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Renewable Energy, IoT and Integration


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In this session, Steef will go in depth to talk about how integration relates to Internet of Things in the Utilities space dealing with renewable energy. In utilities space, there is a shift towards renewable energy as natural resources and nuclear energy are a lesser option due to environmental issues and sustainability. An actual real world scenario will be demonstrated and explained.

Published in: Technology
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Renewable Energy, IoT and Integration

  1. 1. Sponsored & Brought to you by Renewable Energy, IoT and Integration Steef-Jan Wiggers
  2. 2. Steef-Jan Wiggers Microsoft Integration Consultant • Microsoft Integration MVP • Published Author • (Inter)national Speaker • TechNet Wiki Author • Classroom Instructor • Blogger • Forums • Runner • 12th Man DutchWorkz B.V.
  3. 3. Why this talk? Vattenfall/Nuon In 2015 I did multiple projects at one of the leading utility companies in Europe Strategy towards cloud, renewables and customers Champions in wind Technology IoT Renewables Integration
  4. 4. Connectivity Data AnalyticsThings What is Internet of Things?
  5. 5. IoT = SMART
  6. 6. SMART
  7. 7. IoT Solutions Mobility Drinking water Waste water Pollution Fire safety Medical emergency Public Order Cities Flooding Waste treatment Energy Grid Gas distribution Solar- and wind energy Fuel distribution Power plant Nuclear waster Oil and gas production Coal Mines Toll roads Monitor traffic Air traffic control Public transport Traffic reports Road network Violations Airports Taxi Healthcare Patient Mobile care Surgical equipment Monitoring Implants Tooling Lab Radiology DiabetesSafety Climate Light Power Buildings Air quality Sign posts Water Lifts and escalators
  8. 8. Storage adapters Stream processing Cloud gateways (web APIs) Field gateways Applications Search and query Data analytics (Excel) Web/thick client dashboards Devices to take action Microsoft Azure – IoT Value Chain Legacy IOT (custom protocols) Devices IP-capable devices (Windows/Linux) Low-power devices (RTOS) Machine Learning
  9. 9. Process and analyze data offline Real-time detection and analysis Predictive Analysis Scenario’s
  10. 10. Microsoft IoT Suite Predefined set of Azure Services: IoT Hub Stream Analytics (Real time) DocumentDb Storage Service Bus (Event Hubs)
  11. 11. Devices C# Simulator Stream AnalyticsIoT Hub Event Hubs WebJobs Logic App DocumentDB Azure Active Directory Web App Storage blob Back end systems and processes Remote monitoring preconfigured solution
  12. 12. Predictive Analysis preconfigured solution Devices C# Simulator IoT Hub Stream Analytics Event Hubs WebJobs Storage blob DocumentDB Machine Learning Web App
  13. 13. DEMO
  14. 14. Renewables
  15. 15. Use Case: Wind Visualization Use Case Show wind energy generation Marketing campaign Data Windfarms Netherlands Day, Month, Year Visualization Web Mobile App
  16. 16. Wind History Irrigation, land, food Energy generation (Oil crisis) Wind turbine Wind direction Wind speed Power On/offshore Windpark
  17. 17. Field gateways Web/thick client dashboards BizTalk Server Cloud gateways (web APIs) WCF Service IoT Value Chain Wind Turbine
  18. 18. Integration solution {"WindParkClusters":[{"Id":2,"InstPower":156900," Lat":52.316082,"Long":5.288968,"Name":"Windp arken in de Flevopolder"},{"Id":1,"InstPower":139200,"Lat":52. 854750,"Long":5.026667,"Name":"Windparken in de Kop van Noord- Holland"}],"WindParks":[{"ActPower":157,"Cluster ID":2,"Code":"NED","InstPower":18000,"Lat":52.2 88528,"Loc":"Onshore","Long":5.344917,"Name": "Eemmeerdijk","NumOfTur":19,"ParkDesignNor malYearProduction":23000000,"ProdMonth":178 6204,"ProdToday":3357,"ProdYear":23757116,"Ti me":"2015-10- 08","TurBInstPower":"1000","WindDir":237,"Wind Speed":3,"Year":1998},{"ActPower":619,"ClusterI D":2,"Code":"NJR","InstPower":16500,"Lat":52.37 8472,"Loc":"Onshore","Long":5.126722,"Name":" Jaap Rodenburg","NumOfTur":10,... <ArrayOfParkSnapshot xmlns:i="http://www.w3. org/2001/XMLSchema- instance" xmlns="http://schemas.datacontract.o rg/2004/07/Vattenfall.wpdc.web.api.nuon"> <ParkSnapshot> <ActivePower>335</ActivePower> <InstalledPower>4800</InstalledPower> <Park>NDH</Park> <Time>2015-10-23T06:32:28</Time> <WindDirection>236.6749188966252</WindDir ection> <WindSpeed>4.8666667938232422</WindSpe ed> </ParkSnapshot> <ParkSnapshot> <ActivePower>753</ActivePower> <InstalledPower>18000</InstalledPower> <Park>NED</Park>
  19. 19. DEMO
  20. 20. Live data feeds
  21. 21. Competitors
  22. 22. Renewables Different types New strategy utility companies (Wind) CO2 Reduction IoT Devices Smart Sensors Integration BizTalk Server Microsoft Azure Recap
  23. 23. Steef-Jan Wiggers • • • TN Wiki: UserPage Contact
  24. 24. Thank you and have great day!