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Brand not Working


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Brand not working? It takes some effort to stay on target.

Published in: Marketing
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Brand not Working

  1. 1. What to do if your Brand isn’t working? By Greg Berube
  2. 2. “A Strong Brand always wins”
  3. 3. Your Brand isn’t Working As the needs and wants of the consumer change and alter, so should your Brand evolve As a key attribute, evolution must be included in your Brand Strategy – this will keep it relevant and meaningful to your target audience
  4. 4. Your Brand isn’t Working Remaining on target can be challenging – it means you must always understand your current audience and be constantly looking for emerging audiences This can take some effort - you must always be in the forefront of your consumer
  5. 5. Your Brand isn’t Working 6-Point Checklist Has your audience changed Does your Message still resonate with your audience Has your Brand become confusing Has your benefit expired Does your Message match your Logo Has your Brand become thin
  6. 6. Your Brand isn’t Working Summary It solves this problem Ensures your Brand ownable It does it this way Give you permission to use the Brand within all communication This is why it will work Owning the Brand allows you to communicate in all media confidently and consistently
  7. 7. Your Brand isn’t Working About Greg I am a trusted brand thought leader who delivers results to organizations seeking to develop their brand impact and growth. Brand health and growth is a necessity of a well- maintained and profitable organization. My strengths are uncovering brand discrepancies and leveraging effective brand tools and messaging to develop effective meaningful communication that can aid in revenue generation. I am well known for my continuous forward thinking and well grounded strategic brand development advice.
  8. 8. We look forward to helping you grow your Consulting practice. Greg Berube > Advisor to Creative Agency Owners > 905.709.4031 > Karen McElroy, CEO> 416.994.6552 > Jim Crocker, Chairman > 416.573.9396 > Head Office: 18 Almond Avenue Vaughan, ON L3R 5B4 1.905.709.4031 Website: View our Consultant Team Page: Twitter (over 53,000 Followers) @BoardroomMtrcs