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Sustainable Energy Infrastructure, Transmission and Smart Grids


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Sustainable Energy Infrastructure, Transmission and Smart Grids

  1. 1. Steve Atkins – Global Energy Basel, The Sustainable Infrastructure Finance Summit 2012 Sustainable Energy Infrastructure, Transmission and Smart Grids© ABB2011-09-23 | 1
  2. 2. Global drivers of electricity supply  Growth  Population: total global number + urbanization  Economy – in particular in emerging countries  Sustainability  Pollution – locally  Climate change – globally  Scarcity of natural resources  Acceptance: Difficult to build new infrastructure  Substitution: Importance of electricity is still growing, outpacing all other types of energy Development of electricity supply and application is the key to increase sustainability© ABB2011-09-23 | 2
  3. 3. From traditional to smart grids traditional grid  Centralized power generation  One-directional power flow  Generation follows load  Top-down operations planning  Operation based on historical experience  Centralized and distributed power generation smart grids  Volatile renewable power generation  Multi-directional power flow  Flexibility in demand – load follows generation  Operation based on real-time data© ABB2011-11-23 PWChina_SmartGrids_20111123.ppt | GF-SG | 3
  4. 4. Implications across the power value chainTechnologies exist to address consequences Driver Consequences Strong growth of bulk, remote Need of long-distance Overdue generation transmission capacity New challenges for distribution networks Strong growth of distributed  Voltage control Increasingly generation  Capacity relevant now  Protection  Remote supervision, control Widely spread consequences  Mix of different sources ⇒ Will be Strong growth of volatile transmission capacity required generation  Demand response / VPPs 1 2015+  Storage Will be re- High generation peaks Bulk storage (longer duration) quired 2020+© ABB2011-09-23 | 4 1 VPP: Virtual Power Plant
  5. 5. Technology solutions for broader infrastructureABB helps cities shape and execute their visions Electricity Heating &End-users Water Grid Waste Gas Grid Transport Grid Cooling GridEfficient energy Reliable, efficient Optimising Efficient waste Efficient and Optimise reliable Efficient anduse, electricity supply wastewater disposal and the flexible heating and efficient gas reliable transportmanagement and enabling demand treatment and use of an and cooling distribution and smartcontrol response and ensuring reliable alternative supply with electric vehicle renewable and efficient renewable lowest carbon charging integration water supply energy source emissions Distribution Water Waste to Gas EV Automation District Heating Automation Distribution energy plants Distribution infrastructure Energy Wastewater Storage District Cooling Shore to Ship Management Treatment Distributed Demand Public Generation Response transport Integrated Renewable Storage energy flows, Integration Rail Data Center Microgrids Management Energy Efficiency© ABBMonth DD, YYYY | Slide 5
  6. 6. Stockholm Royal Seaport project – SwedenA Smart Grid for reaching sustainability targets 7 1 Active homes with demand response 6 2 Integration of local energy production 6 3 Use of electric vehicles and smart charging 6 2 3 4 Energy storage for customers and grid 4 5 Smart and electrified port 1 4 6 Smart grid infrastructure 2 7 Smart grid lab – Innovation Center 5© ABB GroupJuly 31, 2012 | Slide 6
  7. 7. Smart Grid projects References© ABB2011-09-23 | 8
  8. 8. Smart GridsTechnologies in operation – Some examples First commercial Longest underwater Most remote offshore Mine hoist for wave power plant power link wind farm linked to grid largest potash mine First platform connected Europe’s largest to mainland grid thermal solar power plant Largest battery Longest and highest capacity power link Largest SVC installation Longest conveyor belt Automation of largest Largest SCADA alumina plant network Longest underground power link Largest gearless mill drive (for crushing ore) Largest reverse- osmosis desalination plant Power and automation Substation in world’s First 600 kV of largest chemical tallest building power link cellulose plant © ABB© ABB GroupJuly 31, 2012Smart Grid _References 2011_02.ppt | GF-SG | 9 2011-07-15 | Slide 9
  9. 9. Stockholm Royal Seaport project - SwedenAn integrated approach for metropolitan areas Customers • Fortum • Stockholm Municipality Key objectives • Develop a world class sustainable city district • Reduce CO2 emissions to a level below 1.5 tonnes per inhabitant by 2020 • Become fossil fuel free by 2030 • Adapt to climate change Focus areas • Efficient energy use • Environmentally efficient transports • Local ecocycles • Environmental life styles • Regulatory framework© ABB2011-09-23 | 10
  10. 10. Smart Grid CenterPoint - USAImproving power reliability in Houston, Texas Customer CenterPoint Energy Inc., USA Key objectives • Improve electricity reliability and restoration capabilities • Improve reliability by up to 30% by areas completed with full smart grid functionality • Deployment of initial smart grid expected to be completed in 2013CenterPointEnergy is a ABB’s response - Smart grid Scopedomestic energy • Implement an Advanced Distributiondelivery company Management System (DMS)with more than 2million metered • Install remote monitoring equipment at 29customers and a substationslong history of • Install 579 automated field switching andservice. monitoring devices on 226 distribution circuits • Integrate components to accomplish stated improvements (reliability, monitoring)© ABB07/31/12 Communications - Smart Grids | 11
