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Smarter Datacenter - Sanjeev Gupta

  1. 1. 22nd – 24th November 2012, JaipurSmarter DatacenterSanjeev GuptaIBM Datacenter Services
  2. 2. IBM has built over 30 M sq feet of raised floor globally for clientsand own or manage over 8 M sq feet. IBM investments aretransforming the data center Cumulative benefit of $4 billion over 5 years IBM Data Center and IT For every dollar invested, saw a $4 cumulative benefit. Rationalization Consolidate and virtualize 4,300 servers onto ~30 IBM System z™ mainframes Invest $1 B to accelerate green technologies and services Double compute capacity in data centers we own or Project manager without increasing power consumption Big Green Save 5 B kilowatt hours per year Applied same lessons to thousand of customers RTP was engineered for cloud computing IBM Family of Instrumented, integrated and intelligent data center management Modular Data Centers IBMs new center "as close to state-of-the-art as I have seen.” David Cappuccio, Chief of Research for Infrastructures, Gartner, Data Centers Go Green Cloud-enabled 1200 users in China Dev Lab workplace cloud on demand IT Up to 40% savings in storage costs with network coude 2
  3. 3. Data Center Services can help customers respond to thesechallenges Future proof existing Rationalize the data Flexible Design to be data center center infrastructure responsive to change. infrastructure. across the company. Double IT capacity or Improve operational Pay as you grow by deferring reduce operational efficiencies while reducing 40-50% of capital and expenses by 50%. operational expenses by 50%. operational costs. Integrated Management of IT and data center operations. Lower operational costs up to 20%. 3
  4. 4. Leadership Data Centers are Smarter : Designed to meet existing needs with the flexibility to respond to future unknowns in business requirements, technology and computing models Leverage cost-effective approaches to optimize assets to improve operational efficiency – including hardware, software, data centers and people and processes Require active monitoring and management capability to provide the operational insights to meet the required availability, capacity planning and energy efficiency. Implemented end- to- end to achieve desired outcomes and enhanced value4
  5. 5. Unique innovations in Data Center infrastructureIBM’s investments in Research yield path breaking technologies in the datacenter industry Rear Door Heat Mobile Portable modular Enterprise modular Exchanger (RDHx) Measurement data center (PMDC) data center (EMDC) Technology (MMT) Data Center Analytics (ALDM) Cool upto 30kW per Visualize cooling to Implement any Flexible capabilities Map dependencies rack identify issues and where, any climate over 20 years to better plan Reduce energy fix Continuous 18x power and cooling relocation consumption on Reduce up-to 20% operations during growth Minimize complexity cooling by over 50% of energy IT maintenance Defer 40-50% of and risk in data consumption of the ISO shipping CapEx and OpEx cost center relocation data center containers enable global portability5
  6. 6. Change is accelerating … IT demand Cost pressures Need for flexibility82M Servers installed by 2013 75% Of CIO’s anticipate 70¢ Of every $1 is spent on maintaining a strongly centralized existing environment Server workloads infrastructure 20% have been in 5 years virtualized Of data centers are 71% > 7 years old650% Storage growth by 2012 Increase 2-3% forecast for Disk storage is IT spending 5-60% Of IT workloads<30% used effectively may be cloud-enabled6
  7. 7. You experience the barriers of time, cost and risk today Aligning IT and business goals Business Goals Grow top and IT Reality bottom line by: • Driving business innovation Getting Up and Running • 2-3 months to specify and procure • Make new markets • 2-3 months to integrate, configure • Respond to competitive and deploy threats • Enhance the customer experience Development Operations • 3-6 months to go from development to production Ongoing Effort • 1-3 months to troubleshoot and tune Typical Results: • Ongoing effort and downtime to • 34% of new IT projects deploy late maintain, scale and upgrade • 55% experience application downtime for major infrastructure upgrades once deployedFrom a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of IBM
