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Developing a LinkedIn Recruiting Strategy


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Developing a LinkedIn Recruiting Strategy

  1. 1. Developing a LinkedIn Recruiting Strategy February 17, 2009
  2. 2. Agenda  Introductions  The Evolution of Online Recruiting  Online Recruiting Today  LinkedIn Overview  A Beginner’s Guide  Advanced Concepts & Best Practices  Questions David Cohen Sr. Account Executive, LinkedIn Chicago Area | Internet Public Profile: Connections: 203 Recommendations: 1 Email: Phone: 312-466-7655
  3. 3. Evolution of Online Recruiting Circa 1995: Growth of the Internet. Companies create websites and begin listing employment opportunities online Circa 2000: Job Posting Sites Grow. and HotJobs advertise during the SuperBowl! Circa 2005: Online Networking gains traction. MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn become destinations Circa 2008: Passive recruiting in Web 2.0 becomes the new standard One-fourth of all Web users visit social networks at least once per month.1 1995 2000 2005 2008 SOURCES: 1. Jupiter Research
  4. 4. Recruiting Today The War Against Non-Talent… Over 40,000 job boards online1 Large companies receive over 25k resumes/week2 1,200 to 1,300 resumes per job posted3 28% resume misrepresentation4 Recruiting teams are asked to do more with less:  Fewer or less skilled resources  Less budget  More senior level searches due to increased turnover  More job applicants SOURCES: 1. International Association of Employment Websites 2. iLogos Research (a division of Taleo) 3. PeopleBonus founder Jason Krumweide (according to CBS 4. Christian & Timbers
  5. 5. Recruiting Trends for 2009  Upgrading Employment Branding  Reinvigorating Referral Programs  Renewing the Focus on Quality of Hire  Reinforcing the Business Case for Recruiting  Utilizing Social Networks  Utilizing Video  Upgrading Succession Planning  Using Employee Blogs for Recruiting  Using Mobile Phone Recruiting  Revitalizing Corporate Jobs Page  Using A CRM Model for Hiring  Hiring Innovators  Recruiting Globally SOURCE: Adapted from “13 Trends in Corporate Recruiting for 2009” by Dr. John Sullivan
  6. 6. Company Overview LinkedIn Corporation  Founded in 2003, HQ: Mountain View, CA  Offices in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Omaha, London  325+ employees LinkedIn is the world’s most powerful business network
  7. 7. LinkedIn Network Statistics Network Membership & Reach Latin America Europe 3%  Over 35 million professionals* 24%  ~2 million members join per month  Roughly 1 new sign-up Asia per second 8%  200 countries Africa  English, Spanish, German and 1% French Middle East  150 industries 1%  Members from all five hundred Oceania of the Fortune 500 2% Other North America 0% 61% *As of January, 2009
  8. 8. Getting Started: A Beginner’s Guide to Recruiting on LinkedIn
  9. 9. Step 1: Search
  10. 10. Step 1: Search
  11. 11. Step 2: Reach Recommendations
  12. 12. Step 3: Join LinkedIn Groups
  13. 13. Step 4: Review LinkedIn Answers
  14. 14. Step 5: Become an Expert! How to tap into the wisdom of your crowd using LinkedIn Answers: 1. Ask your Network: Need an answer in a particular area of professional expertise? LinkedIn has hundreds of categories in the professional space ranging from the mundane to the obscure. 2. Search for Answers: Don’t have time to ask a question? Somebody may have encountered the same issues you have or may have asked the question on LinkedIn and found a satisfactory solution to it. 3. Help your Network with your Answers: Want to earn some Digital Karma? Answer questions in your area of expertise that can help both your professional network as well as others looking for similar solutions.
  15. 15. Advanced Solutions: How Leading Companies Use LinkedIn for Recruiting
  16. 16. The most cost-effective way to find, attract and hire the world’s best talent.
  17. 17. LinkedIn Talent Advantage Product Family Find and engage Attract the best Fill urgent Develop your Position your the best passive candidates with positions fast with employer brand company as an candidates with precise targeting highly targeted on LinkedIn with employer of choice unparalleled and viral direct InMail® dynamic, viewer- to high value search and distribution of campaigns aware content professionals communication job postings tools
  18. 18. Find and engage the best passive candidates with unparalleled search, communication and collaboration tools.
