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Crowd Sourcing social media assignment.

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Crowd sourcing social media

  1. 1. AGENDA  Definition  History  Process  Common types  Leveraging Innovation through Online Idea Competitions  Crowd Sourcing Projects Characterized Bt Innovation  Crowd Sourcing Projects not Characterized by Innovation  Advantages  Disadvantages  Conclusion  Examples
  2. 2. Crowd Sourcing  Crowd Sourcing may be defined as a act of outsourcing tasks originally performed inside an Organization or assigned externally in the form of business relationship to an indefinably large , heterogeneous mass of Potential actors.  Crowd sourcing is the practice of obtaining needed services , ideas or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people , and especially from an online community rather than from traditional employees or suppliers.
  3. 3. History of Crowd Sourcing
  4. 4. Process Of Crowd Sourcing  The process of crowd sourcing always depends on the outcome desired.  Crowd sourcing has many forms based on the type of task that need to be accomplished.  Crowd sourcing happens through internet via an open call mainly for free or some times a monetary compensation.
  5. 5. Process of Crowd Sourcing(Cont’d)
  6. 6. Common Types Of Crowd Sourcing  Crowd Voting  Crowd Funding  Crowd Searching  Micro work  Macro work  Inducement Prize Contests
  7. 7. Crowd Voting  Crowd voting is a type of crowd sourcing which occurs when people are called to Vote or Voice their opinion on a particular thing. This can be either in garment industry or food products or even when selecting a wonder of the world.  Example : When “Tajmahal” was being selected or continued to be the wonder of the world there were many votes from the crowd all over the world. We can find a new one daily on Face book page . It is an ongoing process
  8. 8. Crowd Voting
  9. 9. Crowd Funding  Crowd Funding is a type of Crowd sourcing where a small amount of fund is collected from every individual or asking for donations for a global cause or monetary.  Example : when Typhoon “Haiyan” has occurred in Philippines Red cross Canada is asking for donations to help people in Philippines. People who are in need of help can be saved by donations through internet.
  10. 10. Crowd Funding
  11. 11. Crowd Searching  Crowd searching is similar to a lost and found items. When a valuable thing has lost like a pet or item or property. A virtual search can be passed by internet and many people would be searching at the same time.  Example: A Chicago based company “crowdfynd” utilizes this type of Crowd Sourcing and helps a lot of people and in this process there is no payment involved.
  12. 12. Crowd Searching
  13. 13. Micro work  This is a type of Crowd Sourcing where a small amount of payment is involved in order to complete small jobs or tasks.  On internet there are many websites which can form a perfect example for this type of activity. I myself use this type of Crowd sourcing in order to search for small cash jobs and help people.  Examples:
  14. 14. Micro work
  15. 15. Macro work  Macro work is a type of crowd sourcing where a specialized skills are involved which may be related to education or infrastructure or technology or anything.  Examples : Google help outs which was launched recently is a perfect example for this type of work . Some times they may be free but involves a professional help.
  16. 16. Inducement Prize Contests  This type of Crowd sourcing involves people to come up with their own ideas for a grand prize which may be any type of ideas depending on the company.  Example: Netflix award in 2009 IBM’s Innovation Jam Research Oriented Projects.
  17. 17. Inducement Prize Competition
  18. 18. Leveraging Innovation through Online Idea Competitions  This is similar to collecting innovative idea collections and improving the products. It works well specially in technical fields or food Industry.  In 2007 Cisco indicated its first online idea competition to collect ideas for Innovative IT solutions to ensure the suggestions offered were feasible. (cont’d)
  19. 19. Leveraging Innovation through Online Idea Competitions (cont’d)  Participants were asked to support their business plans to support their ideas. This competition allowed Cisco to get new ideas and more and more people were participating which improved Cisco's popularity as well as publicity.  Cisco has awarded the winner with $250,000 for an amazing idea in energy efficiency.  Cisco has got more than 450 investors for this project.
  20. 20. IBM’s Innovation Jam  IBM is conducting jams from the year 2001 to collect more and more innovative ideas  It involves more than 300,000 employees around the world to collect new ideas.  People from 104 countries and 67 companies participate in this event.  Every year the people participating are increasing in thousands and IBM gets more and more number of ideas.  These ideas are not only involved with technology but even Habitat, sustainability.
  21. 21. Crowd Sourcing Projects Characterized By Innovation  This type of Projects are assigned for a particular type of task and collecting Innovative ideas. There are many types of ways to solve even to solve a simple math Problem  This type involves tremendous skill or remarkable experience in a particular field.  Technological and scientific fields are major areas where we get these type of projects as Innovation and creativity is involved.
  22. 22. Crowd Sourcing Projects Characterized By Innovation (Cont’d)  Major Companies and leaders in the world like Dell even wants to know about their products and uses a website for such ideas. has been designed specially to collect Innovative ideas and solutions to their products.  this website collects new ideas for the new companies and for companies who want to change their logo.
  23. 23. Crowd Sourcing Projects not Characterized By Innovation  These type of Projects are not designed for a specific task and no special skills are involved in projects. Its more like a community help.  The best example of such projects is where people are editors and owners of the information.  is another website which allows a person to browse complete area map on surrounding by using GPS satellites and its absolutely free.
  24. 24. Crowd Sourcing Projects not Characterized By Innovation(Cont’d)  Websites like is anotehr example. In this tasks which cannot be performed by computers are provided to the crowd in order to find a user who is interested in that particular field and some times may receive a little compensation.  is an example for small jobs around the city.
  25. 25. Advantages  Access to enormous databases as thousands and thousands of people are involved.  We understand what people need as they come up with their own ideas.  More and more Innovative solutions for a problem.  Flexibility and multiple task can be accomplished in small amounts of time.  Cheaper as most of the tasks are done through internet.
  26. 26. Disadvantages  Reliability can be questioned as we may not be sure whether a solution is correct or wrong.  Some projects could be amazing but some ideas could be waste of time.  As its public there may be no control  Copyrights issue may occur.
  27. 27. Conclusion  Crowd sourcing is a new variety of value creation which is characterized by different kinds of people. Crowd sourcing might be risky sometimes but its quite effective. If a proper motivation has been done crowd sourcing can be a vital source of information and knowledge in near future.
  28. 28. Few Example Videos  I have found some of the videos which define the complete process of crowd sourcing  I am posting the links of the video.I don’t own the videos I am just using them for reference and to get a better understanding of the concept.     Disclaimer : All the credit goes to the video makers.
  29. 29. References  Business & Information Systems Engineering – Hammon , Larissa and Hippener , Hajo ,06/12, Volume 4, Issue 3,Pp163-166  Research Technology Management –Fiona , Maria Schweitzer , Walter Buchinger, Oliver Gassman , Marianna Obrist.05/12,volume 55 ,Issue 3.P32  www.  August 31,2012.  Disclaimer : In this presentation I have used certain articles as a reference all the credit goes tot eh Authors. I am using them for reference only . I don’t any rights of the material.
  30. 30. Thank You