I have a LinkedIn profile.. Now what?


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I have a LinkedIn profile.. Now what?

  1. 1. I have a LinkedIn Profile…Now what? Tim Stanton Presented to Sr. Account Executive SMA Southern New England (603)898-3116 March 11, 2009 tstanton@linkedin.com
  2. 2. Agenda LinkedIn Overview • Tim Stanton The LinkedIn Network • Senior Account Executive, QuickTime™ and a decompressor Corporate Solutions, LinkedIn Why LinkedIn is Different? are needed to see this picture. • Region: Greater Boston Area How Professionals Use LinkedIn • Industry: Computer Software Your Professional Brand • Public Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/timstanton Connections: 500+ Recommendations: 8 Your Network and Relationships • Email: tstanton@linkedin.com Advertise Your Expertise • Phone: 603-898-3116 Learn from Your Network • Q&A •
  3. 3. LinkedIn Overview LinkedIn is the world’s most powerful business network Built upon trusted professional relationships & connections Business-focused Provides access to people, jobs & opportunities Helps professionals be more productive
  4. 4. LinkedIn Network Statistics Network Membership & Reach Latin America Europe 3% Over 36 million professionals* 24% ~2 million members join per month Roughly 1 new sign-up Asia per second 8% 200 countries Africa English, Spanish, French 1% and now German! Middle East 150 industries 1% Members from all five hundred Oceania 2% of the Fortune 500 North America Other 61% 0% *As of January, 2009
  5. 5. Why is LinkedIn Different? Social Network Professional Network Major Networks (Containers) Play Photo People Get Valuable Scrabble Sharing search News Compare Top Send a Get People Friends message Introduced Most Common Super Recruiting Super Applications Check Poke Job Posting Wall References Texas Get Movie Conduct Hold ‘em Advice Tastes research Share Music Bumper Recommend Find a Taste Stickers someone job
  6. 6. How Professionals Use LinkedIn Build Personal Brand Strengthen Professional Networks Share Business Knowledge Hire & Search for Jobs
  7. 7. Your Professional Brand Your Home Page is where you monitor your network and access everything LinkedIn Update your profile from the content menu
  8. 8. Your Personal Brand Your profile is your public brand Advertise what you’re working on it your status including who you’re looking to hire Create a personalized public url for the world to see
  9. 9. Your Personal Brand Add work experience including the types of candidates you’re an expert at finding Not just title but explain your work Include keywords that others may search on
  10. 10. Your Personal Brand Add Education to your profile – connect with alumni Give & Get Recommendations Former colleagues & managers will recommend you Business partners make great recommendations Educational recommendations are great resources
  11. 11. Your Network 40 469 202 2,200+ 106,500+ 17,100+ 278,800+ 2,887,000+ 959,800+ 281,100+ 2,994,000+ 977,200+ It doesn’t take a lot of connections to create a network
  12. 12. Strengthen Relationships Connect to those you know & create a quality network
  13. 13. Strengthen Relationships
  14. 14. Strengthen Relationships
  15. 15. Strengthen Relationships
  16. 16. Strengthen Relationships
  17. 17. Advertise Your Expertise
  18. 18. Learn from your Network Stay abreast of new about your company, competitors and industry Discuss & comment on articles and read comments from your network
  19. 19. Virtual Connections Create a broader network by joining Groups that fit your knowledge and interests Educational and corporate alumni groups are prevalent
  20. 20. InApps – Share More Use InApps to: Find out who’s reading what Stay up to date on buzz about your company Share presentations with your network Coordinate travel for face-to-face opportunities to network
  21. 21. Jobs Associate your profile with your posting to generate referrals Forward job to your network to generate referrals Your job will appear on your profile and your company’s profile page
  22. 22. Company Profile Ensure your company is represented well – job seekers are doing their research Customization of company profiles coming soon
  23. 23. Events Create events Let your network know your attending Or presenting Find events with people like you where you can face-to-face network
  24. 24. 9 Tips in 2009 Add Job Details to Your Profile 1. Add Education to Your Profile 2. Choose Your Vanity URL 3. Import Your Address Book (we do not 4. spam!) Install the Outlook Toolbar 5. Find Answers to Hard Questions (and 6. answer them too) Read New About Your Company 7. (competitors, industry, etc) Enable Your Public Profile – your 8. personal brand online Join relevant company/industry groups 9.
  25. 25. Q&A