? To chill with Shaq (and also scout the show floor) More:
  11. Top 10 Takeaways & Trends (part 1 of 2) 1. Non-tech brands are taking more of the spotlight at CES, and that will be a bigger theme of CES the rest of the decade 2. Big screens get thinner and prettier, but brands should focus more on viewing shifting to smaller screens (ahem, mobile) 3. RIP 3D (for now); momentum has shifted entirely to virtual reality, which could offer people a far more enticing reason to wear such headsets 4. Drones and versatile cameras such as GoPro are opening up new photo and video production possibilities that can give consumers completely new perspectives 5. Every product that doesn’t have a sensor in it just might within a few years (or there will be a version available that does)
  12. Top 10 Takeaways & Trends (part 2 of 2) 6. The Internet of Things (IoT) could face new walled garden hurdles with devices only working with their proprietary operating systems (eg another Apple vs. Google battle), but other parties such as Samsung are trying to get all such devices to talk to each other 7. For wearables in 2015, success will hinge on what’s affordable, fashionable, and offering a clear value proposition 8. 3D printing is still mostly for industrial and professional use cases, but partnerships between hardware manufacturers and consumer brands may help popularize the technology 9. As cars and other experimental vehicles get smarter (while also getting greener), brands will have more ways to reach consumers while in transit 10. Many of the best technologies are designed to let people have fun, or even create a sense of wonder. Tap into that however possible to create new kinds of emotional connections with consumers.
  13. How to chart the impact of what you see at CES Innovative Applicable
  14. How to chart the impact of what you see at CES Innovative Applicable InnovativeIrrelevant Applicable Essential
  15. Examples from CES 2015 (this will vary by brand) Innovative Applicable
  16. Photo / Video
  17. The one BIG idea 4K and OLED are winners and 3D is on the backburner, but the big shifts in behavior will be with mobile video, with GoPro and drones changing how brands and people create content.
  18. A staple of CES: TVs keep getting prettier in terms of picture quality and hardware design More:
  19. If only we could keep up with our screens… More:
  20. Not sure value of curved screens? Samsung says they help eye strain
  21. Curved screens apparently also increase your performance at Gangnam Style dance-offs
  22. See all the great 3D TVs we found at CES! (Better luck next year, 3D; 4K remained in, but 3D was MIA)
  23. Brush that lint off your backside as 3D imagery catches on More:
  24. Selfie sticks are everywhere. They’re especially fun for photobombing stick users’ videos More:
  25. Selfie Stick joins Xerox, Kleenex, and Jell-o in push to ensure its grand brand isn’t genericized
  26. The Belfie Stick got more buzz than some of the keynotes, and has one of the best logos ever More:
  27. Wearables
  28. The one BIG idea Pay attention to 3 big themes in 2015: 1. Affordable (products <$100, or high value for more expensive items) 2. Fashionable (what looks good?) 3. Usable (a clear value proposition) The best products will hit on all 3.
  29. The Year of the Smartwatch “From push notifications to unique, hyperlocalized deals and special event promotions, smart watch technology may mean better targeting, providing marketers with the necessary contextual cues to ensure relevant messaging.” - Allyssa Kaiser on MRY’s blog More:
