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When Out Of The Box Isnt Enough | Extending Beyond Miva | Miva Conference 2010


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Segment 2 of 3
When Out of the Box Isn’t Enough

Extending beyond Miva & the Power of SaaS components (that work well together)
45min + 15min Q&A
Speaker: Bryan Landaburu, President, Fuze

In this session we will look beyond what miva and stock module customization can do for your store. These days consumers are exposed to performance standards, features and functions on mainstream internet retailer websites (,,, etc) and they have the same expectations when they get to your store. Part of running an expanding business, means at some point you need to add automation to the process, or custom solutions to meet your needs. While developing these solutions could cost millions, there are tools available to smaller merchants now that bring the powerful features of mainstream sites to small businesses like yours. This panel of experts will explain their vision for SaaS and integrating with Miva. On this panel you will find a collection of the top Miva developers and hosting companies together in one place.


- Bryan Landaburu (moderator/segment speaker) @fuze
- Fuze - cms & architecture, reviews
- Scott Zielinski - B7 - SearchSpring @b7i
- Susan Petracco - NetBlazon - FeedExact, AccurateTax, MAP@spetracco
- Mike Heberle - PowerReviews - importance of customer feedback
- (absent)Barney Stone - StoneEdge (tbd) - dealing with bulk orders, integration, etc.@barneystone

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When Out Of The Box Isnt Enough | Extending Beyond Miva | Miva Conference 2010

