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Creating Content that Converts


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Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business
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Creating Content that Converts

  1. 1. Creating Content that Converts Justin Fishaw Director of Content & Social
  2. 2. Content Planning Questions • Who is my audience? • What kind of content will drive conversions on my site? • Where does my audience ‘hang out’ online? • Why do they need my product/service? • When is the best time to reach them?
  3. 3. Free Content Research Resources Example: Apartment community, Midtown Atlanta, near Georgia Tech 1. 2. 3. 4. Google Google Google Google Trends Keyword Planner Suggested Search Webmaster Tools
  4. 4. Content Planning Answers • Who: college students in Midtown Atlanta near Georgia Tech campus • What: educational, shareable content; ebook/eguide, blog posts, video, etc. • Where: Google & social media; in particular Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, & LinkedIn. • Why: in need of off-campus housing, and the info surrounding the decision. • When: back to school months, pre & post semester.
  5. 5. Content Conclusions 1.Content must be high-quality, educational, personalized, and branded to my audience. 2.Content should be created, published, and promoted at the latest May, early June. 3.Google suggests a good handful of keyword strings that I can use for blog post titles.
  6. 6. Strategic Content to be Created “Free Guide to Finding the Best Apartments Near Georgia Tech” Three-part Blog Series: 1. Narrowing Down Your Georgia Tech Student Housing Options 2. 5 Reasons to Live Off Campus at Georgia Tech 3. Everything Midtown Atlanta Has to Offer College Students
  7. 7. Landing Page Optimization What is it you want them to do? Guiding Goals When Creating a Landing Page 1.Conversion 2.Clarity 3.Friction Reduction
  8. 8. Landing Page Creation Software or Program  Anatomy of a Landing Page Optimized for Conversion • • • •      Wordpress Plugin Instapage Lander App Hubspot Landing Page Form Graphic representation of content offer Clear and concise copy that sells your visitor Thank You Page Mobile optimized
  9. 9. 3 Golden Rules of LP Creation 1.Tell visitors exactly what you’re offering (down to the specific # of pages) 2.Tell them why they can’t live without it (‘…give you all the tools you need to…’) 3.Tell them what they need to do to get it (‘just fill out the form & we’ll send you a copy of…)
  10. 10.  Content  Landing Page Promotion
  11. 11. External Marketing Avenues Existing Marketing Assets 1. 2. 3. 4. Pay-per-click Advertising Paid Social Media Blogger/Site Outreach Content Related Outreach 5. Guerilla Marketing 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Website & Blog Email List / Newsletter On-location Promotion Networking Social Media
  12. 12. Key to social media promotion is your ability to track the effectiveness of each social network.   Social Media Manageme nt Platform URL
  13. 13. Using Hootsuite to Track Activity
  14. 14. Use Click Report to Measure Effectiveness of Social Publishing
  15. 15. Analyze Your Conversion Rate
  16. 16. Next Step Post Conversion  Send a personal email introducing yourself • • • Nurture the relationship by being available to answer any questions. Don’t start selling yet. Become a resource and they’ll most likely become a new