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Boardroom Metrics Success Story - Travel Executive


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Marianna Koos is a successful travel and tourism executive who joined Boardroom Metrics seeking additional consulting opportunities.

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Boardroom Metrics Success Story - Travel Executive

  1. 1.       BOARDROOM  METRICS  SUCCESS  STORY   Marianna  Koos  –  Travel  and  Tourism  Executive     Success  can  happen  anywhere.  For  Marianna  it’s  happening   in  Spain.     Marianna  was  originally  identified  by  Boardroom  Metrics  as   a  strong  candidate  for  an  open  Director  of  Strategy  position   at  an  important  technology  client  in  Toronto.  Although   Marianna  lives  in  Spain,  she  is  originally  from  Toronto.  When   we  contacted  her  about  the  position  she  was  very  interested.   Client  interviews  were  conducted  both  by  Skype  and  in   person  in  the  U.K.    Unfortunately,  before  the  job  was   awarded,  the  Company  was  reorganized  and  the  position  was   eliminated.  By  then,  a  firm  bond  had  been  formed  between  Marianna  and   Boardroom  Metrics.     For  two  years,  Boardroom  Metrics  and  Marianna  stayed  in  touch.  When  Marianna   came  to  visit  Canada  we  met  with  her  and  discussions  began  about  how  she  might   turn  her  expertise  into  a  consulting  practice.         Helping  experts  hone  what  particular  expertise  to  focus  on  -­‐  is  something  we  do  a   lot  of  at  Boardroom  Metrics.  Frequently,  we  push  our  experts  to  the  ‘tactical’,  fire   fighting  side  of  what  they  know  because  that  is  where  there  is  the  most  client   demand.       In  Marianna’s  case,  although  she  was  focusing  on  her  own  growing  consulting   practice  on  Travel/Tourism  strategy,  the  expertise  we  got  her  to  focus  on  was  RFP   responses  and  proposal  writing.       As  a  talented  writer  and  business  development  professional,  Marianna  had  years  of   experience  writing  proposals  for  large  organizations.  Now,  she  is  part  of  a  team  of   five  writers  at  Boardroom  Metrics  who  are  part  of  the  proposal  response  team.       Marianna  has  helped  write  RFP,  RFQ  and  RFI  Responses  for  Boardroom  Metrics   Clients  in;  Education,  Professional  Services,  Security,  Food,  Tourism,  Research,   Recruitment,  Project  Management  and  Major  Events  including  the  PanAm  Games.       Numerous  bids  have  also  been  submitted  for  the  burgeoning  ‘MUSH’  sector;   Municipalities/Universities/Schools/Hospitals.  Recent  responses  include  the   Township  of  Richmond  Hill,  York  Region  School  Board,  Fanshawe  College  and   Western  University.     Marianna  still  lives  in  Spain.  She  connects  with  clients  using  Skype  and  telephone.  In   fact  she  has  never  met  a  client  in  person.  A  committed  producer,  time  zones  seem  to   work  in  Marianna’s  favour,  enabling  her  to  have  content  ready  for  clients  when  they   get  to  work  in  the  morning.      
  2. 2.     Now,  Marianna’s  daughter,  an  accomplished  Art  Director  and  Graphic  Designer   living  in  Budapest  has  also  joined  Boardroom  Metrics.  In  this  case,  success  isn’t  just   international,  it’s  all  in  the  family!     Marianna’s  success  with  Boardroom  Metrics  is  based  on  several  key  factors:     1. Marianna’s  expertise.    Proposal  writing,  Marianna’s  key  service  offering  is   well  defined  and  she  is  very  good  at  it.     2. Her  client  management  skills.  As  you  might  expect  from  someone  who’s  a   business  development  and  client  relationship  professional,  Marianna   instantly  relates  to  her  clients  and  meets  their  expectations  at  every  step.     3. How  Marianna  works  with  Boardroom  Metrics.  Marianna  is  easy  to  work   with.  She  is  accessible,  flexible,  creative,  responsive  and    helpful.       About  Boardroom  Metrics   The  workforce  is  rapidly  evolving.      A  growing  wave  of  work  is  now  being  handed  to   independent  experts  including  consultants,  contractors,  freelancers,  and  others.    In   the  future,  almost  everyone  will  work  for  themselves  at  some,  likely  substantial   point  in  their  careers.     Boardroom  Metrics  provides  programs  and  services  to  support  the  success  of   independent  experts.  Our  goal  is  to  reduce  the  stress  and  hassle  of  independent   contracting,  enabling  our  members  to  focus  on  what  they  do  best.  Our  core  services   include:     • Marketing   • Social  Media  Awareness  and  Visibility   • Client  Leads   • Client  projects   • Training   • Team  members  with  additional  skills   • Networking   • Administrative  support  including  invoicing  and  collection     Contact  and  More  Information   If  you  are  an  independent  expert,  contractor  or  freelancer  and  would  like  to  better   understand  how  Boardroom  Metrics  might  enable  you  to  more  successful  give  us  a   call  at  416-­‐573-­‐9396  or  write  Karen  McElroy  at