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Standardized Email Increases Client Engagement


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When trying to increase client engagement with emails, you may be at your wits end. This deck provides insights into tips you may begin using immediately to help increase respondents' engagement with your emails. A sample email format and email are shared.

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Standardized Email Increases Client Engagement

  1. 1. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Standardized  Emails   Why.  How.  When.   By:  Becky  Livingston   President  &  CEO   Penheel  Marketing  
  2. 2. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Why?   •  Increases   produc0vity   •  Eradicates  “wall   of  text”   formaDng   •  Includes  next   steps  for  clients   to  complete   •  Provides  clear   call-­‐to-­‐ac0on  for   clients  
  3. 3. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   How?   •  Gree$ng.  Make  it  short,  to  the  point,  and  informa0ve.  One  to   two  sentences  is  enough.   •  Bullets.  Leverage  a  bullet  list  to  keep  content  short.  Consider   links  to  content  on  our  website  for  more  informa0on.   •  Next  Steps.  Also  in  a  bullet  format,  describe  the  ac0ons/next   steps  you  or  the  client  should  take  to  move  forward.   •  Call  to  Ac$on.  In  one  or  two  sentences,  describe  to  the  client   what  he/she  needs  to  provide  for  you  to  con0nue  with  next   steps.   •  Closing.  Sign  off  with  your  firm’s  tag  line  or  standard  closing   statement.  Be  sure  to  include  any  social  media  links  to  your   firm’s  profiles  or  company  pages.  
  4. 4. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Example  –  5500  Filing  Deadline   Subject:  5500  Filing  Deadline  Looming  -­‐  Your  Ac0on   Needed   Date:  July  1,  XXXX   Dear  [Firstname],   [Gree$ng]We  would  like  to  remind  you  that  the  July  31,   IRS  Form  5500  Annual  Return/Report  of  Employee  Benefit   Plans  is  looming.  Remember  to  file  your  company  forms  on   0me  to  sa0sfy  annual  repor0ng  requirements  under  ERISA   and  the  Internal  Revenue  Code.  
  5. 5. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Example  –  5500  Filing  Deadline,   cont.   [Bullets]  Important  Tips       •  Who  should  file?  Pension  and  welfare  benefit  plans  must   to  report  their  financial  condi0on,  investments,  and   opera0ons.     •  The  5500  Form  must  be  filed  electronically  through   EFAST2.   •  The  5500  Short  Form  is  for  plans  with  fewer  than  100   par0cipants.     •  Form  5558  is  for  an  extension  on  Forms  5500,  5500-­‐SF,   5500-­‐EZ,  8955-­‐SSA,  and  5330.    
  6. 6. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Example  –  5500  Filing  Deadline,   cont.   [Next  Steps]  Next  Steps:   We  encourage  you  to  prepare  for  the  repor0ng  sooner   rather  than  later  by:   •  Watching  the  Forms  5500,  5500-­‐SF,  and  5558   filing  0ps  video.   •  Reading  the  frequently  asked  ques0ons  document  about   the  EFAST2  filing  process.     •  Reviewing  the  0ps  for  avoiding  errors  when  reques0ng   an  extension.      
  7. 7. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Example  –  5500  Filing  Deadline,   cont.   [Call  to  Ac$on]  Ac$on  Item   Please  call  us  within  the  next  week  to  schedule  a  convenient  Form   Filing  mee0ng.  Please  share  this  informa0on  with  our  staff  that  may   benefit  from  the  informa0on.     [Closing]   We  look  forward  to  working  with  you  on  this  important  deadline.     Sincerely,   Partners Name! Partner   Alpha  Beta  Certa  CPAs   Follow  Us!   [insert  social  media  icons/links]  
  8. 8. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Email  Example  Review   In  the  example,  we  are  no0fying  clients  about  a  looming   Employee  Benefit  Plan  Form  5500  filing  deadline.  We  share:   •  Why  the  message  is  being  sent;   •  Important  0ps  about  the  filing;   •  Next  steps,  giving  recipients  easy  access  to  informa0on  they   need;   •  A  call  to  ac0on,  so  the  recipient  knows  what  is  expected  of   him/her;   •  A  closing  with  our  firm’s  standard  closing  line;  and   •  Signature,  with  links  to  social  media  to  help  inform  clients  of   our  online  channels.  
  9. 9. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Additional  Tips   Consider  your  subject  line  -­‐  talk  about  the  candy,  not  the   wrapper.       Example:   “Avoid  Penal0es  With  These  Form  5500  Tips”  and  “5500   Deadlines  Looming  –  Tips  to  Prepare”       Both  subject  lines  will  get  good  open  rates  due  the  “nega0ve”   term  used  in  each.  They  also  use  the  keyword  term  “5500”,  and   give  the  reader  a  sense  of  urgency.  
  10. 10. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Additional  Tips,  cont.   •  Personal  Value.  Emphasize  the  personal  value  of  your   content.  Subject  lines  that  make  readers  think,  “This  is   useful.”  “This  is  0mely.”  “This  is  about  me.”   •  Subject  Lines.  Keep  subject  lines  short.  Try  to  keep  it  under  75   characters.   •  Keywords.  Use  a  keyword  in  the  subject  line  to  help  with  SEO.   Try  to  get  the  keyword  as  close  to  the  first  word  as  possible.    
  11. 11. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   When?   Use  the  standardized  email  format  whenever  you  need  clients/ readers  to:   1.  Engage  in  an  ac0on.   2.  Prepare  or  provide  relevant  informa0on  for  you.     3.  Understand  changes  or  updates  in  their  industry  that  could   impact  their  business.     4.  Read,  view,  or  watch  content  messaging  that  is  highly   relevant  to  their  business.  
  12. 12. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Summary   •  When  it  comes  to  email,  remember  to  think  smarter  not   harder.     •  Provide  clients  with  relevant  informa0on.     •  Share  links  to  your  website  for  more  informa0on.     •  Be  clear  and  concise,  and  add  social  media  connec0on  points   to  help  foster  engagement.    
  13. 13. ©  2014  Penheel  Marke0ng   Who  is  Penheel  Marketing?   Social  media  and  digital  marke0ng  consul0ng  firm  for  CPA  firms,  small   businesses,  and  non-­‐profits.     Marke$ng  Analy$cs   Website  analy0cs,  online     adver0sing  analy0cs.  See     which  sources  are  genera0ng     the  most  leads.     Email   Send  personalized,  segmented     Emails  based  on  any  informa0on     in  your  contact  database.   Search  Engine  Op$miza$ons   Improve  your  rank  in  search     engines  by  finding  and  tracking     your  most  effec0ve  keywords.   Lead  Management   Track  leads  with  a  complete   0meline-­‐view  of  their  interac0ons     with  your  firm.   Blogging   Create  blog  content  quickly     while  geDng  SEO  0ps  and     best  prac0ces  pointers.   Social  Media   Publish  content  to  your  social   accounts,  then  nurture  leads     based  on  their  social  engagement.   hlp://