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Boomer Metrics


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Boomers, Retirement, Career Planning, Second Career

Published in: Business
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Boomer Metrics

  1. 1. ‘Boomer Metrics’
  2. 2. Boomer Metrics % of North American (NA) workers who have a standard pension plan 15
  3. 3. Boomer Metrics $2,650 2004 average retiree income generated from employment.
  4. 4. Boomer Metrics 30+ # of years the average boomer can expect to be ‘retired’
  5. 5. Boomer Metrics # of NA boomers who intend to keep working post retirement 61 million
  6. 6. Boomer Metrics “To stay active.” #1 reason given for wanting to continue working.
  7. 7. Boomer Metrics % of working retirees who see working in a new profession 56
  8. 8. Conclusions Soon, there will be unprecedented demand for post-retirement jobs. That demand will not be met by corporations. To meet their fulfillment and income expectations, boomers will need to become/be entrepreneurial.
  9. 9. Post-Corporate Entrepreneurs • The experience business – Consultants, interim managers, coaches, mentors • Business ownership – start-up, franchise, existing, invest in existing
  10. 10. New Skills for New Entrepreneurs 1. Business planning 2. Selling, Personal and Brand marketing 3. Social Media 4. Finance and Accounting
  11. 11. Boardroom Metrics Programs • Accomplished Executives – Branding, networking, social media, consulting tools, business leads • Executive Social Media • Personal Branding • Consulting Quick Start
  12. 12. Boardroom Metrics Toronto 905-709-4031