  11. 11. Data Center – SwitzerlandInnovative direct current power distribution system Customer Key objectives • Maximum efficiency and minimum environmental impact of the data center • Employ the most reliable and cost-effective technology • Provide data center services at highest standard of output, security and environmental is oneof the top ABB’s responseinformation andcommunication • A fully redundant 1 megawatt direct current (DC)technology power distribution solution with service levelservice providerin Switzerland agreement • Reaching new benchmarks in energy efficiency for data centers by increasing efficiency in electrical equipment and in the IT room • Minimizing footprint, installation and maintenance© ABB costs2011-07-19 SG_IntroABB_20110502.ppt | GF-SG | 12
  12. 12. TOSA 2013 project - SwitzerlandNew transport mode with optimized powering system Vision Promote new standards of public transportation and the development of relevant clean technologies Key objectives  The TOSA 2013 project aims at developing a large urban capacity electrical bus and being free of catenary power network  The project conforms to the cleantech masterplan of the Swiss Government Focus areas  Technological innovation oriented on smartgrid and electrical equipments  Energy efficiency regarding network size and energy consumption  Environmentally efficient public transportation© ABB2011-07-19SG_IntroABB_20110502.ppt | GF-SG | 13
  13. 13. Singapore’s first multi-plant district cooling networkThe largest and most ambitious district cooling projectSingapore DistrictCooling Pte Ltd Customerowns andoperates two Singapore District Cooling Pte Ltdchilled waterproduction plants, Key objectivespiping network, • Monitor and control of the first two phases of theand intakestations which are Marina Bay District Cooling System in Singaporethe interfacebetween the ABB’s response - Smart grid Scopedistrict coolingsystem and the • Complete electrical, control and instrumentationbuildings. solution • System 800xA, which monitors and controls the entire network of intake stations • Providing the operators with real-time information on network and equipment performance to fine- tune production in line with demand and energy prices • Install switchgear, transformers, motor control centers, drives and instrumentation for pressure, flow, temperature and energy metering.© ABB2011-07-19 SG_IntroABB_20110502.ppt | GF-SG | 14
  14. 14. Copenhagen’s district heating - DenmarkSecuring world class heating production Customer Metropolitan Heating Transmission Company Copenhagen Key objectives • Delivering the lowest CO2 emission generating heat at the lowest price for competing in the world’s first heating stock exchange • Possibility to incorporate all kinds of renewable energy • Providing storage capacity with large insulated tanks when there is excess power from wind and solar ABB’s response • Control and automation systems including a SCADA system with upgrades and maintenance • A high degree of automation for fast, redundant communication and operation and to free time for forecasting and planning
  15. 15. ABB project referencesFujairah combined water and power plant, UAE Country Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Project Key  Hybrid Plants  Capacity of about 660 MW gross power and 100 MIGD water production Project Key Objectives  Fuelsavings is the aim of the following optimization tools:  Load Scheduling, Hybrid Optimization  Process Optimization, MSF Optimization  RO Optimization, FD-Fan Optimization ABB Scope  4 Gas Turbines 106 MW each, with associated Heat Recovery Steam Generators and 2 Steam Turbines 119 MW each  5 Multi Stage Flash (MSF) distiller and 1 Reverse Osmosis Plant (2 stages) with total capacity of about 463.700 m³/d© ABB GroupJuly 31, 2012 | Slide 16
  16. 16. MEREGIO – Minimum Emission REGIOn - GermanyIntegrating supply and demand side Customer EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG, Germany Key objectives • Optimize spinning reserves with increased amount of renewables • Reduce transmission losses • Demand response (regulatory demand) - real time price information • Optimize electricity consumption - home automation ABB’s response - Smart grid scope • Development and installation of a complete IT system including: • Automated Meter Reading (AMR) • Remote control for distributed generation (DG) • Communication infrastructure, network control system and accounting system in a distribution network area of EnBW in Karlsruge, Germany.© ABB2011-09-23 | 17
  17. 17. Deutsche Telekom (T-Systems) – GermanyConverging power technologies and ICT: T-City Partner Deutsche Telekom (T-Systems) Key objectives • Equip power supply systems with communication solutions to better adjust supply and demand to each other • Integrate renewable energy and improve overall efficiency in the T-City of Friedrichshafen with theT-Systems, with implementation of smart grid technologiesoffices in over 20countries, ope- • Provide transparency on electricity consumptionrates informationand communi- and opportunity to control itcation technology(ICT) systems for ABB’s response – Smart grid scopemultinational • Integration of Smart Meterscorporations inall industries • Integration with home automation solutions • Virtual power plant integrating distributed co- generation plants and demand response© ABB07/31/12 Communications - Smart Grids | 18