About Webfactories USA and Third Generation Websites


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3rd Generation Websites with Internet Marketing and Social Media Maintenance: http://www.webfactories.us

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About Webfactories USA and Third Generation Websites

  1. 1. IntroducingA WEB PRESENCE OUT OF THE BOX
  2. 2. A WEB PRESENCE OUT OF THE BOXThe four service pillars Search Engine Marketing Social Media Marketing Mobile Web Creation WEB CREATION
  3. 3. A WEB PRESENCE OUT OF THE BOXWeb Creation – The BasicsIts the foundation so you better do it right andchoose a solution that is: – Flexible – Scalable – Easy to maintain – Easy to keep up-to-date (both content- and function-wise) – Always available
  4. 4. A WEB PRESENCE OUT OF THE BOXThe PastBoth the website developmentand content managementwere in one camp: webprogrammer.All the content was built in thecode; usually HTML.If changes were to be made,even a slightest one, thecustomer had to wait for theprogrammer to do it......if he was still around!
  5. 5. A WEB PRESENCE OUT OF THE BOXThe PastOther challenges: – The websites were static, no animation, no effects, boring designs; – Multimedia and rich media were not supported; – Limited back-end database operation; – Limited interaction; – Limited capability to build online communities.
  6. 6. A WEB PRESENCE OUT OF THE BOX What do you expect fromyour website? I want my business represented online in a way to reflect my corporate standards: – I want a beautiful design but without useless gimmicks; – I want animation, graphics, movies, audios that I can upload directly to my website;
  7. 7. A WEB PRESENCE OUT OF THE BOX I want interaction: I want to get feedback from my visitors; I need them to complete forms; I want them to contribute to my content; I want them to have different user rights with different access levels; I need B2B and B2C E-commerce; I want to build a community. And BTW: I want to manage my content! Fromanywhere!
  8. 8. A WEB PRESENCE OUT OF THE BOXThe AnswerContent Management System – CMS or WebContent Management System - WCMSWhat is WCMS? ● A web content management system (WCMS) is a software system that provides website authoring, collaboration, and administration tools designed to allow users with little knowledge of web programming languages or markup languages to create and manage website content with relative ease. A robust WCMS provides the foundation for collaboration, offering users the ability to manage documents and output for multiple author editing and participation. (Source:
  9. 9. A WEB PRESENCE OUT OF THE BOXNowadays – Online CMSThe most up-to-date utility. Centrally maintainedand always available.– 1. DIY – Do It Yourself: ● simple and easily configurable; ● limited features; ● templates to be chosen from a limited pool; ● suitable for hobby sites– 2. Professional Online Software platform: ● feature-rich; many functions/modules; ● fully configurable; ● constantly being kept up-to-date; ● customized and unique template for each and every website
  10. 10. A WEB PRESENCE OUT OF THE BOXWebFactories – An Integrated ApproachThe best technology + professional value services = Complete WebMarketing Platform – The better and more complex an online CMS is, the more customization and work needs to be done. We will do that for you. – We make sure your website: ● offers the right functions and modules; ● has the design in line with your corporate standards; ● has the optimal structure and content; ● has its business logic properly loaded; ● has quality traffic built up so that your business objectives are met. – Thats what we have been doing for years with many successful projects behind us. – You can focus on what you do best: Your Business
  11. 11. A WEB PRESENCE OUT OF THE BOX So Why WebFactories?The most cost- and time-effective solution to establish a web presence and get trafficIntegrated web, email, hosting and traffic generation services from one sourceStrong framework that can power many websites from one central location.Centrally hosted yet custom tailored solution to meet any customer demand.The content and structure of the website can be easily edited by any person with a minimumcomputer literacy.Tons of modules and functions that can be activated with just a click of the mouse.Future-proof: It is constantly being developed/enhanced by a team of programmers. All the newdevelopments and enhancements are instantly made available to all the websites powered by ourengine to make sure that every website we ever built is running on the latest technology.We have powerful search engine optimization (SEO) tools and services, and all major socialmedia functions integrated for quality traffic generation.
  12. 12. A WEB PRESENCE OUT OF THE BOXTons of Functions/Modules Event calendarMenu editor NewslettersPage creator NewsConfigurable content structure Timed content publishingSecure login BannersMembers only content Movable boxesAJAX file manager Share itContact form SlideshowsSEO tools Audio-, video-, and picture galleriesGoogle Analytics Picture playerSite map Table BuilderRSS MediaLeadBoxMulti-language support Shopping cart w/ multi-currencyWidgets CommonCart – multi-shops – one cartMaps FastCart – shop w/o logonForum Payment integrationBlog Business DirectorySocial Media Mobile version
  13. 13. A WEB PRESENCE OUT OF THE BOXIs That All?No, we dont stop here!Once your business is present on the web, you need togenerate quality traffic.We have a solid hinterland that works for you and help youachieve your business goals with the most efficient tools. – On-Page Search engine optimization – Social Media Marketing tools – E-mail and mobile marketing tools – Search engine Marketing programs (SEM)
  14. 14. A WEB PRESENCE OUT OF THE BOX On-Page Search EngineOptimization The whole website as such can be optimized for search engines The following elements can be embedded as meta-tags: – Keywords; – Website definition; – Detailed website description whith relevant content; – H2 headings Every single content page can be optimized with different keywords and page definition
  15. 15. A WEB PRESENCE OUT OF THE BOX Search Engine Marketing - SEMSearch engine marketing, (SEM), is a form of Internet marketing that seeks to promotewebsites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs) through theuse of paid placement, contextual advertising, and paid inclusion. (Source: Wikipedia)We focus on the following activities: in directories and classifieds, both local and global post comments in relevant forums signature posting in forums create mini blogs profile building social media profile building and bookmarking post a relevant article to your business to more than 100 article databases (monthly) post a press release for you in all relevant online press release databases (monthly) post 1 video per month for you on all relevant social video sharing sites like YouTube Monthly reports
  16. 16. A WEB PRESENCE OUT OF THE BOX Social Media MarketingWe will work closely with you to define target audience profiles and work out thebest combo for your social media presence and set targetting criteriaWe will set up and run your accounts on: – Twitter – Facebook – Google+ – LinkedIn – Pinterest – Wordpress BlogWe will monitor your brand and your social media visbilityAll the above to generate quality inbound trafficWe will monitor your business target conversion using the most up-to-dateanalyticsMonthly analytics and social media reporting