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Levelling the Peaks and Valleys in Your Consulting Business


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Staying busy is the number one fear of most independent consultants. Boardroom Metrics helps you level out the peaks and valleys in your consulting business by:
- promoting your on-line profile
- broadcasting your on-line content (we have over 53K Twitter followers alone)
- introducing you to our clients
- connecting with the other experts on our team

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Levelling the Peaks and Valleys in Your Consulting Business

  1. 1.   BOARDROOM  METRICS  INSIGHT   Leveling  the  Peaks  and  Valleys  in  Your  Consulting  Business     Staying  busy  is  the  number  one  fear  of  most  independent   consultants.  Even  the  most  successful  independent   consultants  worry  about  what  they  will  do  when  their   current  engagement(s)  end(s).     Marketing  your  services,  even  when  you  are  too  busy  is  a   key  service  that  Boardroom  Metrics  provides  independent   consultants.    While  you  are  engaged  meeting  client  needs,   Boardroom  Metrics  ensures  that  you  never  go  off  of  client   and  potential  client  radar  screens.       Here’s  how:   1. Promoting  your  on-­‐line  profile.  Your  on-­‐line  profile  is  optimized  for   search  engine  optimization  to  attract  clients  to  your  expertise.       2. Providing  a  high-­‐profile  home  for  your  on-­‐line  content.  The  Boardroom   Metrics  website  is  composed  of  highly  relevant,  constantly  updated  content   that  makes  it  very  attractive  to  search  engines.  We  make  it  easy  for  you  to   add  your  content,  including  blogs,  providing  answers  to  frequently  asked   questions,  posting  videos  via  Youtube  and  presentations  on  SlideShare.    If   you’ve  never  produced  content  before,  we  work  with  you  to  make  it  easy  –   and  you  an  expert.       3. Promoting  your  messaging  and  on-­‐line  content  on  our  website,  through   our  52,000  Twitter  followers,  on  LinkedIn  and  on  Facebook.  Are  you   attending  a  conference  and  want  the  world  to  know  about  it?  Let  us  know,  at   we  will  tweet  throughout  the  day  to  our  followers.  We’ll  do  the  same  when   you  post  content  or  have  some  other  message  you  want  to  get  out.       4. Introducing  you  to  our  clients.  It  doesn’t  take  long  for  us  to  understand   what  your  expertise  is  and  where  it  may  fit  with  our  client  needs.  When  we   identify  a  match,  we  won’t  hesitate  to  introduce  you  as  the  expert  who  can   help  them.     5. Introducing  you  to  others  on  the  Boardroom  Metrics  team.  At   Boardroom  Metrics  we  encourage  our  members  to  do  what  they  do  well,  and   when  they  spot  an  opportunity  outside  of  what  they  do  –  to  bring  in   someone  else  from  the  team.  We  don’t  hide  our  members  from  each  other.   Instead  we  provide  names,  contact  info  and  links  so  that  they  can  connect   easily.  Also,  we  recommend  team  members  to  each  other  when  we  hear  of  an   opportunity  that  is  a  good  fit.      
  2. 2.   Leveling  the  Peaks  and  Valleys  -­‐  Success  Story   When  Ken  Steven  joined  Boardroom  Metrics  he  had  managed  his  own  marketing   consulting  practice  for  over  ten  years.  Over  those  ten  years  Ken  experienced  great   success  –  and  at  times,  a  little  slowness.  When  he  approached  us,  Ken  was  busy  but   wanted  to  feel  better  about  where  his  next  project  was  coming  from.  Now,  over  80%   of  Ken’s  business  is  sourced  through  Boardroom  Metrics.  Success  began  almost   immediately  when  we  introduced  him  to  a  financial  services  client.  That  client   recommended  Ken  to  someone  else.    We  backfilled  his  available  time  with   opportunities  from  our  web  site  and  from  client  leads.  Ken  has  been  busy  ever  since.     Using  our  Business  to  Build  Yours   Ken’s  own  brand  had  not  suffered  because  he  works  with  Boardroom  Metrics.  Ken   maintains  his  own  website  and  marketing  presence.  He  pursues  his  own  leads.  We   encourage  him  to  do  that.  However,  Ken  also  knows  that  if  he  needs  help  on  a   project  he  can  turn  to  us.  Most  importantly,  he  knows  that  even  when  he’s  busy,  he   is  not  invisible.       About  Boardroom  Metrics   The  workforce  is  rapidly  evolving.      A  growing  wave  of  work  is  now  being  handed  to   independent  experts  including  consultants,  contractors,  freelancers,  and  others.    In   the  future,  almost  everyone  will  work  for  themselves  at  some,  likely  substantial   point  in  their  careers.     Boardroom  Metrics  provides  programs  and  services  to  support  the  success  of   independent  experts.  Our  goal  is  to  reduce  the  stress  and  hassle  of  independent   contracting,  enabling  our  members  to  focus  on  what  they  do  best.  Our  core  services   include:     • Marketing   • Social  Media  Awareness  and  Visibility   • Client  Leads   • Client  projects   • Training   • Team  members  with  additional  skills   • Networking   • Administrative  support  including  invoicing  and  collection     Contact  and  More  Information   If  you  are  an  independent  expert,  contractor  or  freelancer  and  would  like  to  better   understand  how  Boardroom  Metrics  might  enable  you  to  more  successful  give  us  a   call  at  416-­‐994-­‐6552  or  write  Karen  McElroy  at