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Ala Midwinter 2011 - Presentation to ERM Interest Group


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~ Benjamin Heet

Published in: Technology, Business
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Ala Midwinter 2011 - Presentation to ERM Interest Group

  1. 1. CORAL Ben HeetUniversity of Notre DameALA Midwinter 2011 San Diego
  2. 2. CORALQ: What does it stand for? A: Centralized online resources acquisitions and licensingQ: What is it? A: It’s a workflow management tool.Q: Which workflows? A: Licensing, Usage Statistics, Cancellations, Organizations, and Resources
  3. 3. CORALQ: Why did you build your own? A: We just needed to get the job done.Q: But you could have just purchased one? A: Um…Well…Yes…I suppose…
  4. 4. CORALQ: How did you do it? A: With an elite team of library special forces.Q: No, seriously, how was it developed? A: Workflow analysis, requirements gathering, identify data elements, mockups, feedback, coding, testing, polish, production
  5. 5. CORALQ: Why did you open source it? A: Because we are the world…we are the children...Q: Come on already! Why did you share it? A: At the end of the day people just need something to help make their job easier, so why not share.
  6. 6. CORALQ: Can I use it? A: Yes, find out more at http://erm.library.nd.eduQ: How do I contact you? A: OR 574-631-4329