Using Social Media Without Looking Like A Jackass


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Presentation given as part of a panel on New Media at Artown Sponsor Symposium, 11/2008

  • great slides, good talking points - very useful for my own prezzie coming up in September at our user conference. it's a hard pill to swallow, that we are no longer in control of our own online reputation. gone are the days of pronouncements from on high, from the powers that be!
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Using Social Media Without Looking Like A Jackass

  1. 1. Using New Media without looking like a jackass. g j FUZE Sparks, Nevada, USA Bryan Landaburu President 775.626.4577 877.TRY.FUZE hi kf This Information is for presentation & internal use only, not for distribution or re-presentation in any manner unless written permission is obtained from Fuze, LLC. Contents of this presentation should be considered confidential. You are permitted to make additional copies of this Presentation solely for internal distribution. ©2008 Fuze, LLC
  2. 2. Fuze Overview
  3. 3. We think. We are. • We are digitally-led modern advertising & marketing firm. • We are small. We think big. • We spend a LOT of time and resources on what’s next. • Our clients are everywhere. everywhere • We design to promote interaction – face-to-face, ear-to-ear, screen-to-screen • We own nice suits. We prefer not to wear them. • We occasionally act like children. • We make our clients smile, money.
  4. 4. Primary Clients • Dickson Realty • Clearstar Financial • • Hopkins Distribution • Pl Plasco I Inc. • CLP Resources Inc. R I • SAP • Spartan Staffing • BEA Systems • Reno Tahoe Open • The Entrust Group • NNDA • Boyd Gaming • Washoe County • Lennar Homes School District • University Health U e s y ea System
  5. 5. In the community… • Step2 • Reno Tahoe Open • JDRF Foundation • RJ Memoriall M i • Northern Nevada Foundation Democratic Caucus • Community • Reno Tahoe Blues Foundation of Festival Western Nevada • Reno Tahoe Young • Food Bank of Professionals Network Net ork Northern Nevada • United Way of the • Big Brothers Big Sierras Sisters • Boys & Girls Club • NCNCS • Artown
  6. 6. Building A Case For Social Media social media marketing, viral marketing, consumer driven marketing, or whatever you choose to call it, cannot be ignored as a viable and necessary function of business and personal reputation management. As you enter this world, understand, there is not a one-size-fits all approach, and there are no guarantees.
  7. 7. Where do you need to be? • Your own site • Make sure as you get • Word of mouth into this, you are • P i advertising Print d i i tracking your efforts • Web advertising • Search Optimization • Bottom line,, you need y to be everywhere. • Paid Search • Email Marketing • Ugh… • Blogs • Microsites c os es • Social Media
  8. 8. How it used to be • The company is in the center • All campaigns and Radio marketing come from Outdoor TV the C-level down • The traditional agencies drive the Old Corporation strategy and Print Website b execution • Yawn… Media PR
  9. 9. • Companies saw the importance of the web and put it at the center of p Radio their operation Email Marketing TV • Search engines became important p Search Website Marketing • Diversifying efforts and splitting agencies Corporate website became common Blogs PR • Agencies reinvented (or tried to) • Media typically paid off Outdoor Media online…someplace. Print • The term “web centric” started to be bantered bantered.
  10. 10. How it is now, tomorrow… • Control has been surrendered to consumers Content reviews Radio TV Website • What people say cant be SOCIAL PR scary to companies REPUTATION Media • Companies can no longer control the conversation Comments Print • Having a website is barely a start…you have to be Influencers Your Outdoor everywhere Industry participation Brand Blogs • P Power in th h d of a f i the hands f few Search Conversation • Word of Mouth leads to Marketing authenticity Analytics Executive visibility • YOU NEED TO BE Sales funnels Forums EVERYWHERE! Landing pages Mobile PPC Competitors SEO
  11. 11. • Fundamental shift in who is driving the strategy. • Interactive, digitally-led agencies are driving. • Wh ? Why? – Because we’re already there.
  12. 12. Getting the picture? Radio reviews TV Content Website SOCIAL PR REPUTATION Media Comments Print Influencers Your Outdoor Industry participation Brand Blogs Search Conversation Marketing Executive Analytics visibility Sales funnels Forums Landing Competitors pages PPC Mobile SEO
  13. 13. Cross promotion. Traffic Injections. • Blogs • Micro-Sites – Only if you plan to – Cant tell the whole story commit to them – in one website • Associations • Press Releases – Keep up with – Distribute releases and associations post news – See who shows up when • Articles & Stories you search and join them – Can be a big influencer - • Cross-linking WSJ – Link to/from partner • Advertising Partners companies – Buy ad’s and banners ad s • Traditional Marketing strategically – Outdoor – Track their performance – Print • Social Media – Broadcast – Twitter – LinkedIn – Facebook – YouTube – Photos & videos – Podcasts
  14. 14. • Question: Who is in control now? • Answer: Not you. • Events are a perfect tie-in for social marketing but, no industry is exempt from this concept. concept
  15. 15. • Try to drive the conversation and you will fail. Let f h i • L go of the conversation and participate and d i i d you can still fail, but at least you have a chance. • Use this to your advantage…participate with your content and be the passenger, not the driver.
  16. 16. Small Case Example: p Reno Tahoe Young Professionals
  17. 17.
  18. 18. • Comprehensive event calendar • Comprehensive “official” news area • Featured member
  19. 19.
  20. 20.
  21. 21. Under the hood
  22. 22. So what? A website is just a website,, a networked j community is much more. We built a community.
  23. 23. • A website is neat. Yay! We have one. Blog • True networking organizations have YouTube Ning much more dimension YPN • Here are the MySpace Main LinkedIn Site networking sites we have established exclusively for YPN Flickr Facebook • Not sure what they Twitter are? Lets learn…
  24. 24. Blog
  25. 25. Facebook
  26. 26. LinkedIn
  27. 27. LinkedIn
  28. 28. Twitter
  29. 29. Twitter
  30. 30. Flickr
  31. 31. MySpace is great[not], but we rolled our own…
  32. 32.
  33. 33. YouTube
  34. 34. • YPN has one of, if not the most, comprehensive web footprints of any networking organization in the area. • We are over 400 members strong • You h Y can now, reach out and meet other YPN members: d h b – Socially, business, KIT, BFF, dating, for sale – clean 1 owner, etc. • Rollout – Announced at summit – Assigned to committees – Member benefits online drive adoption p – Make the tools work together – Encourage involvement through enlightened self interest (a great opportunity to increase your profile in the community) • Not a member? Maybe you should sign up today? – At least join the mailing list…how hard is that?
  35. 35. • Social marketing is not ROI driven. • It will ONLY be successful,, if you participate. y p p • Networking is no longer about about pancake breakfasts and business cards. • Get involved, get known, get business, grow your career. • Don’t forget…
  36. 36. Participation
  37. 37. Contact Info: Bryan Landaburu President /Evangelist FUZE [blog] bryanlandaburu com [twitter] [e] [phone] 775.626.4577