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Mobile Marketing in the CPA Profession


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Mobile Marketing in the CPA profession shares information and tips about the immediate and long-term mobile trends in the CPA profession.

This deck covers:
- Behavioral changes taking place due to mobile tech;
- Best practices for collecting and analyzing data;
- Stochastic models for conversion, targeting, and cross-selling;
- Mobile strategies that integrate analytics; and the
- Critical role of analytics in responding to customer needs.

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Mobile Marketing in the CPA Profession

  1. 1. ©  2015  Penheel  Marketing™   Mobile  Marketing  in   the  CPA  Profession   Becky  Livingston   President   Penheel  Marketing   February  2,  2015  
  2. 2. ©  2015  Penheel  Marketing™   Today’s  Topics   ü Immediate  and  long-­‐term  mobile  trends  in  the  CPA   profession   ü Behavioral  changes  taking  place  due  to  mobile  tech   ü Best  practices  for  collecting  and  analyzing  data   ü Stochastic  Models  for  conversions,  targeting,  and  cross-­‐ selling   ü Mobile  strategies  that  integrate  analytics   ü Critical  role  of  analytics  in  responding  to  customer  needs  
  3. 3. ©  2015  Penheel  Marketing™   Preparedness   Are  accountants  really  as   prepared  to  “go  mobile”   as  they  think?     Yes  and  no.  
  4. 4. ©  2015  Penheel  Marketing™   Mobile  Trends  
  5. 5. ©  2015  Penheel  Marketing™   Mobile  Trends,  cont.     80%  
  6. 6. ©  2015  Penheel  Marketing™   Mobile  Trends,  cont.    
  7. 7. ©  2015  Penheel  Marketing™   Behavioral  Changes   •  Simplistic  messages;  overly  complex   are  dismissed   •  Engagement  via  text  and  social   media  with  financial  advisors  is  O.K.   •  Collaboration  through  technology  is   common   •  New  Norm  -­‐  anytime,  anywhere,  any   device    (Triple  A  access)   •  No  boundaries   •  Expect  to  have  cash  flow,  receivables,   payables,  bottom  line  information   available  at  their  fingertips   80%  of  business   owners  said  they   needed  anywhere,   anytime  access  to   company  data.         48%  expected  to   be  doing  more   business  tasks  on   their  mobile  device   in  the  next  year.   “ “
  8. 8. ©  2015  Penheel  Marketing™   Collecting  Data   •  What  mobile  KPIs  should   you  pay  attention  to?   •  What  are  the  best  tools   to  help  you  tell  the   mobile  story?   •  How  do  you  make  the   right  interpretations  of   the  data?   •  How  do  you  translate  the   data  to  tell  a  story   through  images?    
  9. 9. ©  2015  Penheel  Marketing™   KPIs   •  Traditional   •  Bounce  Rate,  Time  on  Site,   Conversion   •  Segment  data  by  device   •  Mobile,  desktop,  tablet   •  Determine  conversions  based  on   device   •  Pages  viewed   •  Correlation  between  time  on  site,   pages  viewed,  +  device   You  may  find  infer  that   while  the  mobile   conversion  rate  is  low,   a  mobile  user  is  still   somebody  with   purchase  intent  who  is   likely  to  convert  later   on  another  device.    
  10. 10. ©  2015  Penheel  Marketing™   Tools  
  11. 11. ©  2015  Penheel  Marketing™   Social  Listening  Tools   1.  Sysmos   2.  Visible  Technologies   3.  Oracle  Social  Cloud   4.  SalesForce  Radian  6   5.  uberVu   6.  ViralHeat   7.  Brand24   8.  DataShift   9.  Brandwatch   Comparison  Chart   http://social-­‐media-­‐monitoring-­‐  
  12. 12. ©  2015  Penheel  Marketing™   Behavioral  Marketing   •  Strategy  is  needed.   •  What  is  the  behavior  funnel  for  visitors?     •  Have  you  looked  at  the  behavior  analytics  on  your  site?   •  Google  Analytics  and  BTBuckets  (both  free)  can  help  you   achieve  this.     •  Create  a  flowchart  or  workflow  swim  lanes  to  help  you   determine  the  action  you  want  visitors  to  experience  once  a   trigger  is  engaged.     •  Work  with  the  other  business  teams  –  Sales,  CRM  –  to   determine  the  process  flow  
  13. 13. ©  2015  Penheel  Marketing™   Example  –  Behavior  Flow  
  14. 14. ©  2015  Penheel  Marketing™   Example  –  Workflow  
