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Sns & Youth Participation Norfolk


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A collection of participation models using social networking sites.

Published in: Education
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Sns & Youth Participation Norfolk

  1. 1. www.norfolk blurb Social Networking Sites: Models of participation
  2. 2. Virtual resident’s group
  3. 7. Feedback “ Ello to evrybody: I think that Tom G deserves a vote of thanks for representing our moans, groans and plaudits to the City Living management” “ Great idea Tom” “ Good work Tom, I never considered myself one for the "neighborhood meeting" kind but looks like I am”
  4. 8. Initial lessons learnt Make it relevant Make it accessible Make it specific Promote the opportunity
  5. 9. Let it grow Promote achievements Update it Involve decision makers/influences
  6. 10. Consulting with current service users
  7. 13. Virtual detached youth work
  8. 16. Hi a little while ago you added me as a friend after I sent you a request introducing myself as a Youth Worker who works for the Norfolk County Council. Since then I have begun to build a network of past and present students from Norfolk in order to help me collect the views and opinions of local young people. Tom Gaskin Work
  9. 19. Build your own social networking site
  10. 22. Peer Research
  11. 23. Collaborating online
  12. 29. Build apps/widgets