  8. 8. Top reasons for upgrading Server RoomsMid-size businesses have an opportunity to optimize their server roominfrastructure• Most server rooms were not designed to keep pace with modern complement of fully virtualized servers and consolidated storage• Decrease real estate costs, through space saving server room designs that support denser, smaller foot prints of servers & storage• Increased air-conditioning efficiency to reduce energy consumption & costs• Decreased maintenance and management costs through automationSource:
  9. 9. Integrated design approach can optimize space and efficiency Applying a tried & tested concept of Blade systems to evolve the Integrated Server Room 19” rack Deploy any standard mount equipment, Servers, Deploy standard Blade Storage, Networking components, Servers, Storage, etc Redundant Blowers for Cooling Redundant Power Sources
  10. 10. Presenting the Integrated Server Room 1. No raised floor required 2. 800mmx1000mm racks 2100mm height 3. Electrical input panel 4. UPS system 9 5. Close coupled indoor unit for 6 air-conditioning 2 6. Outdoor unit for air- 7 8 conditioning 12 12 7. Fire detection & Novec based 10 suppression 5 12 12 8. Central monitoring system 3 4 9. Surveillance & automated 11 recording of video 10. Access control options for 1 Rack door 11. 100mm plinth for racks 12. IT equipments, Servers, Storage, networking, etc
  11. 11. Rapid Deployment of ISR in any building environment in 6-8 weeksfrom order placementCompute capacity• Hosting 2/4/6 IT racks in any indoor space• Support long-term computing needs while decreasing operating costs• Supports densities between 3.5kW and 7kWAvailability• Complete server room infrastructure including power, cooling, UPS, batteries, fire & security systems, IT racks, networking, and remote monitoring• Environmentally protected & secure operational environment• High availability designs (N+N) for UPS and coolingCosts• Uses 50% lesser space and can be deployed in ¼th of time as compared to traditional server room design & build methods• Decrease real estate costs with deployment in any office area other than basement and terrace of a building• Incorporates best practices from international standards like IBM Reliability Levels, ASHRAE TC 9.9, NFPA 75 etc11
  12. 12. Integrated Server Room – configuration optionsDesign configurations are flexible to meet installation requirements Configured inside 2 IT racks. Provides 10kVA N+N redundant power Cooling redundancy is N+N . Includes Video security, Fire detection & suppression Rack access control options with Key lock, smart card as well as PIN pad Centralized monitoring over TCP/IP for the total solution Up to 55U usable space for IT Configured inside 4 IT racks. Provides 20kVA N+N redundant power Cooling redundancy is N+N . Includes Video security, Fire detection & suppression Rack access control options with Key lock, smart card as well as PIN pad Centralized monitoring over TCP/IP for the total solution Up to 118U usable space for IT Configured inside 6 IT racks. Provides 30kVA N+N redundant power Cooling redundancy is N+N . Includes Video security, Fire detection & suppression Rack access control options with Key lock, smart card as well as PIN pad Centralized monitoring over TCP/IP for the total solution Up to 177U usable space for IT
  13. 13. Integrated Server Room features Energy efficient high density capable close coupled cooling Close coupled cooling architecture improves efficiency of cooling. Super digital inverter facilitates demand based capacity modulation and saves up to 40% energy as compared to traditional technologies Utilizes green refrigerant R410A High sensible cooling with high CFM evaporator design Excellent separation of hot and cold air paths, increases return air temp, thus improving air conditioning efficiency Space optimized UPS system Compact rack mounted design, including rear mounted PDU High efficiency of upto 94% even at half load Remote monitoring using SNMP card built in Large input voltage range 160V to 280V 15 minutes backup at design load Factory integrated battery packs with improved reliability 13 IBM Site and Facilities Services – SMSR overview | July 2009
