Social Media for Business - Primer


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Social media marketing for small business owners may seem overwhelming. This slide deck offers tips on how to get started, as well as provides resources you can use to implement a social media plan. There is also a link to a free "Social Media for Business" eBooklet.

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Social Media for Business - Primer

  1. 1. Social  Media  for   Business  -­‐  Primer   Becky  Livingston   President  &  CEO     Penheel  Marke:ng     April  2014  
  2. 2. ü Speaker   ü Author   ü Educator   ü Social  Media  &   Digital  Marke:ng   Consultant   ü 25  years  marke:ng   and  technology   experience   ü 35+  small  business   clients   ©2014  Penheel  Marke:ng   Becky  Livingston  
  3. 3. Agenda   •  Before  you  begin   •  Buyer  Persona   •  Compe::ve  Research   •  Profile  Development   •  Marke:ng  Plan     •  GeOng  Started   •  Management  Tips   •  Pos:ng  Checklist  
  4. 4. Before  You  Begin   1.  Create  your  buyer  persona  to  iden:fy  your  ideal  client.   2.  Conduct  compe..on  research  to  see  what  your  compe::on   is  doing,  why,  and  how.     3.  Develop  your  social  media  profile,  including  graphics.   4.  Create  the  plan,  including  social  content   calendars.  
  5. 5. Competitive  Research   •  Audience  Size     •  Measuring  Engagement   •  Profile  Setups   •  Cover  photos   •  Descrip:ons   •  Links   •  Content  Pos:ng  
  6. 6. Pro<ile  Development   •  Each  social  media  profile  has  its  own  characteris:cs   •  Create  the  profile  images  needed     •  Write  the  profile  descrip:on   •  Include  important  keywords  in  the  profile   •  Create  a  library  of  images  for  use  in  posts   •  Create  a  library  of  content  you  can  turn  to  when  needed   Free  Graphics  Tool   hXp://­‐social-­‐media-­‐image-­‐maker/      
  7. 7. Marketing  Plan  Tips   •  Develop  buyer  persona,  including:   •  Name,  job  :tle/role,  industry,  company,  demographic   :ps,  etc.   •  Iden:fy  customer  pain  points   •  Complete  a  needs  analysis   •  Define  challenges   Image  Source:  HubSpot  
  8. 8. Why  create  it?  10  Reasons   1.  Helps  create  a  vision   for  the  business   2.  Solidifies  your  mission   3.  Outlines  what  you  want   to  accomplish   4.  Describes  your  ideal   client   5.  Ar:culates  why  you   stand  apart   6.  Provides  a  road  map   for  goals   7.  Helps  you  focus  on   what’s  important   8.  Create  an  ac:on  plan   9.  Tracks  progress   10.  Reminds  you  that  your   business  is  not  a  hobby  
  9. 9. 5  Tips  for  Writing  Your  Plan   •  Begin  at  the  end   •  Learn  from  last  year   •  Stop  doing  what  isn’t  working   •  Be  specific   •  Just  do  it!  
  10. 10. Getting  Started   •  Determine  topics  of  interest   –  to  your  customers   •  Create  content  categories   •  Assign  content  types     (video,  blog,  photo,  etc.)   •  Set  a  regular  publishing   schedule   •  Incorporate  other  marke:ng   content  from  other  depts.   •  Con:nue  the  process.   Image  Source:  Top  Rank  
  11. 11. 7  Tips  for  Managing  &  Maximizing     Content  in  Social  Media     1.  Know  your  audience   2.  Provide  value   3.  Expand  your  conversa:on   4.  Look  beyond  Facebook  &  TwiXer   5.  Know  the  dimensions  (graphics)   6.  Don’t  ignore  the  SEO  impact   7.  Measure  Success   Blog  Title:   7  :ps  for  Managing  and  Maximizing  Social  Media  Content     Sample  Tweet  with  keyword  focus:   7  :ps  for  managing  and  maximizing  #SocialMedia  content.  #LeadGenera:on  
  12. 12. 10  Golden  Rules  to  Successful  Social   Media  Marketing   1.  Linking  just  makes  good  sense.   2.  Write  high-­‐quality  content.   3.  Update  content  on  a  regular  basis.   4.  Be  pa:ent.   5.  Focus  on  your  purpose.   6.  Listen  and  observe.   7.  Never  steal  someone  else’s  content.   8.  Connect  and  connect  some  more.   9.  Cross  promote.   10. Never  forget  the  power  of  local.  
  13. 13. Social   Media   Checklist   Source:  HeroX  
  14. 14. Who  is  Penheel  Marketing?   Social  media  and  digital  marke:ng  consul:ng  firm  for  CPA  firms,  small   businesses,  and  non-­‐profits.     Download     “Introduc:on  to  Social  Media  for  Business”   hXp://  Analy.cs   Website  analy:cs,  online     adver:sing  analy:cs.  See     which  sources  are  genera:ng     the  most  leads.     Email   Send  personalized,  segmented     Emails  based  on  any  informa:on     in  your  contact  database.   Search  Engine  Op.miza.ons   Improve  your  rank  in  search     engines  by  finding  and  tracking     your  most  effec:ve  keywords.   Lead  Management   Track  leads  with  a  complete   :meline-­‐view  of  their  interac:ons     with  your  firm.   Blogging   Create  blog  content  quickly     while  geOng  SEO  :ps  and     best  prac:ces  pointers.   Social  Media   Publish  content  to  your  social   accounts,  then  nurture  leads     based  on  their  social  engagement.  
  15. 15. References     •  “10  Golden  Rules  to  Successful  Social  Media  Marke:ng”  Rebekah  Radice   •  Social  Media  Checklist  HeroX   •  “Introduc:on  to  Social  Media  for  Business”  Penheel  Marke:ng   •  “7  Tips  for  Managing  and  Maximizing  Content  in  Social  Media”  ClickZ