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Boardroom Metrics Success Story - Telecom Executive


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When Jacques Robichon returned to Canada from Europe, he turned to Boardroom Metrics for help finding consulting and interim management work. Now, Jacques is the Chief Operating Officer in a Boardroom Metrics client company.

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Boardroom Metrics Success Story - Telecom Executive

  1. 1.     BOARDROOM  METRICS  SUCCESS  STORY   Jacques  Robichon  –  Chief  Operations  Executive     Jacques  Robichon  joined  Boardroom  Metrics  four   years  ago.  An  ex-­‐Bell  Canada  senior  sales  and   operations  executive  living  in  Ottawa,  Jacques   reached  out  to  Boardroom  Metrics  upon  his  return   to  Canada  from  Europe.    Jacques’  goal  was  to  find   consulting  and/or  interim  management   opportunities.     In  Jacques’s  case,  success  came  quickly.  The  day   after  he  signed  on  as  a  Boardroom  Metrics   Accomplished  Executive,  the  son  of  a  company   founder  in  Ottawa  reached  out  to  Boardroom   Metrics  seeking  advice  on  his  suitability  to  become   the  Company’s  CEO.  This  aspiring  CEO  had   discovered  Boardroom  Metrics  through  a  Google   search  that  lead  him  to  a  heavily  downloaded,  on-­‐line  CEO  evaluation  that   Boardroom  Metrics  had  posted.     With  both  parties  in  Ottawa,  Boardroom  Metrics  introduced  Jacques  to  the  son.  This   lead  to  a  meeting  with  the  founder/owner  –  and  a  consulting,  coaching  relationship   was  started  with  the  company.  That  relationship  lasted  over  a  year,  until  the   company  was  sold.  Over  that  time,  Jacques  worked  on  a  daily  basis  with  both  father   and  son  –  not  just  on  the  CEO  role  but  also  on  improving  the  overall  operation  of  the   company.  Ultimately,  Jacques  assisted  the  owner  in  selling  the  company.     Jacques’  next  role  with  Boardroom  Metrics  was  as  a  coach  to  the  leadership  team  of   a  TSX-­‐listed  technology  company.  In  this  case,  Boardroom  Metrics  executives  were   already  working  with  the  Company  on  corporate  strategy,  recruiting  and  CEO   coaching.  Through  this  work,  a  conflict  in  the  management  team  was  identified.  In   order  to  help  resolve  the  conflict,  the  client  approached  Boardroom  Metrics  about   providing  a  coach  with  senior  leadership,  international  and  business  development   experience.        Following  an  agreed  coaching  plan  prepared  by  Jacques  and  agreed  by   the  client,  Jacques  provided  weekly  coaching  until  the  conflict  was  resolved.     Most  recently,  Jacques  has  been  appointed  COO  of  a  very  unique  Boardroom   Metrics’  client  –  a  company  that  provides  live  experience  photography  services  to   leading  attractions  around  the  world.            
  2. 2.   This  client  originally  found  Boardroom  Metrics  through  an  on-­‐line  search  they   conducted  for  proposal  writing  services.  Boardroom  Metrics  has  a  number  of   experts  who  provide  these  services  and  the  Company’s  on-­‐line  visibility  is   significant.       Responding  to  the  client’s  need,  Boardroom  Metrics  provided  a  senior  RFP  writer  to   help  them  with  a  critical  proposal.  With  senior  Boardroom  Metrics  management   providing  project  oversight,  a  strong  relationship  was  established  with  the  client’s   founder  and  CEO.  Working  closely  with  him,  other  needs  were  soon  identified.  An   initial  need  for  project  management  leadership  was  filled  from  through  the   Boardroom  Metrics  extended  network.  Then,  when  the  client  identified  the  need  for   senior  operations  assistance,  Jacques  was  introduced.  Working  with  the  Company’s   CEO  and  with  Jacques,  Boardroom  Metrics  management  helped  draft  the  role   description  and  terms  of  a  COO  agreement.  Now,  Jacques  has  assumed  the  role  and   is  helping  the  Company  expand  its  operations  in  Canada  and  around  the  world.       Summarizing  the  keys  to  Jacques  success  with  Boardroom  Metrics,  there  are  several.       1. Jacques  expertise  is  well  defined.  He  is  an  experienced  senior  operations   expert.  He  is  an  obvious  choice  for  those  roles.   2. Boardroom  Metrics  is  highly  visible  on  social  media  for  critical  issues  that   companies  face  –  like  measuring  the  CEO,  or  writing  an  important  RFP.    This   ensures  a  constant  flow  of  new  client  opportunities.   3. By  building  strong  relationships  with  client  management,  Boardroom  Metrics   develops  an  understanding  of  the  multiple  issues  a  client  is  facing.    So,  one   engagement  can  easily  lead  to  another.   4. Finally,  by  maintaining  a  strong  expert  team  and  an  active  expert  support   network,  Boardroom  Metrics  is  able  to  meet  multiple  expertise  requirements   that  a  client  might  have.  This  is  good  for  the  clients  and  for  Boardroom   Metrics  expert  who  can  find  their  expertise  is  required  in  even  the  most   unexpected  client  situations.       About  Boardroom  Metrics   The  workforce  is  rapidly  evolving.      A  growing  wave  of  work  is  now  being  handed  to   independent  experts  including  consultants,  contractors,  freelancers,  and  others.    In   the  future,  almost  everyone  will  work  for  themselves  at  some,  likely  substantial   point  in  their  careers.     Boardroom  Metrics  provides  programs  and  services  to  support  the  success  of   independent  experts.  Our  goal  is  to  reduce  the  stress  and  hassle  of  independent   contracting,  enabling  our  members  to  focus  on  what  they  do  best.  Our  core  services   include:     • Marketing   • Social  Media  Awareness  and  Visibility  
  3. 3.   • Client  Leads   • Client  projects   • Training   • Team  members  with  additional  skills   • Networking   • Administrative  support  including  invoicing  and  collection     Contact  and  More  Information   If  you  are  an  independent  expert,  contractor  or  freelancer  and  would  like  to  better   understand  how  Boardroom  Metrics  might  enable  you  to  more  successful  give  us  a   call  at  416-­‐573-­‐9396  or  write  Karen  McElroy  at