  30. Withings announces $150 version of its fashionable, long-lasting battery smartwatch More:
  31. Misfit partners with Swarovski to for health trackers you’ll never hide under a shirt More:
  32. No, this patch won’t help babies quit smoking, but it will constantly relay their temperature More:
  33. Could sensors such as Valedo’s that come with training programs lessen need for costly surgery? More:
  34. Belty’s auto-adjusting belt may not make it, but adaptable wearables could be huge opportunity More:
  35. FWIW the Volt Buckle is the coolest belt ever, but its crowdfunding campaigns have flopped More:
  36. Sony’s SmartEyeglass attaches to existing glasses More:
  37. Now we can be immersed sonically in a virtual world surrounded in all directions More:
  38. Google Cardboad’s makeshift VR sells 500K units, hints at way to bring VR to mass market More:
  39. Lowe’s Holoroom adds augmented reality now, virtual reality later to plan dream homes More:
  40. Brain scanning continues to push CES frontiers, such as Muse’s brain trainer More:
  41. Connected Devices
  42. The one BIG idea The New York Times said it best: “The unofficial theme seemed to be: Put a sensor in it.”
  43. What kinds of things are they putting sensors in? More:
  44. It’s the CES of Things “Obviously the Internet of Things is here: brands understand that every product a consumer interacts with is going to be connected to data. Everything is going to have sensors, and everything is going to be connected to the Internet.” - MRY CEO Matt Britton in Adweek More:
  45. Qualcomm’s booth asks a huge question; proprietary silos could hurt growth of internet of things
  46. Misfit launches a smart bulb that works with its sleep trackers – but will people pay $50 per bulb? More:
  47. Parrot’s Flower Power automates water plants and turns plant care into a mobile experience More:
  48. Voice activation gains traction across automakers, smartwatches, and home devices like Cubic More:
  49. “We were promised flying cars; we got washing machines instead” #truth More:
  50. Mirrors of future will track how well your products work, sell you new ones More:
  51. How long before smart toothbrushes like Kolibree improve the world’s dental hygiene? More:
  52. SCiO pocket scanner identifies meds and determines food calories More:
  53. Fun & Games
  54. The one BIG idea Remember when soccer balls didn’t supply you with reams of performance data and your toys didn’t adapt to your mood? Adults as well as kids will start to experience the future of connected devices through play. Is there a way for your brand to be part of the fun?
  55. Adidas packs sensors into soccer ball to track and display performance data More:
  56. UA Record, Under Armour’s social network, connects fitness lovers with friends, plus stars like Gisele More:
  57. How to win all the geek press: Sixsense releases motion-controlled virtual reality light saber More:
  58. WowWee’s ever smarter robots can interact differently based on programmable moods More:
  59. Best use for a robot at CES? Winning beer pong More:
  60. Transportation
  61. The one BIG idea Along with the shift to greener, zero-emission modes of transportation, cars and other new kinds of vehicles are getting smarter. That will present marketers with new kinds of media through which brands can reach consumers in transit.
  62. Audi’s A7 self-drives 500 miles to Vegas. Will it soon be safe to watch Jimmy Fallon while driving? More:
  63. Ford Smart Mobility aims to improve the world through innovation More:
  64. Gesture control big at CES and now permeating automobiles, such as in Volkswagen concept More:
  65. Gogoro scooters backed by $150MM. The next Tesla or the next Tucker? More:
  66. If people don’t go for electric scooters, maybe smart roller skates will do the trick More:
  67. Drones
  68. The one BIG idea The coming impact of drones will be twofold: 1) It will open up new forms of photo and video production that were never before possible. Give your audience a new perspective. 2) The more distant future revolves around what drones can transport from place to place.
  69. It’s a bird, a plane… an Amazon Drone. This Prime Air test flight shows drones’ commercial potential. More:
  70. Market leader DJI releases $3K Inspire 1 for serious drone filmographers More:
  71. What’s cooler than drones? Self-aware drones More:
  72. Holy mother of buzz: Nixie debuts a wearable selfie drone prototype More:
  73. 3D Printing
  74. The one BIG idea While 3D printing is still costly and not quite simple enough for the mass market, brands such as Hershey and Martha Stewart are pursuing different kinds of partnerships that give them footholds in the future of this disruptive technology.
  75. Makerbot adds touches of of wood, metal, and stone to 3D printing More:
  76. Brands partner with printers: Makerbot shows off its Martha Stewart line More:
  77. 3D scanners such as Fuel 3D increase potential of 3D printing, make it more accessible More:
  78. How to get 3D printing mainstream? Hershey’s partners on printing chocolate More:
  79. Wrapping Up
  80. In the future, we will control race cars with our minds, and look kind of like this (be afraid… be very afraid)
  81. Planning for CES 2035: Toshiba’s Android robot may steal your job (for now, steals job of booth babes) More:
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  83. More great links about CES (part 2) • This is the Unofficial Brothel of CES (not totally safe for work, but it is a great case study in community management in a heavily regulated industry, courtesy of Nellie Bowles at re/code) • CES 2015: Cutting Through the Hype, Part 1 and Part 2 (Future Foundation) • CES 2015: Connected Devices That Help Us See More Effectively (Frank Durrell of Starcom MediaVest Group in M&M Global) • 6 Things I Learned from Riding in a Google Self-Driving Car (The Oatmeal) • The Top 11 Tech Trends of CES (VentureBeat) • Is 2015 the Year of the Smart Home? (CEA)
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