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Facebook for Business


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Everything you need to know in order to use and abuse Facebook for your business's advantage's.
Four Major Take-aways: Why use Facebook to promote your business?
What’s the right Page for me?
How do we manage our Page?
How do you get customers from FB?

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Facebook for Business

  1. 1. Facebook for Business 800.425.9843 | twitter@blythecollc
  2. 2. Alicia Anderson, BlythecoBlytheco Advanced –
  3. 3. If you are on Twitter please tweet anything you findcompelling withhash-tag #blydea
  4. 4. What will you learn?1. 4 Take-a-ways Why use Facebook to promote your business?2. What’s the right Page for me?3. How do we manage our Page?4. How do you get customers from FB?
  5. 5. Today, and every day… 500M USERS LOG IN #FB4BIZ
  6. 6. Today, and every day… 2B POSTS ARE LIKED COMMENTED ONON & #FB4BIZ
  7. 7. Facebook Is More Effective for B2C; LinkedIn Is for B2B
  8. 8. Amplification
  9. 9. What’s the Diff? ●Groups ●Profiles ●Pages
  10. 10. Groups have members
  11. 11. Profiles have Friends
  12. 12. Pages have fans
  13. 13. Why Use a Fan Page?● Unlimited “Fans”● Analytics● Connect to a physical location● SEO optimized● Messages post to Fans’ news streams● Vanity URL available● Set up multiple admins● Customize with apps
  14. 14. How to use Facebook● Build brand awareness● Connect with customers● Promote events● Build your sales pipeline● Promote thought leadership● Get consumer feedback
  15. 15. You are given an empty canvas: Business Name X Likes – Y Talking About ThisCategoryTwo concise sentences about your business should beenough for users to know more about you
  16. 16. FB is your company’s online “newsroom”● Photos● Blog posts● Tweets● YouTube videos● Online articles from others via Delicious
  17. 17. Quick Tips● Use and update images● Set milestones● Anchor the important stuff at the top● Measure!● Respond
  18. 18. Reward Fans
  19. 19. Generate Leads
  20. 20. Promote Events
  21. 21. Recruiting
  22. 22. Advertising● 70 percent of brand campaigns showed a return on ad spend (ROI) of 3x or better● 49 percent of brand campaigns showed an ROI of 5x or better● In the four weeks after seeing an ad on Facebook from a major offline US-based retailer, fans and their friends bought 56 percent more frequently online from this retailer.
  23. 23. Highly Targeted
  24. 24. “Traditional” works● ONE focal point● Tone fits brand personality● Clear direction/Call to action● A Reward
  25. 25. Good Ad • Strong focal point • Strong branding • Good rewards
  26. 26. Not-so-good Ad • No strong focal point • Hard to id the brand • No strong reward
  27. 27. Coming soon – Facebook Exchange
  28. 28. What Have You Learned? 1. Why Facebook to promote your business? 2. What’s the right Page for me? 3. How do we manage our Page? 4. How do you get customers from FB?
  29. 29. ● Don’t know where to start? ● We can help
  30. 30. Thank you for joining me • •@aliciakanderson •@blythecoLLC •949-583-9500 X 2204
  31. 31. Want More?● Twitter for Business – Tuesday, June 26.● LinkedIn 102 – Tuesday, July 10.● Pinterest for Business – Tuesday, July 17.● Finding the ‘Hot Spots’ on your Website with Real-Time Traffic Monitoring – Tuesday, July 31.● If you like it then you shoulda put a click on it: A look at content creation and the magic of CTAs - Tuesday, August 7. Sign up at