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Using an ERMS to Facilitate the Monograph Firm Order Workflow


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Using the CORAL ERMS to manage the monograph firm order process

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Using an ERMS to Facilitate the Monograph Firm Order Workflow

  1. 1. Christee Pascale, Associate Head, Acquisitions & Discovery, NCSU Libraries Ben Heet, TRLN Program Officer, Triangle Research Libraries Network Outcomes: Benefits: Using an ERMS improved the workflow in several ways - Single point of entry for all non- Gobi orders - Staff receive personal queue of waiting orders - Automated email alerts - Single point of investigation when tracking orders - Standard format for order requests - All identified workflow weaknesses fixed - Comprehensive oversight for all non-Gobi orders at all stages of the workflow - Overall transparency of process Pitfalls: Using an ERMS did include some hurdles - Need to train staff on new system - Adding another system to the workflow - ERMS designed for other purposes and required a creative approach for monograph use - Additional work required of the unit manager to route requests into the system Next Steps: - Identify enhancements for future development - Prepare for shared use by both serials and monograph units - Direct entry of order requests into system by selectors Implementation: CORAL: Installed software and began short term pilot - Group and individual staff training - Monitor process and staff use of system - Solicit feedback and identify enhancements New Workflow: Incorporates both print and electronic; both basic and priority orders - Order requests from all sources routed to unit manager - Requests transposed into coral and assigned to staff - Staff member receives email alert and request enters personal queue - Staff member processes order and marks completed workflow steps in coral - Staff member adds order to ILS - Unit manager periodically reviews open and completed orders Problems & Background: The Problem: Firm order requests starting outside Gobi are difficult to manage and track. - Order requests received via multiple avenues and formats - Selectors lack ability to look up order status at given moment - Paper & emailed order requests are easily lost or misplaced - Missed patron holds, failed communication back to patrons - Failed ebook activations, lack of patron access - Difficult for unit manager to review open/problematic orders Workflow Analysis: Evaluated our acquisitions process for both print and electronic materials - Evaluated process from point of order intake to resource delivery - Identified points of weakness with current system and tools - Compared and contrasted serials and monograph order workflows Exploration: Considered and evaluated different system options - Other university-wide ticketing systems; JIRA and Remedy - Google forms with Drive spreadsheet for data storage - CORAL electronic resource management system Using an ERMS to Facilitate the Monograph Firm Order Workflow