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The Evolution of Email: Real-Time Segmentation & Contextual Marketing


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Join Movable Ink and BlueHornet for an in-depth look at how to create and execute contextual email campaigns. Learn why contextual marketing is critical today and how you can use the data you already have to segment, in real-time, for every individual customer at the moment of open. Take a look at BlueHornet client, Allen Edmonds', successful contextual marketing campaigns, from strategy and planning to testing and outcomes.

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The Evolution of Email: Real-Time Segmentation & Contextual Marketing

  1. 1. What data do you have available today? • Location-based data • Time of day/event • Device type What content will be useful to your customers and enhance their experience? • In-store information • Sale or event countdowns • Loyalty points available How granularly do you want to segment? • By city, state, region, country • By membership status or tier
  2. 2. • Enabled by IP, store ID or store address & radius • Displays number of preferred stores • Personalized map helper
  3. 3. • Enabled by first name • Fun image treatment creates brand stickiness
  4. 4. Images based on device type
  5. 5. • Date of upcoming event • End of sale
  6. 6. Money raised to date
  7. 7. title
  8. 8. Regional segmentation enabled by IP passed as a link append.
  9. 9. 41 DEGREES AND ABOVE 40 DEGREES AND BELOW +300% click-through rate Enabled by zip code and IP passed as a link append
  10. 10. DEFAULT • Enabled by IP • Radius of 25 miles • Display top two stores
  11. 11. OPTION A OPTION B +114% higher click- through rate • No cached imagery • Deliver winning version during & post send
  12. 12. Image/Price Single Glamour Price No Price Multiple Glamour Price No Price +86% higher click- through rate
  13. 13. Additional 20% off Clearance Event Requirements: • Create urgency • Send an email daily to most subscribers • Keep the customer in the know
  14. 14. • Welcome series • Educational • Quality & craftsmanship +54% higher click- through rate
  15. 15. • Start with data you have now • Ensure your data is up to date • Consider a default scenario • Real time content can get complicated: • Review your rules & creative • Test...test...test • Track results
  16. 16. PERSONALIZATION Increase response rates with Contextual Content Create hyper- personalized emails at scale Use content that already exists on the web, social Ensure cross- channel consistency AUTOMATION OPTIMIZATION Optimize based on performance in real time Test, refine, repeat INNOVATION Stand out in a crowded inbox Improve the metrics in your email scorecard