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Introducing Sysomos Map 2.0


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Join us on this webinar where we discuss the new improvements made to our real-time social research tool MAP. We show off our brand new user interface and new software features.

Learn how to:

Easily customize your data reports with the ability to create a dashboard.

Get minute-by-minute analysis of spikes and dips in chatter with time-based search.

Run analytics against shortened URLs

Please enjoy!

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Introducing Sysomos Map 2.0

  1. 1. #SysomosMAP
  2. 2. #SysomosMAP Agenda • Introduction • New User Experience • Query Builder • Custom Dashboards • Time Based Search • Link Unpacking
  3. 3. #SysomosMAP New User Experience • New ‘modernized’ user interface. • Combines the new look and feel developed for Heartbeat 2.0. • The workflow process for MAP has changed to meet client needs. • Many small new features and functions that make using MAP more intuitive.
  4. 4. New User Experience New refreshed and modernized look and feel. Minimalist design. New workflow process via global navigation to allow moving between MAP and Heartbeat for those who have both.
  5. 5. New User Experience Temporarily hiding certain sources can help show you activity on sources you are actually active on. Temporarily hiding neutral sentiment allows for a better picture of the positive or negative content.
  6. 6. New User Experience Tool tips allow for quick glances at the numbers behind latest activity spikes Tool tips allow for quick glances at the numbers behind geography spikes
  7. 7. New User Experience A new in-app chat feature allows for easy communication of scheduled maintenance enhancements, and tips. In-app chat also gives you access to 24/7 customer support.
  8. 8. New Query Builder The new user experience also includes a new simplified query builder. No longer need to know the exact syntax requirements for a complex query (i.e. where to put quotes, brackets, capitals, operators). Advanced query builder is still available for those that prefer to write queries ‘by hand’. Makes using MAP much easier for new users, beginners, or casual users. Simple Advanced
  9. 9. #SysomosMAP Custom Dashboards • Part of the new MAP workflow. • Widget based analytics can now be found throughout MAP. • Pinning widgets allows for custom social reports to be built on the fly that tell a specific story about the data. • Custom filter options available per widget. • Custom PDF exports allow for changing widget titles, adding widget annotations, and adding an executive summary.
  10. 10. Custom Dashboards When looking at analytics and results in MAP, each widget has the ability to be pinned to a dashboard for on the fly report building.
  11. 11. Custom Dashboards Moveable and sizeable dashboard widgets. Options for global override of filters and dates for all widgets.
  12. 12. Custom Dashboards Each widget can be edited for custom date ranges, and filters that only apply to that widget and not the rest of the widgets on your dashboard.
  13. 13. Custom Dashboards Fully customizable PDF exports allow you to put the finishing touches on a report by adding in an report summary, and calling out data highlights on individual widgets.
  14. 14. Custom Dashboards – Use Cases • How can I practically use custom dashboards? • Reusable ‘social pitch’ dashboards for agencies when hunting new business • Reusable ‘social scorecard’ dashboards for providing monthly updates to clients or stakeholders • Campaign, and competitive analysis dashboards. • Industry focused dashboards for benchmarking success against.
  15. 15. #SysomosMAP Time Base Searching • Run minute by minute analytics on a query between two time frames (i.e. within a specific hour). • Drill into a specific spike or drop in volume to be able to understand when it occurs and analysis of the reason. • Understand the peaks and valleys of real time campaigns or fast-moving events, and the moments when content goes viral or a crisis breaks.
  16. 16. Time Based Searching Minute by minute filter options. Analyze specific spikes and valleys and click through to see posts during that time.
  17. 17. Time Based Searching Look at the minute by minute posts behind a particular spike or valley . Look at text analytics and other widgets with a minute by minute filter to help find trends.
  18. 18. Time Based Searching – Use Cases • How can I practically use time based searching? • Understand the social impact of advertising and other marketing initiatives, within minutes of them occurring. • Understand exactly when and where a crisis began, and when it starts to taper off in response to crisis management activities. Additionally associate crisis or positive buzz points with specific activities and posts. • Analyze overall patterns in response and engagement to determine the best times to publish content on your social channels, down to the minute. • If analyzing a live event, look for correlations in timing of event activities (speakers, dinners, presentations) with trending topics by those in attendance.
  19. 19. #SysomosMAP Shortened Link Unpacking • Analyzing shared URLs appearing on social media has always been challenging since shortened links were introduced ( • With link unpacking you can discover how many people are tweeting links back to your owned properties and campaigns, and allows for measuring trends, and share of voice of your links to inform marketing strategy. • Relevant content for queries is no longer ‘packed’ and hidden within a URL.
  20. 20. Shortened Links – How they work User sees an interesting piece of content and shares it via copy/pasting URL into twitter.
  21. 21. Shortened Links - How they work When composing tweets, twitter automatically shortens long URLs into link references When writing queries for content there’s no way to know that this post is about Starbucks as there are no references to Starbucks in the tweet. Even though it’s a Starbucks blog post that was shared, becomes hidden behind a link. “My favorite place for the best #holiday coffee recipes. This combines espresso, mint, and sparkling water.” is what the data shows us. This…. …becomes this
  22. 22. Shortened Link Unpacking Search for any domains in your query – i.e. company blog, corporate site, ecommerce site, contest site. MAP will unpack and search for your domain within shortened links that otherwise don’t appear to have your domain name in it. This is invaluable for analyzing how much your content is being shared, especially in circumstances where you brand is not mentioned directly or where simply a link is shared with no other text.
  23. 23. Link Unpacking – Use Cases • How can I practically use link unpacking? • Tracking and comparing shares of your content to determine the top posts, by searching the unique URL and selecting unpacked links you will get search results for all mentions of that URL if the link redirects to another address. • Finding shares of a unique URL for a contest or microsite that is promoted and through various media. Link unpacking allows you to see what/when/who/how often people are sharing and posting your campaign link on twitter even though the shares would appear as a shortened non-specific link for each share.
  24. 24. Thank You! @Sysomos