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Linkedin - Business Model Scope (english)


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Linkedin - Business Model Scope

English version

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Linkedin - Business Model Scope (english)

  1. 1. Project MISSION BASE Date 27/01/12 30% & sales ACTIVITY OFFER Offices & IT infraestruct. Service & customer support Profile, Relatio, Groups, Feed, Answers, Tools Product development Which activities & innovation Search, Contact, Visib. Sw platform, data & contents Which resources are essential to us? ( tangible and intangible ) 25% [INV] Offices, Data centers, IT equipm. ALLIANCE ... User switching costs * Our members come How do we want to*work and walk along the way ? first. Demand excellence. * Relationships matter. * Take intelligent risks. Which principles depict us? * Open, honest and constructive. * Act like an owner. in the world.” RESOURCE Which are our main costs? ( weight, type, trend, ... Marketing) CULTURE AND VALUES What do we want our organization to become forin 5 years time? every professional professionals to make them What for? more productive and successful.” Product development Jordi Puigdellívol (***) “Create economic opportunity What fills “Connect the world’s our organization with meaning? CoR 20% (cost of revenue) COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGE v1.9 VISION COST OPERATIONS AND MARKET FLOW Version Author (s) Business Model SCOPE Linkedin Corporation €€€ Brand, patents are essential to us? ( to set up our offer and make the Marketing, business model moreSales, consistent ) Expansion, M&A Security, Analitics, Control & Reporting Inverstors & shareholders Consultants Credibility CHANNEL Online, Word of mouth Which products and/or services do we offer? ( catalogue Profile, Job and post, features ) Match, Search, Manage How do we communicate, distribute and sell? ( media, relations, manage, ... ) Online, Word of mouth, Sales force, Agencies Linkedin ADs Box, Slideshare*, WP, Amazon, Twitter ( dependence degree, type of collaboration, priority, ...) Crocodoc With who do we cooperate? Where do they add value? Google, Volume: Networking Users Which comparative advantages do we create and pursue? effects Data & content ( entry barriers, differentiation elements, one step forward ...) Traffic BENEFIT CLIENT REVENUE Pro. brand, Relat., Up-to-date, Learning, Biz opt. Professionals Premium subscription: 20% biz & sales Easily find your ideal Which benefits job do our clients Professionals seeking a (new) job Premium subscription: 'job seeker' Which are our target segments? Which are our revenue sources? ( accurate, bounded, Headhunter, HR, priorities, markets ) ( weight, trend, Subscriptions, margin, type, ... ) perceive and value the most? Easily find ( needs, problems, satisfactions, the ideal “jobs to be done”, ...) talent needed Leads & sales, Visibi, Segment, Mkt. invest. ctrl. Monster, SimplyHired SME, Institutions, Large corps. Companies, Agencies Viadeo, Xing, Ushi Growth speed 50% Specific services, Custom. Contract Marketing campaign 30% (CPM or CPC) ... or RIVALRY Access to passive candidates (***) Business model outlined by means of user knowhow, Linkedin Corporation S-1 report (SEC) and updated data on company site.