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Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians 2011 - Contributing an Open Source ERMS


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~ Benjamin Heet

Published in: Technology, Education
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Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians 2011 - Contributing an Open Source ERMS

  1. 1. Contributing an Open SourceSolution to the Library Community Ben Heet University of Notre DameThe Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians Winston-Salem, NC
  2. 2. Contributing an Open Source solution to the library community About Hesburgh Libraries About CORAL - centralized online resources acquisitions and licensing Present state of ERMS Building an ERM Open Source Supporting the software Users Group -
  3. 3.  Hesburgh Libraries - 11,000 FTE (mostly undergraduate) - $10,000,000 total materials budget ($6 million electronic) - 3 million total volumes held ERMS History - Local database (began as filemaker pro) - Shared file space (Word docs, spreadsheets) - Verde (two years) - Investigated SerialsSolutions, III Millenium, e-Martix
  4. 4. Present state of ERMS Verde SerialsSolutions III Millenium ERM Essentials E-Matrix Others… - CUFTS - ERMes - OLLARAWhich one do we choose? - Functionality - Complexity - Flexibility
  5. 5. The CORAL Approach to ERMS Each Module specialized Simplified and intuitive interface Optional interoperability Focus on workflow Iterative developmentDesigned by a library for libraries
  6. 6. Sharing is Caring 
  7. 7. Open Source Four available modules - Licensing - Organizations - Resources - Usage Statistics Documentation - User guides - Installation instructions - Technical documentation
  8. 8. We aren’t alone!
  9. 9. Open Source Support Challenges Working with other libraries Competing priorities Enhancement requests Support calls Bug fixes Training Best Practices We are giving it our best shot!
  10. 10. Building aCommunity First Users Group Meeting – ER&L 2011 New website – DRUPAL Wiki? Development partners How are we going to do this?
  11. 11. The Big Question… How can CORAL become and remain a successful ERMS for the library community? Requisite Cute Picture
  12. 12. Benjamin HeetUniversity of Notre Dameheet.2@nd.edu574-631-4329