  15. 15. ©  2015  Penheel  Marketing™   Example  –  Workflow,  cont.   CRM  Examples   •  SalesForce  and  SalesForce   Service  Cloud   •  InfusionSoft   •  Bullhorn   •  SnapForce   •  Hatchbuck   •  Base   •  Zendesk   •  NetSuite   •  SharpSpring  
  16. 16. ©  2015  Penheel  Marketing™   Role  of  Analytics  in  CRM   •  New  opportunities   •  Increased  client  care   •  Clearly-­‐defined  target  market   •  Lead  conversion  with  target   market   •  Efficient  and  effective  marketing   •  Create  customized  user   experience  
  17. 17. ©  2015  Penheel  Marketing™   Long-­‐Term  CRM  Strategy   1.  Get  sponsorship  from  leaders   2.  Build  a  team   3.  Define  business  objectives   4.  Identify  the  key  customers  –  including  life  stages   5.  Identify  customer  segments   6.  Agree  on  desired  customer  behaviors   7.  Define  customer  experience  goals   8.  Create  an  integrated  customer  strategy   9.  Define  and  map  data  requirements   10.  Standardize  data  by  department  
  18. 18. ©  2015  Penheel  Marketing™   Long-­‐Term  CRM  Strategy,  cont.     11.  Dialogue  with  customers  (gasp!  I  know)   12.  Personalize  triggered  efforts   13.  Develop  success  metrics   14.  Create  customer  engagement  programs  (acquisition,   growth,  and  retention)   15.  Collect  data   16.  Test!   17.  Monitor   18.  Automate   19.  Keep  it  simple   20.  Communicate  success  
  19. 19. ©  2015  Penheel  Marketing™   Key  Takeaways   ü   Mobile  marketing  is  changing  the  way  professional  services        are  bought  and  sold.   ü   Mobile  marketing  will  help  your  firm  adapt  to  the  changes  in      the  new  marketplace.   ü   The  Internet  is  faster,  more  convenient  and  more  powerful      way  to  shop  for  services.     ü   Mobile  marketing  offers  flexibility,  control,  and  geographic      reach  over  traditional  marketing  methods.   ü   Firms  that  don’t  adopt  are  at  risk.   ü   Create  the  strategy  to  take  your  firm  to  the  next  level.    
  20. 20. ©  2015  Penheel  Marketing™   Who  is  Penheel  Marketing?   Social  media  and  digital  marketing  consulting  firm  for  CPA  firms,  small   businesses,  and  non-­‐profits.     http://Penheel.Com   Marketing  Analytics   Website  analytics,  online     advertising  analytics.  See     which  sources  are  generating     the  most  leads.     Email   Send  personalized,  segmented     Emails  based  on  any  information     in  your  contact  database.   Search  Engine  Optimizations   Improve  your  rank  in  search     engines  by  finding  and  tracking     your  most  effective  keywords.   Lead  Management   Track  leads  with  a  complete   timeline-­‐view  of  their  interactions     with  your  firm.   Blogging   Create  blog  content  quickly     while  getting  SEO  tips  and     best  practices  pointers.   Social  Media   Publish  content  to  your  social   accounts,  then  nurture  leads     based  on  their  social  engagement.   ©  Penheel  Marketing  01.07.14  
  21. 21. ©  2015  Penheel  Marketing™   References   •  Charting  a  Course  for  the  Future  –  A  Report  on  Firm  Preparedness   •  CPA  Horizons  2025  Report­‐horizons-­‐report-­‐web.pdf   •  Getting  Ahead:  The  Financial  Challenges  for  Generation  X  and  Y   •  Is  Gen  X  The  Dark  Horse  In  50+  Marketing?­‐gen-­‐x-­‐the-­‐dark-­‐horse-­‐in-­‐50-­‐marketing.html   •  Mobile  Emerging  as  “the  New  Norm”  for  Next  Generation  Accounting­‐emerging-­‐new-­‐norm-­‐next-­‐generation-­‐accounting/   •  A+E  Networks  Shares  Mobile  Analytics  Best  Practices  at  Adobe  Summit­‐networks-­‐shares-­‐mobile-­‐analytics-­‐best-­‐practices-­‐adobe-­‐ summit/   •  Why  mobile  matters   •  eCommerce  KPI  Study:  There’s  (Finally)  a  Benchmark  for  That­‐kpi-­‐benchmark-­‐study   •  G2  Crowd  Publishes  Winter  2015  Rankings  of  the  Best  Digital  Analytics  Platforms­‐digital-­‐analytics-­‐platforms-­‐winter-­‐2015/   •  Top  10  Social  Media  Monitoring  Tools  http://social-­‐media-­‐monitoring-­‐   •  Using  Behavioral  Targeting  to  Optimize  SEO  Traffic   http://online-­‐­‐targeting-­‐for-­‐seo-­‐637   •  Marketing  workflow­‐content/uploads/2014/06/Marketing-­‐Automation-­‐Campaign-­‐Flowchart.jpg   •  Compare  CRM  Software   •  CRM  Trends