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How to Pack Your Class Marketing Workshop for Yoga & Fitness Pros


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While having an abundance of yoga and fitness options available is great for fitness enthusiasts, it can be a challenge for instructors. In this interactive workshop you’ll learn tips and tricks on how to pack your class every time!

As a Marketing Educator for 12 years and Yoga Instructor for 4 years, I'm combing my 2 passions to help you create a successful class following. Learn how to authentically improve your brand and maintain your integrity while marketing your yoga and fitness business.

Leave this workshop with the following takeaways:
- Learn what to do and say during class to motivate students to come back
- Become a subject matter expert for your students by improving your social media brand
- Create a community of followers who are now sharing your content and promoting your class to their friends

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How to Pack Your Class Marketing Workshop for Yoga & Fitness Pros

  1. 1. How to Pack Your Class for Yoga & Fitness Pros Marketing Your Way to Success Workshop presented by Melodie Tao
  2. 2. Opening Meditation
  3. 3. Welcome! • What are you excited about with you business? • What yoga pose are you working on?
  4. 4. Today We Will Learn… How to Pack Your Class!
  5. 5. • Keep current students coming back • Build your personal brand on social media How to Pack Your Class
  6. 6. Keep Current Students Coming Back 1. The Name Game 2. Create consistency with peak poses 3. Ask
  7. 7. Success Story- Jen Pastiloff, The Manifest - Station • 76K+ Facebook Likes • 10K + Twitter Followers • Over 1 Million Readers- • Sold out retreats worldwide!
  8. 8. The Name Game
  9. 9. Create Consistency
  10. 10. Ask • Mention upcoming things about your next class • Ask students to bring a friend • Ask students to connect with you online
  11. 11. Build Your Personal Brand Online 1. Facebook 2. LinkedIn 3. Instagram
  12. 12. Branding Questions • What comes to mind when you hear the word brand or branding? • How many people have Googled themselves? What did you find? • Does anyone know the origin of the term branding?
  13. 13. Brand: Name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's good or service as distinct from those of other sellers. Branding began as a way to tell one person's cattle from another by means of a hot iron stamp. Personal Brand: The process where people and their careers are marked as brands. The personal branding concept suggests that success comes from self promotion. What is a Brand?
  14. 14. • When logged on to your personal Facebook profile you can create and run a business page. • Check your privacy settings to ensure you’re only providing public information you intend to. • Check your privacy settings on each photo album. • Facebook constantly changes their privacy features so make a habit of regularly checking your settings. Update Your Personal Profile
  15. 15. Personal Profile: • If connecting with prospective students on Facebook include your company and a brief description so customers associate you with your business and brand • Link personal page to your business page. Business Page: • Company information • Link back to your website • Links to your other social networks • Public Classes Personal Profile vs Business Page
  16. 16. DO NOT use a personal profile as a business page Correct business page:
  17. 17. LinkedIn • Contact Information: Include your company’s website. Under website listings choose “other” and write in the specific name for your company rather than just listing “Company Website”. • Under your job descriptions list specific accomplishments and actions that will benefit prospective clients. • Add multimedia: Photos, Videos, Presentations.
  18. 18. Instagram Tips• Hashtags:  Internal- Hashtags used to track your own events and business. #HapaKids #HapaTRX #HapaYoga  External- General hashtags used to seek out accounts and customers who share your interest. #Yoga #HotYoga #YogaChallenge #StopDropAndYoga • Comment on photos. • Take photos related to your brand that give people a glimpse of what you’re doing
  19. 19. Special Offer! $99 $77 NOW X • Pick My Brain! Custom one on one marketing consulting session with Melodie. We will go through all of your online resources, social networks and establish a strong marketing strategy .