  1. 1. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Miva Conference 2010  |  session two When out of the box isn t enough. When out of the box isn’t enough a three segment track presented by Bryan Landaburu (@fuze) President Fuze
  2. 2. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Recap of session one Recap of session one If you joined us, then you saw some of these solutions in play. If not, welcome.
  3. 3. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Panel Introductions Panel Introductions
  4. 4. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Panelists • Bryan Landaburu, President, FUZEblox CMS @fuze • Scott Zielinski ‐ B7 ‐ SearchSpring @b7i • Susan Petracco ‐ N tBl S P t NetBlazon ‐ F dE t A FeedExact, AccurateTax @spetracco t T @ t • Mike Heberle ‐ PowerReviews • Barney Stone ‐ StoneEdge (tbd) @barneystone Barney Stone ‐ StoneEdge (tbd) @barneystone
  5. 5. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze What is SaaS? What is SaaS?
  6. 6. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze What exactly is SaaS? • The Acronym means • In practice it means Software as a Service – nothing to install • I In actuality, it is similar to  t lit it i i il t – limited maintenance limited maintenance leasing functionality – uptime reliability – easy to integrate • Almost every industry has  y y – easy to cancel SaaS solutions (if you aren't happy) • Gaining validity and  – huge feature set popularity because of the  l it b f th – rapid deployment progression of web  technology
  7. 7. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Hi. My name is Bryan. Hi. My name is Bryan.
  8. 8. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze FUZE
  9. 9. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Particulars • A digitally‐led agency est. 2003 • We develop & execute campaigns  for clients nationwide that include: – Web, application, system, UI design – Content Management Systems – Business process design p g – E‐mail marketing – Blog strategy – Social & mixed media campaigns p g – E‐Commerce development – Search Marketing (SEO/PPC) – Advanced analytics d a ced a a yt cs – Traditional creative services
  10. 10. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Clients
  11. 11. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze FUZEblox CMS FUZEblox CMS one of our SaaS solutions one of our SaaS solutions
  12. 12. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Administration Screens
  13. 13. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze What is FUZEblox? What is FUZEblox? and why did we build it? y
  14. 14. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze FUZEblox defined… • FUZEblox is a loose framework of modular content management  functions, which are assembled a la carte for your specific needs,  functions which are assembled a la carte for your specific needs including and especially the ability to have a robust, fast, secure CMS that lives side‐by‐side with your Miva Merchant store.  • Here’s where it fits…
  15. 15. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Fuze Gear System Handles all store content, promotions, company pages blog, etc. Also pages, blog etc maintains overall structural elements. FUZEblox CMS SearchSpring S hS i Intra‐site  Generates fly out navigation, left rail Search facets, compare, configure, PPC campaign landings, etc. MivaSQL Handles all product and cat images, product displays, maintains all customer and order data, integrates with data back-office systems for order processing & fulfillment.
  16. 16. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze IDWholesaler FUZEblox Home Feature Controls Pervasive login and cart Fully controlled and config hero panel  (machine readable and mobile animation  compatible) Full page control Promotional graphic/link control testimonial admin page level feedback engine RSS feeds Global wrapper
  17. 17. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze FUZEblox home
  18. 18. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Can your CMS or “miva  pages” do all this?
  19. 19. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Beta features at‐a‐glance • Add/edit/delete (w/versioning): • Specialty Applications – Users – Compatible with Miva Merchant 5x  – Sections or categories and pages g p g (and beyond) – Press releases – Compatible with SearchSpring – Blog posts & comments – Testimonial management (multi author) – Contact form capture – Landing pages – Co‐registration • Promotional admin – Commercial Real Estate • Global & page level Meta & SEO  p g – Residential Real Estate settings – Event setup & registration • Document & Media Management – Home (or any) promotional admin • Search optimized by default Search optimized by default • DESIGNED FOR BUSINESS USERS,  , • Incredibly fast NOT PROGRAMMERS
  20. 20. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze FUZEblox Tour FUZEblox Tour powering
  21. 21. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze next up SearchSpring Scott Zielinski, B7 Interactive @b7i
  22. 22. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze
  23. 23. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze SaaS Site S S S S Search SaaS = Software as a service - A l ti Analytics - Faceted Navigation g - Automated SEO
  24. 24. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Why is Site Search so important for online retailers? Site Search is critical to the online shopping experience: According to MarketingSherpa: Visitors spend an average of 8 seconds before deciding whether to remain on a website 60% of merchants find site search optimization to be the second most effective way to boost sales (the first is showing the customer's basket contents on all pages) 43% of visitors to online retail sites say the very first thing they do is type the name of the product or category they're shopping for into the search box Forrester projects that 47% of online retailer revenue comes from repeat customers
  25. 25. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Why is Site Search so important for online retailers? Customers ant C stomers want information q ickl Faceted na igation enables c stomers to dictate quickly. navigation customers the shopping experience by choosing the shortest navigation path. Examples: Is the customer a value seeker? Let them filter by price or special offers Brand affinity? They can search & filter by brand name Engage! An intuitive and interactive shopping interface maximizes engagement Gain Insight! Tap into the voice of y g p your customer - internal site search keywords y provides the best insight into customer intent. Gauge product demand and identify customer needs to better address purchasing, merchandising and customer service. Attract New Customers! Leverage those same customer voices to enhance SEM efforts. Internal site search queries can be leveraged to improve SEO as well as paid search performance.
  26. 26. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Why is Site Search so important for online retailers? The Th percentage of shoppers who use site search typically range f t f h h it h t i ll from 10% t 25% to 25%, yet that segment can drive 50% or more of sales revenue! Site Search has a big impact on revenue!
  27. 27. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze How does Site Search improve the bottom line? Effective site search increases the average order size (item qty per order)
