Local SEO Basics


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Presentation on the basics of local SEO brick & mortar retailers. Covers ranking factors, business listings, NAP business info (name address phone number), using getlisted.org, and Google+ Local

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  • So as we realize that links are important for SEO in general, business listings are especially important for Local SEO.
  • Local SEO Basics

    1. 1. Hi! Thanks for checking out my presentationon Local SEO Ranking Factors. Look for thesebubbles in the presentation for extra infofrom the actual presentation. LOCAL SEO Twitter: @AmplifySEM
    2. 2. WHO IS THIS PERSON? JESSICA WARD | DIRECTOR OF SEO • Focused on SEM / SEO since 2006 • Participates in developing client-strategy for SEO, Social, & PPC • Manages both B2B and B2C clients of varied industries and sizes • @JessicaWardPDXTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    3. 3. AMPLIFY INTERACTIVE Overview Boutique Agency – All We Do is Search • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • Pay Per Click (PPC) • Link Development & Site Marketing • Social Media Optimization • Web Analytics 2010 + 2011 AMA MAX AWARD – BEST SINGLE MEDIUM ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN Clients benefit from industry experience and strategic perspective • Established agency – Started 2003 • Established experts – Ben Lloyd started in 1998 • Experts: Speaker at Search Engine Strategies, SEMpdx & more • Results: Work wins awards • Approach: Established, proven strategies, tactics and processesTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    4. 4. WHAT ARE WE TALKING ABOUT? • What is SEO? • Local SEO Ranking Factors • Domain Authority • Business Listings • Google+ Local • ONE LINK TO RULE THEM ALL – http://bit.ly/WuOHugTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    5. 5. WHAT IS SEO?Twitter: @AmplifySEM
    6. 6. DEFINITION “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine‟s „natural‟ or un-paid („organic‟) search results.” - Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Search_engine_optimizationTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    7. 7. This is something that a lot of non- search people get confused about. ORGANIC VS. PAID Paid search results are denoted by Google with “ads” or “sponsored by.” Paid Search Results Organic Search ResultsTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    8. 8. The next slide has the top 5ish Ranking Factors for Local SEO. There‟s not enough room to have annotations so I‟m doing it here. The link at the bottom will bring you to a study by David Mihm that includes many more ranking factors for Local SEO. Check it out for additional ways to rank locally. SO HOW DO YOU RANK #1?Twitter: @AmplifySEM
    9. 9. LOCAL SEARCH RANKING FACTORS 1. Physical Address in City of Search 2. Proper Category Associations in Listings 3. Accurate & Consistent Business Citations 4. Domain Authority of Website 5. Google+ Local Reviews http://www.davidmihm.com/local-search-ranking-factors.shtmlTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    10. 10. What is Authority and what makes a person or a company an authority in a topic? The answer: Other people thinking they‟re an authority in the topic! Domain authority is essentially other people believing your website, your company is an authority. They do this by mentioning you on the web and linking to your pages / content. WHO’S AUTHORITY?Twitter: @AmplifySEM
    11. 11. SEO: LINKS = AUTHORITY = RANKINGS Overall Ranking Algorithm Page Level Link Metrics Domain Level Link Authority 6% 5% 21% Page Level Keyword Usage 7% 7% Domain Level Keyword Usage 7% Page Level Social Metrics 21% 11% Domain Level Brand Metrics 15% Page Level Keyword Agnostic Features Page Level Traffic/Query Data Domain Level Keyword Agnostic Features The takeaway? On-site optimization is critical, but links and other off- site factors are a tremendous part of the ranking algorithm -Source: 2011 SEOmoz study “Search Engine Ranking Factors”Twitter: @AmplifySEM
    12. 12. SEO: AUTHORITY PYRAMIDTechnical is always • Bloggingimportant – no website, norankings. Ideas are listed Social • Onsite engagement • Community building • Community participationon ways to build on thetechnical aspects. • Directories Links • Competitive placement • Use content to build links • Conversational (Comments, Q&A) • Outreach (PR, Guest Posts) • Keyword targeting • Optimize existing content Content • ID content gaps & develop the right content • Map content to the inbound marketing sales funnel • Bot & user accessibility • Canonicalization Technical • URL structure • Page markup • Structured markup • Internal linking Twitter: @AmplifySEM
    13. 13. BUSINESS LISTINGSTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    14. 14. WHERE TO PLACE LISTINGS?Overwhelmed? We all are. Justfind where your customers areand make sure you‟re listedthere. Twitter: @AmplifySEM
    15. 15. BUSINESS LISTINGS IN SEARCH Business Listings can help you dominate the search results – especially for your branded term!Twitter: @AmplifySEM
    16. 16. Make sure your categories are CATEGORIES relevant and accurate to your business and use as many category slots as possible while being relevant.Twitter: @AmplifySEM
    17. 17. CONSISTENT BUSINESS INFO If you use LLC in your name, use it that way on N ame your website and business listings. If you spell out 4th in your address, do it everywhere. Consistency is the name of the game! A ddress PhoneTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    18. 18. GETLISTED.ORGTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    19. 19. GOOGLE+ LOCALTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    20. 20. GOOGLE+ LOCALTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    21. 21. GOOGLE+ LOCAL PAGE Google+ content is being used in Google‟s search results. If you don‟t have a Google+ Page, you really need to create one!Twitter: @AmplifySEM
    22. 22. Google Places didn‟t let you respond to reviews. Google+ REVIEWS does and it‟s wonderful! 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations 52% said that positive online reviews make them more likely to use a local business The Local Consumer Review Survey 2012 From Bright Local (4,500 surveyed)Twitter: @AmplifySEM
    23. 23. TAKEAWAYSTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    24. 24. RANKING FACTORS 1. Physical Address in City of Search 2. Proper Category Associations in Listings 3. Accurate & Consistent Business Citations 4. Domain Authority of Website 5. Google+ Local Reviews • ONE LINK TO RULE THEM ALL – http://bit.ly/WuOHugTwitter: @AmplifySEM
    25. 25. That‟s it! Thanks for taking a look at my presentation and feel free to send along feedback. =)Thanks for your time! Questions? Twitter: @AmplifySEM