The New Content Kings: How retailers are using content to create loyal lifetime customers.


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Presented at eTail Palm Springs by Steve Groenier on February 27, 2012.

Top retailers have become the new kings of content with vast libraries of expert articles, videos, blogs, product reviews, Q&As and more. While this content has helped to drive traffic and improve conversion rates it may also hold the key to creating truly loyal customers. Learn strategies for unlocking the hidden value in your content library and discover specific, actionable tactics for using content to improve all areas of your retail business.

- Learn how content drives customer loyalty.
- Build a network of influential experts who produce content for you.
- Use content to improve your product selection and customer service.
- Curate user generated content to increase visibility and drive social sharing.
- Discover strategies for getting customer feedback from multiple channels.
- Learn how to turn customers into an army of content producers.

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The New Content Kings: How retailers are using content to create loyal lifetime customers.

  1. 1. The New Content Kings How retailers are using content to create loyal lifetime customers.Steve Groenier | February 2012 Attract twitter: @marketonline
  2. 2. Key Takeaways• Why customer loyalty is critical to your long-term success & survival.• How to create a content strategy that will drive customer loyalty.• 6 tactics for turning customers into your best content producers.• 3 ways to create content that drives sales.• How your content strategy can help you improve other areas of your business.
  3. 3. How do customers see you… YOUR BRAND
  5. 5. How good is your price? PRICE
  6. 6. How big is your selection? PRODUCT SELECTION
  7. 7. Can you delight with service? SERVICE
  8. 8. Truly Loyal Customers Only See… YOUR BRAND
  9. 9. How can your business
  10. 10. “We take those funds that might otherwise be used to shout about our service, and put those funds instead into improving the service.If you do build a great experience,customers tell each other about that. — Jeff Bezos, Amazon
  11. 11. “We view any expense that enhances the customer experience as a marketing cost because it generates more repeat customers through word of mouth. — Tony Hsieh, Zappos
  12. 12. How do you improve the
  13. 13. The Customer Experience
  14. 14. the great thing about CONTENT Wine Guru Gary Vaynerchuk
  15. 15. the great thing about CONTENT
  16. 16. the great thing about CONTENT
  17. 17. The Primary Goal of Drive Customer Loyalty
  18. 18. How can CONTENT drive loyalty? • Share their knowledge freely • Gather customer feedback • Build word-of-mouth networks • Create customer communities • Make an emotional connection
  19. 19. How can CONTENT drive loyalty? knowledge• Education sharing• Expert Articles • Website Pages• How-To’s • Blogs• Q & A’s • Videos• Tips • Mini-Sites • E-Books
  20. 20. Inform, Educate & Inspire
  21. 21. Inform, Educate & Inspire
  22. 22. Inform, Educate & Inspire
  23. 23. Inform, Educate & Inspire
  24. 24. Expert Articles
  25. 25. How To’s
  26. 26. How To’s
  27. 27. Get Blogging
  28. 28. How can CONTENT drive loyalty?• Product Ratings &Reviews• Facebook Polls & Questions• Email Survey• Website Feedback Forms
  29. 29. Gather customer feedback
  30. 30. Gather customer feedback
  31. 31. How can CONTENT drive loyalty?• Recruit Bloggers (Written and Video)• Reward with badge to post on their site.• Promote when they write about you.• Recruit experts to contribute content.• Build relationships with social influencers.
  32. 32. Build word-of-mouth networks
  33. 33. Build word-of-mouth networks
  34. 34. How can CONTENT drive loyalty?• Make community a focus.• Build social presence.• Start a forum.• Host online & offline events.
  35. 35. Create customer COMMUNITIES
  36. 36. Create customer COMMUNITIES
  37. 37. COMMUNITIES on home pages
  38. 38. COMMUNITIES on home pages
  39. 39. COMMUNITIES on home pages
  40. 40. How can CONTENT drive loyalty?• Go out of your way to help customers.• Enable customers to tell stories.• Compliment your customers.• Say Thank You!
  41. 41. Make an EMOTIONAL connection
  42. 42. Get Customers to Create Content• Send EMAIL asking to review products.• Provide way to Ask & Answer QUESTIONS.• Have fun with CONTESTS.• Ask for their OPINION about products.• Launch a BLOGGING partner program.• Give away products for making VIDEOS.
  43. 43. Asking & Answering Questions
  44. 44. Blog Contest
  45. 45. Facebook Photo Gallery
  46. 46. Customer Videos
  47. 47. How Content Improves Your Business• Buyers get feedback on new items before they order.• Have Customer Service respond to problems posted on Facebook wall.• Mine product reviews for problems.• Distribute customer feedback to related teams.
  48. 48. To improve the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE • Include content in your SITE SEARCH results. • Curate Facebook content for a NEW BLOG. • Feature content in your EMAIL NEWSLETTER. • TWEET about your stories from your bloggers.
  49. 49. Content through SITE SEARCH
  50. 50. Content through SITE SEARCH
  51. 51. Content through SITE SEARCH
  52. 52. Content through SITE SEARCH
  53. 53. Curate content into NEW Blog post
  54. 54. Feature Customer Content in EMAIL
  55. 55. Summary• Customer LOYALTY is critical to your long-term success & survival.• Create a winning CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE with content.• Get customers to CREATE CONTENT with product reviews, questions & answers, blogs, photos, videos, stories.• DRIVE SALES by introducing new products through sneak previews, creating top 10 lists, and promoting great reviews.• Get your ENTIRE BUSINESS involved in your content strategy and improve other areas of your business.• Contact me if you have any questions: