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Northstar Bluescope Steel Maximo BIRT Case Study


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Northstar Bluescope Steel Maximo BIRT Case Study

  1. 1. Case StudyNorth Star BlueScope Steel Selects BIRTto Improve Operational Efficiency andLeverage IBM Maximo > CompaNy profile Joint venture between BlueScope“When I saw a demo of tools Actuate provided, I knew right away it would increase visibility of our Steel and Cargill Incessential operations and help the management team run the business with improved operationalefficiency and agility. Establishing a single reporting framework and dashboards became a top > iNduStry Manufacturingpriority for our development staff.” — Miguel Alvarez, NSBSL President > loCatioN Delta, OhioNorth Star BlueScope Steel LLC (NSBSL) is resulted in information remaining in silosa steel manufacturer that prides itself on throughout the organization” states Brian > ChalleNgeSits safety, track record of on-time delivery Baird, a Certified Maintenance and Reliability • Lack centralized and stan-performance and customer satisfaction. But Professional at NSBSL. dard business intelligenceNSBSL began to struggle to achieve these • Need to provide easy-to-use, NSBSL executives and management wantedobjectives without a standard business self-service BI capabilities a unified view and understanding of theintelligence (BI) solution to empower its • Enhance visibility into business operations. However, NSBSL didemployees and management team. operations not have a solution that could collect this • Leverage data in Maximo andNSBSL leverages IBM Maximo® Asset information and deliver it in an integrated, other related systemsManagement to manage asset life cycle easy-to-use format. NSBSL employees hadand maintenance, work orders, inventory, to follow manual processes which were > SolutioNpurchasing and accounts payable. Critical time consuming and error prone in order to Integrate Actuate’s open sourcebusiness information resides in the Maximo bring the information together for analysis. based BIRT with IBM Maximo andsystem, as well as in multiple other enterprise And management often did not know the other applicationsapplications. source of the information collected and what assumptions were used when analyzing theChallenges > BeNefitS data. • Empower users with unified“We have a very hands-on, entrepreneurial “We needed a solution that would empower dashboards, self-service BIculture, such that if an employee is asked to people to do their jobs by providing the right • Facilitate sound, timelycomplete a task, they just figure it out and information when they need it, where they are business decisionsget the job done. However, this environment and in the form required to get the job done,” • Speed time to marketimpacts our standardization efforts, and has recalls Baird.
  2. 2. Case Study: North Star BlueScope Steelthe Solution Business users can take advantage of easy- to-use ad hoc reporting to manipulateNSBSL selected BIRT (Business Intelligence existing or create new reports, withoutand Reporting Tools) technology from relying on IT or expecting users to developActuate to provide a unified business high-level technical skills.intelligence (BI) framework for IBM Maximo “We wanted to gather alland other mission-critical systems. “Actuate’s a phased approach NSBSL will roll out the Actuate BIRT business intelligence in oneopen framework, using BIRT, allows us topull in data from any source and leverage solution to its users in multiple phases. In framework. No other solutionour investment in Maximo, as well as any the first phase, NSBSL is partnering with brought everything togetherpertinent business data from our ERP and Actuate Professional Services to develop like Actuate and BIRT.”process systems. With the other BI tools we an enterprise deployment strategy, and integrate Actuate BIRT with Maximo version - Brian Baird, CMRP,considered, it was much more difficult to pulldata from multiple systems,” states Baird. 6 and the ERP system to deliver intelligence Application Development and wherever the user is working - from the Support EngineerNSBSL selected Actuate based on the Maximo user interface, Microsoft SharePoint,following criteria: the Actuate Information Console, or a• Ability to leverage IBM Maximo investment component in a dashboard (see fig. 1). with proven track record of integration In the future phases, NSBSL will replace• Interactive dashboards for all staff levels its other reporting solutions with Actuate• Ease of use and minimal/zero training BIRT, enabling NSBSL to display data from• Flexible development options and access multiple sources on a single interface—from to any data source IBM Maximo to real-time feeds on electricity• Strong customer support and usage, weather or other systems. collaboration NSBSL will make the solution available toNSBSL is replacing multiple, disparate all of its 350 employees—from executives,reporting solutions with a single, standard purchasing, operations and qualityBI framework comprised of value-added engineering managers—to external usersfunctionality from Actuate and the open such as third party vendors and customerssource BIRT reporting platform (Actuate (see fig. 2).BIRT). NSBSL will deliver actionable BI toits users through interactive dashboardswith KPIs and operational reports. 2 Figure 1: BI Framework with Actuate BIRT: Multiple Access Points and Data Sources, without a Data Warehouse
