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A B2B guide to using LinkedIn.


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Chances are you’re already on LinkedIn. How do we know this? Because the platform is home to over a third of the world’s professionals (and we know that you, our readers, are a professional bunch).

And it’s likely you already know that LinkedIn is a pretty great place to make connections with other businesses, and the people who work in them. In fact, that’s probably why you signed up in the first place.

But did you know that LinkedIn is possibly the pinnacle of platforms for certain aspects of B2B marketing?

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A B2B guide to using LinkedIn.

  1. 1. How to link-up on LinkedIn. A B2B guide.
  2. 2. Your business has to connect with all the right people.
  3. 3. LinkedIn is the way to stay in the loop.
  4. 4. It is the most popular social networking site for the businesscommunity.
  5. 5. So LinkedIn for B2B: why knot?
  6. 6. Sorry, not sorry for that pun.
  7. 7. Stand by for the eight facts you need to know about the ties you can make with LinkedIn.
  8. 8. 1.
  9. 9. 60% of the UK’s students and workers are on LinkedIn.
  10. 10. So you’re connecting with large numbers of professionals (and potential professionals) at businesses all over the country.
  11. 11. 2.
  12. 12. LinkedIn is home to over a third of the world’s professionals. That’s over 450 million people.
  13. 13. Wowsers.
  14. 14. 3.
  15. 15. LinkedIn directs traffic to your website more effectively than any other social media platform.
  16. 16. Yes, really.
  17. 17. 4.
  18. 18. Halfof all users are likely to buy from a company they engage with on LinkedIn.
  19. 19. HALF
  20. 20. HALF
  21. 21. 5.
  22. 22. LinkedIn is the number-one social media platform for B2B product launches.
  23. 23. NUMERO UNO, BABY.
  24. 24. 6.
  25. 25. Almost half of all LinkedIn members are in upper-management positions.
  26. 26. You’re the boss
  27. 27. You’re the boss (probably).
  28. 28. 7.
  29. 29. 25 million LinkedIn profiles are viewed every day.
  30. 30. That’s a lot of eyes that could be looking your way.
  31. 31. 8.
  32. 32. LinkedIn is used in over 200 countries.
  33. 33. LinkedIn is used in over 200 countries. Making it easy to create a global presence.
  34. 34. Start tying connections into your network: check out our free LinkedIn fact sheet.
  35. 35. What? You need more?
  36. 36. LinkedIn is a freeplatform…
  37. 37. (And we all like FREE.)
  38. 38. It’s idealfor building a strong reputation for your brand. (as well as avoiding a ropey image).
  39. 39. And spot-on for establishing lucrative connections with other businesses.
  40. 40. It’s fantastic for driving traffic to your company website from relevant professionals.
  41. 41. Move on, non-professional time-wasters.
  42. 42. Move on, non-professional time-wasters. Nothing to see here.
  43. 43. It’s an easy way for people to recommend you to prospective clients and customers.
  44. 44. Rope in those new prospects.
  45. 45. Plus simple additions to your profile generate lots of leads.
  46. 46. Leads that you can turn into ties…
  47. 47. It’s the place to B2B.
  48. 48. Start creating a tightly knit network: discover everything you need to know.
  49. 49. So let’s get cracking on forging the links that matter to your business.
  50. 50. Have a profile that ropespeople in. 1.
  51. 51. Skills can increase traffic by 1,300%.
  52. 52. Skills can increase traffic by 1,300%. And photos can get you 14 times more views.
  53. 53. I know, right?
  54. 54. Stay ahead of industry trends to make your business stand-out as a thought leader. 2. Join groups, post updates and share interesting links.
  55. 55. Work your presence on LinkedIn to encourage recommendations and grow reach. 3.
  56. 56. So, ready to link up with LinkedIn?
  57. 57. Swing into action to boost your business: find out all the facts (and vital stats)
  58. 58. Send your knotty B2B social media questions our way.
  59. 59.