  28. 28. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze How does Site Search improve the bottom line? SearchSpring i S hS i improves th purchase rate f new visitors ( the h t for i it (remember th t 8 second b that d window?)
  29. 29. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze How does Site Search improve the bottom line? Shoppers who search exhibit a hi h propensity to buy. Th average conversion Sh h h hibit higher it t b The i rate for site search users among large, successful retailers is 3x higher than visitors those that just browse. For this particular example, SearchSpring exceeds the 3x benchmark and routinely Delivers double digit conversion rates for visits with Site Search!
  30. 30. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze How does Site Search improve the bottom line? Increase average order value (AOV) Improve the purchase rate of first-time visitors first time Increase total quantity of items sold Increase number of unique items sold Cultivate customer loyalty and repeat business Increase productivity for in house sales and marketing staff in-house Lift conversion and boost sales
  31. 31. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Site Search Analytics Do you know what y y your customers are searching for? g Are they finding what they are looking for? How many sales / conversions result from your site search?
  32. 32. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze How much search usage do I have?
  33. 33. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze How are my popular keywords trending?
  34. 34. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze What are people not finding? Or getting no results for?
  35. 35. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Faceted / Guided Navigation
  36. 36. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Guided Search Navigation
  37. 37. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Faceted Category Navigation
  38. 38. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Capitalize on your search data Automated SEO Targeted Traffic Increased Revenue
  39. 39. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Leverage your data for automated SEO
  40. 40. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Leverage your data for automated SEO - Cont.
  41. 41. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze 1-888-643-9043
  42. 42. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze next up AccurateTax & FeedExact AccurateTax & FeedExact Susan Petracco, NetBlazon @spetracco
  43. 43. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Helps retailers meet and maintain compliance with  sales tax laws  l l Priced based on number of calls, so the cost is  Priced based on number of calls so the cost is roughly based on # of sales  Supports destination‐based taxes, product‐ based taxes, and sales tax holidays based taxes and sales tax holidays
  44. 44. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Step 1:  Install the module and assign the states you  are responsible for collecting sales tax in  are responsible for collecting sales tax in Step 2:  Customer’s address is “scrubbed” during  checkout to determine correct taxing jurisdiction(s) h k () Step 3:  Sales tax rates are calculated based on  scrubbed address and products in basket Step 4:  Sales tax and order information is stored for  Step 4: Sales tax and order information is stored for reporting and remittance purposes
  45. 45. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Three solution “flavors”  Basic – provides sales tax rates only  Advanced – Add Ad d Address Scrubbing and Sales tax rates  S bbi dS l t t Enterprise – Advanced features plus Product Tax Class  Support  Support
  46. 46. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Takes one set of product information (a “feed”) from a  retailer s store  retailer’s store Formats it to meet the requirements of each  Formats it to meet the requirements of each CSE, market place, or affiliate network Gathers data on clicks and sales to report on  ROI from each product and channel
  47. 47. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze What is a Comparison Shopping Engine (CSE)? Your Website You pay a CSE per click, and pp checkout happens on your website.
  48. 48. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze What is a Marketplace? Customer checks out You withdraw your on th i website, and their b it d balance after th b l ft the you pay a flat fee or commissons or it percentage of the gets transferred to order (CPO or cost- ( y your bank account. per order).
  49. 49. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze What is an Affiliate Network? Your Website You pay a p y commission to both the affiliate and the network in exchange for the sale (not the click).
  50. 50. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze next up PowerReviews Mike Heberle, PowerReviews
  51. 51. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze The Power of Product Reviews The Power of Product Reviews Mike Heberle Director of Strategic Accounts 
  52. 52. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze
  53. 53. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Agenda • Why Reviews? • Why PowerReviews? Why PowerReviews?
  54. 54. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Consumers Want Reviews • 68% of online shoppers read 4 reviews or more before     purchasing • 83% surveyed said they would trust user reviews over a  critic • 64% of consumers want to see user reviews on     websites 2/3 of consumers are using reviews of consumers are using reviews  in their normal shopping process!
  55. 55. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Retailers Get Results  Retailers Get Results Conversion Avg Order Value Products with Reviews 26-74%* Increased 8-10%* Cart Size Site Wide Conversion 13-15%* *case study available -
  56. 56. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Retailers Get Results  Retailers Get Results Newsletter Marketing Product Sales Click Thru 5-8% Total site sales 26%* Conversion 14-17% Improved customer confidence AOV 50-85% The product decision The merchant experience *case study available -
  57. 57. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Agenda • Why Reviews? • Why PowerReviews? Why PowerReviews?
  58. 58. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze PowerReviews Features  PowerReviews Features Review Snapshot Service Comments Buyer Badges Add Images Add Video Post to Blog
  59. 59. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Category Specific Templates Category Specific Templates
  60. 60. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Service and Merchant Tools Service and Merchant Tools Full Moderation Staff Badges Excel Reports Merchant Response
  61. 61. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze PowerReviews
  62. 62. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Q&A
  63. 63. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Reach out and say what’s up ‐ slides ‐ twitter ‐ my blog ‐ email 877 879 3893  877‐879‐3893 ‐ phone Use  this
  64. 64. twitter   #mmconf |   @fuze Next session tomorrow… Marketing Simplified. Marketing Simplified Making marketing and managing your time a little less of a  g g g gy perfunctory process.