  19. 19. LinkedIn Recruiter: What Makes it Great Feature Benefit Increased Search Space – search across the entire Most qualified candidates available anywhere LinkedIn network of over 35 million professionals Best Search Tools – focused search criteria that includes Focused search to help recruiters get to the best passive Radius + Distance to look beyond a major metro area candidates immediately Automatic Search Alerts – Recruiter continues to search Most cost effective means of recruiting hard-to-fill and for key people on a nightly basis frequently recurring searches Team Collaboration Tools – allows multiple recruiters to Increased efficiency of the recruiting team conduct similar searches without fear of overlap 1-to-many InMail Templates – send personalized InMails Enhanced efficiency of each candidate search to up to 20 people at once Integration with ATS systems – import key searches into Greater ROI for existing technology investments your ATS and track with OFCCP numbers
  20. 20. Attract the best candidates with precise matching and effective viral distribution of job postings
  21. 21. Automated Talent Matching  Target jobs to the right professionals  Auto-generate a list of candidates  Automatically display to passive and active candidates
  22. 22. Unique Experience for Job Seekers  Candidates see how they are connected to the company, recruiter, or hiring manager  Quick links provide relevant insights
  23. 23. Fill urgent positions fast with highly targeted direct InMail® campaigns
  24. 24. Targeted, Relevant Contact  Subject line appears on the candidates’ LinkedIn home page  Remains in the candidates’ inbox until they act  LinkedIn® Talent Direct™ open rates reach up to 44% *Up to 60 days
  25. 25. Convenient and Relevant to Candidates  Links to a landing page  Includes banner ad options and prominent call-to-action button
  26. 26. Talent Direct Case Studies Objective Industry Subject Line Call-to-Action Open Rate B2B Lead I.T. “Share XYZ Company’s Vision of “Download the 20% Generation Services IT Optimization” Whitepaper” B2B Lead Computer “Exclusive Invitation to Join “Join Group” 35% Generation Software XYZ Industry Executive Group” Hiring Telecom “XYZ Company Careers: “Apply Now” 31% Retail Sales” Hiring Computer “Careers @ XYZ Company, “Apply Now” 44% Networking Bangalore” Hiring Computer “Come to XYZ Company in “Apply Now” 33% Software Colorado” Boost Event Internet “You are cordially invited to…” “Click to Learn 34% Attendance Consulting More”
  27. 27. Develop your employer brand on LinkedIn with dynamic, viewer-aware content
  28. 28. Relevant, Engaging Experiences for Candidates  Displays content you tailor and update  Adapts to the viewers based on their industry, job function, location, etc.  Move beyond job listings to recruitment branding
  29. 29. Various Modules to Differentiate Your Brand  Appeals to candidates on a personal level Recruiter Recruitment profiles message  Employee spotlights introduce peers of related experience  Polling invites interaction and Job List  Video clips showcase culture Employee & Career spotlights page links  Links help interested candidates take action Video Interactive Clips Polls
  30. 30. Position your company as an employer of choice to high value professionals
  31. 31. Expose Your Company To Relative Candidates  Brand exposure to the largest professional network of senior, technical and hard-to-find candidates  Ads can be targeted by profession, seniority, industry, company size and more
  32. 32. Improve Candidate Perception of Your Brand  Increase company / brand awareness and image  A less cluttered ad environment ensures your message is seen
  33. 33. What Our Customers Are Saying “Our open days has dropped from 70 to 40 since using LinkedIn. It’s radically impacted cost savings.” – John Zweig, Director of Staffing, Logitech “With LinkedIn, the team taps into a much larger network of highly qualified candidates in a much shorter time period. It easily paid for itself two times over in the first three months we used it.” — John Beard, Manager of Talent Acquisition, Kaiser Permanente “LinkedIn was instrumental in helping us to source and hire a CFO and other C-level candidates.” — Kim Bermuda, senior staffing manager, Adaptec, Inc. “LinkedIn is one of the most valuable recruiting tools available in targeting high quality, passive job seekers.” — Director Global Staffing, Juniper Network
  34. 34. Recruiting Trends for 2009  Upgrading Employment Branding  Reinvigorating Referral Programs  Renewing the Focus on Quality of Hire  Reinforcing the Business Case for Recruiting  Utilizing Social Networks  Utilizing Video  Upgrading Succession Planning  Using Employee Blogs for Recruiting  Using Mobile Phone Recruiting  Revitalizing Corporate Jobs Page  Using A CRM Model for Hiring  Hiring Innovators  Recruiting Globally SOURCE: Adapted from “13 Trends in Corporate Recruiting for 2009” by Dr. John Sullivan
  35. 35. How to Learn More • • Interested in LinkedIn Talent Advantage? David Cohen Sr. Account Executive 312.466.7655 Wade Burgess Director of Sales, Central Region 312.466.7669
  36. 36. Questions?
  37. 37. Thank You! Thank You David Cohen Sr. Account Executive 312.466.7655