LinkedIn stats 29 04 11


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LinkedIn stats 29 04 11

  1. 1. Account Type: Business Simon Penny Add Connections Home Profile Contacts Groups Jobs Inbox 98 Companies News More People Advanced My Connections Imported Contacts Profile Organizer Network Statistics Add Connections Remove Connections Here you see statistics about your network, including how many users you can reach through your connections. Ads by LinkedIn Members Your network grows every time you add a connection — invite connections now. English For Your Children Your Network of Trusted Professionals Professional English lessons with easy to use video conferencing. 19,99 €/h You are at the center of your network. Your connections can introduce you to 17,261,300+ professionals — here’s how your network breaks Learn More » down: Ready to earn $100k? Your Connections Your trusted friends and colleagues 2,598 Free PMP exam readiness assessment - 30 question exam. Two degrees away Friends of friends; each connected to one of your connections 1,178,600+ Learn More » Three degrees away Reach these users through a friend and one of their friends 16,080,100+ Total users you can contact through an Introduction 17,261,300+ 24,121 new people in your network since April 27 The LinkedIn Network The total of all LinkedIn users, who can be contacted directly through InMail. Total users you can contact directly — try a search now! 100,000,000+ More About Your Network REGIONAL ACCESS 5% 1. Greater New York City Area 4% 2. Paris Area, France Top locations in your network: 3% 3. London, United Kingdom 2% 4. San Francisco Bay Area 2% 5. Mumbai Area, India Your region: Paris Area, France Your connections are in 364 Fastest growing locations in locations but your network your network: gives you access to 2,120 additional locations, 1. Ahmedabad Area, India including: 2. Paris Area, France 3. London, United Kingdom • Kansas City, Missouri Area • Canada • Birmingham, United Kingdom 10% 1. Human Resources INDUSTRY ACCESS 10% 2. Information Technology and Top industries in your network: Services 5% 3. Staffing and Recruiting 4% 4. Management Consulting 4% 5. Marketing and Advertising Your industry: Human Resources Your connections are in 124 Fastest growing industries in industries but your network your network: gives you access to 148 additional industries, 1. Information Technology including: and Services 2. Human Resources • Wireless 3. Marketing and Advertising • Public Policy • Individual & Family Services Ads by LinkedIn Members Brazil is Booming Find jobs in benefits Invest now in Brazilian Forestry. Make The most respected jobs board focused returns of 8-12%p.a. Find out more. exclusively for those in ee benefits 29/04/2011