  14. 14. Integrated Server Room features Fire detection and Novec based suppression system Automatic extinguishing with the extinguisher gas NOVEC 1230, which is eco-friendly and harmless to humans and IT Minimal space requirements with just one U per enclosure Active smoke extraction system and therefore early fire detection Monitoring & Video surveillance system Video surveillance and monitoring to record human activity. Monitors temperature, Potential free contacts, water leakage, SNMP devices Automated alerts can be configured in various formats Video recordings can be digitally signed to prevent tampering/alterations Optional access control for Racks Comes with unique key lock for each Rack as standard Option for transponder based and code lock based access control Transponder / code lock reports access information over SNMP14 IBM Site and Facilities Services – | July 2012
  15. 15. A complete server room solution from site assessment to handover Assess Plan Configure Ship & Commission Implement Verify existing Detailed Data center fit-up, site conditions planning and Procure integration and handover Is the space identified Choose an appropriate Receive Warehouse Shipments suitable with respect ISR model Design to at Customer Site and store. to adequate meet client Prepare site for quick, easy clearances ? requirement. installation of ISR model. Approve Project plan Mobilize contractor specialist Is stable power and communicate to teams and perform Site available for the ISR ? stakeholders installation as per activities Is space for Mobilize and Procure sequence. installation of outdoor vendor components Establish monitoring condenser units capabilities. available ? Start-up and test ISR before Sign-off Customer hand-over. requirement Train Customer Operation team
  16. 16. Integrated Server Room is a standard and highlyavailable IT critical infrastructure solution Solution Features Uses Complete, fully functional, stand-alone data center Production Hosted in standard office floor other than building data center basements and terrace IBM Space optimized high quality design Integrated DR Set-up Server Designed for low to medium power density H/w Room technology environment Design capabilities supports high availability, energy efficiency, low noise and scalability using 2,4 & 6 rack Project configurations. based Server Quick to deploy data center (in 7 -10 days) Room
  17. 17. Integrated Server RoomDemo Unit for 2 Rack solution
  18. 18. Executive Summary• Simplify Server/IT hardware deployment with Pre-Designed Integrated Server Room system• Provide data center capacity when and where you need it: – Completely integrated solution providing UPS, Fire detection & suppression, Air- conditioning, Surveillance and Centralized i/p based monitoring of the complete solution. – Reduce the deployment time from months to weeks – Conserve valuable real estate, with 50% less space for the system• Provide the appropriate level of availability to support your business needs – Modular approach provides easy scalability of the solution in blocks of 2/4 racks – Available with redundant UPS and cooling capacity – Supports IT requirements of low density as well as Blade Servers• Optimize data center capital and operating costs – Solution in-a-box concept, eliminates site work and room dependencies – Flexible installation options from offices, commercial spaces to factory sheds – Ideal platform for multi-location and remote infrastructures for IT deployments• Key Technology Partner : Rittal Germany and APC An Integrated Server Room that saves up to 50% of the floor space, and up to 30% of the energy, and enables you to deploy IT in any building space.
  19. 19. 19 IBM Site & Facilities Services
  20. 20. IBM Datacenter Site Services in IndiaDeep expertise in Design & Built•Designed and build over 30 million square feet of raised floor for IBM Client in 40 countries.•Built over 500,000 sq ft of raised floor area for over 170+ clients in India•Completed first of its kind near Tier 4 datacenter build, in the region for an India client•Over a period of last 10 years, IBM has helped over 15+ financial sector clients in India, build their DC& DR totaling 1,63,000 sq.ft.•Larger team of Datacenter certified professionals (CDCS,CDCP) in IndiaCombination of Global & Local strength•Strong local presence.•Dedicated team of 500+ experts globally.•Strong reusable intellectual assets built on IBM best practices of 35 years – (Energy efficiency tool,Thermal analysis SW etc)Technology depth•Implementation experience 15 + Green Datacenter•Extensive implementation experience of multiple industry leading technologies in datacenter powerand cooling.•We have learned what works … because we use it•Leading provider of server and storage technologies