  3. 3. Case Study: North Star BlueScope SteelBenefits facilitate sound, timely business decisions by giving management insight where andempower business users with dashboards when they need it, using the BIRT Interactiveand ad hoc reporting through a unified Viewer and dashboard technology to filterBi framework. NSBSL plans to arm its information. Management can access richemployees with actionable information intelligence in patterns and benchmarks that “The BIRT designer isbased on their roles and security levels. Ad can be used to optimize the manufacturing process and avert errors. Users can straightforward to learnhoc reporting enables them to find conciseanswers from large quantities of data—fast. determine which perspective helps them and has a large on-line userAnd the Actuate solution will provide insight do their job better, and IT will not have to community, active on BIRTthroughout the extended enterprise, from change or add data sources or data sets to Exchange, that got me upsuppliers to customers to partners. meet their needs. and reporting on several reduce time to value since BIRT requires databases quickly.” minimal training but produces powerful - Matt Morris, Reliability results. The Actuate solution provides ad hoc reporting and the ability to modify Maximo Engineer, NSBSL reports without SQL or database skills, reducing reliance on IT. According to Baird, “Our engineers learned how to write reports in BIRT from an Actuate road show. Actuate BIRT is rich in functionality yet still easy to use. And, our users just get it.” Next Steps NSBSL plans to continue its phased rollout, upgrading from Maximo version 6 to version 7. The Actuate BIRT framework ensures smooth migration without disruption in Figure 2: Securely delivering information to a Maximo reporting. NSBSL will complete broad community of users conversion of its ERP reporting to Actuate BIRT to further unify the reporting process.provide standards and promote regulatory NSBSL also plans to push BIRT contentcompliance by having ready access to data to mobile devices and meet EHS, OSHArequired by auditors. Actuate will help and regulatory compliance requirements.NSBSL standardize business and reporting According to Baird, “BIRT has providedprocesses to prepare for and satisfy the the flexibility, ease-of-use and powerfulneeds of auditors. “BIRT will be the standard functionality that NSBSL needs for itsfor any reporting done at NSBSL. Everyone standard business intelligence solution. Wewill use the same solution and speak the are excited to expand our use of Actuatesame language,” states Baird. “This ensures BIRT and improve operating efficiency goingthat the data is accurate and that we are forward.”delivering a single source of the truth,regardless of what database or applicationthe data resides in.” 3
  4. 4. Case Study: North Star BlueScope Steelabout NSBSl actuate - the people behind Birt Actuate founded and co-leads the EclipseNorth Star BlueScope Steel (NSBSL) is a BIRT open source project. ActuateOne50-50 joint venture between BlueScope is a unified suite of products for rapidlySteel (Melbourne, Australia) and Cargill Inc. developing and deploying BIRT-based(Minneapolis, MN). The facility is strategically custom Business Intelligence applicationslocated to deliver hot rolled bands to coil and information applications. Applicationsprocessors, cold roll strip producers, original built with ActuateOne provide one userequipment manufacturers, steel pipe and experience regardless of task or skilltube industry and steel service centers. The level; are supported by one server for anytechnology used at NSBSL allows a rapid deployment including cloud and are builtconversion of scrap steel into hot rolled with one BIRT design that can access andcoils. The company is dedicated to achieving integrate any data source - including highexcellence in safety, quality, on-time delivery volume print streams. ActuateOne adds richperformance and customer satisfaction. data visualizations, including interactivity, dashboards, analytics, and deployment options to web and mobile BIRT applications, helping organizations drive revenue through higher customer satisfaction and improved operational performance. Actuate has over 4,600 customers globally in a diverse range of business areas including financial services and the public sector. Founded in 1993, Actuate is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with offices worldwide. Actuate is listed on NASDAQ under the symbol BIRT. For more information, visit the company’s web site at or visit the BIRT community at actuate Corporation Tel: (888) 422-8828 2207 Bridgepointe Parkway Web: Suite 500 4 San Mateo, CA 94404