Planning and Scheduling in Maximo: Best Practices and Coming Enhancements


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Planning and Scheduling in Maximo: Best Practices and Coming Enhancements

  1. 1. © 2013 IBM CorporationPlanning andScheduling in Maximo:Best Practices andComing EnhancementsJames Cooper, European Technical Leader[ Copenhagen, 28th May ]
  2. 2. 11Please noteIBM’s statements regarding its plans, directions, and intent are subject to change orwithdrawal without notice at IBM’s sole discretion.Information regarding potential future products is intended to outline our general productdirection and it should not be relied on in making a purchasing decision.The information mentioned regarding potential future products is not a commitment, promise,or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality. Information about potentialfuture products may not be incorporated into any contract. The development, release, andtiming of any future features or functionality described for our products remains at our solediscretion.Performance is based on measurements and projections using standard IBM benchmarks ina controlled environment. The actual throughput or performance that any user will experiencewill vary depending upon many factors, including considerations such as the amount ofmultiprogramming in the user’s job stream, the I/O configuration, the storage configuration,and the workload processed. Therefore, no assurance can be given that an individual userwill achieve results similar to those stated here.
  3. 3. 22What is Maximo Scheduler?A set of Maximo applications where users can: Schedule work orders, tasks and PM forecasts graphically Assign labor/crew to work orders and tasks Dispatch crew to work locations to perform work
  4. 4. 33What is Maximo Scheduler?MaximoMaximo SchedulerIs installed whenMaximo 7.x isinstalled (richerfunctions on7.5.x)Enabled by theScheduler license keyScheduler is anadd-on productto Maximo
  5. 5. 44History - Scheduler 7.1 & 7.1.1Gantt View to visualize work orders and tasks- Drag & drop work orders & tasks- Manage dependencies- Perform CPM- View resource load and availabilityWork Orders- Date constraints- Task dependenciesScheduler 7.1Gantt View to visualize PM forecasts- View and manage future PMs and Work Orders- View resource load and availability for both future PMsand Work OrdersWork Orders- Bulk Reschedule- Assignment Manager tab in Work Order applicationScheduler 7.1.1
  6. 6. 55Current Version - What makes up Scheduler 7.5.1 ?Investing in the natural evolution of our current products in a direction desired byour customersEnhancements to Scheduler•Graphical Assignment/Dispatching•Provision of standard Work Order actions•Additional Resources•Assets/Locations•Labor•Tools•Materials•Schedule ComplianceEnhancements to Maximo•Service Addresses•Public Map UI Control•CrewsMaximo Everyplace role based templates
  7. 7. 6Scheduler Application Screen Shot
  8. 8. 77 It is also a means to view labor availability (vacation, overtime, previousassignments etc..) and make labor assignments It is a Dispatching application where the location of Crews and Labor,and the progress of work can all be monitored It is Maximo Everyplace templatesdesigned to make the job of the fieldtechnician all that much easierScheduler is now not just a planning & schedulingtool !Scheduler – Revised Approach to Work Mgmt.
  9. 9. 88Target users..• Defines and adjusts labor/crew availability along with resource leveling• Capacity Planning• Assigns work orders to resources• Continuously optimizes the schedule as the operational environment changes• Sequence and route work assignments based on geographyScheduler/Planner• Monitor field resources and work order progress and status• Monitor the location of field resources compared to open orders• Enter status and complete work orders on behalf of technicians whodont have mobile devices• Sequence and route ongoing work assignments based on geography andoptimizationDispatcher• Supervisor approves and assigns work on mobile devices• Receive work orders in the field and provide real time status updates todispatch• Complete, edit and approve work orders on mobile devices along withviewing work on a map with optimal driving directions• Notify dispatch of potentially dangerous situations, incomplete workField Technician
  10. 10. 99Scheduler• Create Schedule• Forecast Work, Resource Demand / AvailabilityGraphicalAssignment• Make Assignments• View availability (incl. breaks, vacation), Validate Craft/Skill,Dispatching• Assigned Routes visible &editable in a map• Assign new work based on crew proximityCommunication• Field tech can view assigned route & work• Update work status & progressWork Management hand off
  11. 11. 101Functionality & Use Cases by Role
  12. 12. 111Planners & Schedulers
  13. 13. 121The ability to show Target, Scheduled and Actual Dates on the Ganttchart Allows Planners & Schedulers to get a view of how work isprogressing, and the affect of the progress on related workScheduler Compliance
  14. 14. 131Asset & Location Availability
  15. 15. 141Other Resource Availability tab shows: Maintenance/Operational/Calendar availability of Asset and Location Material Availability for planned materials Shows required quantity vs available quantity Green bar shows materials are available, red bar shows materials are unavailable Planners & Schedulers know when not to schedule work based on materialavailabilityMaterial Availability
  16. 16. 151Work Order Actions• Allow status changes onmultiple work orders/tasksAdditional Toolbar Buttons• Zoom to Week• Go To Day• Constrain horizontal scrolling tothe date range containing work• Filter resources based onselected work orders• Show/Hide Compliance• Full ScreenAdditional Actions
  17. 17. 161Calculate costs within schedule by week, month and year Illustrate Committed and Saved Estimated Labor, Materials, Servicesand Tools, as well as Actual Labor, Materials, Service and Tools Allows budget adherenceSchedule Cost
  18. 18. 171Shop Floor Resource Planners
  19. 19. 181New application aimed at the process of assigning work to people– Similar UI to Scheduler Gantt view for consistency– Helps the Planner & Scheduler see non work time for a resource, as well as assignments made by otherForemen beyond the bounds of their schedule… eliminates duplicate labor assignmentsGraphical Assignment
  20. 20. 191Graphical Assignment
  21. 21. 202Allows the Foreman to: Split Work According to Shifts, might be used if extending duration of theassignment across an end of shift Split Work, once split can drag second assignment to add a time gap Split Work into Three Records, creates two additional assignments Create Assignment Delete AssignmentMaking an Assignment
  22. 22. 212Dispatchers
  23. 23. 222Graphical Assignment – Dispatch View Create Street-Level Routes for your mobile field workforce to view work on the Dispatch View tab in GraphicalAssignment.Calendar View Map View
  24. 24. 232Graphical Assignment – Dispatch Calendar ViewGrey Line - Calendar Breaks – setup in Calendar ApplicationLight Grey Area – labor/crewAvailability – set up in Gantt View –Modify Person/Crew availabilityAssignments with TravelTimeFilter Button – Highlight the Resources youwant to focus on and click Filter button – onlythose resource will show in the list.
  25. 25. 242Graphical Assignment – Dispatch Map ViewWork Symbology –show markers basedon Route, Status,Priority and WorkType.Unassigned WOs – showUnassigned WOs on the mapbased on Work List Query.Nearby Labor and Crews–show resources geo-locationon the map.
  26. 26. 252Field Technicians
  27. 27. 262Maximo Everyplace Work List
  28. 28. 272Everyplace Map View Section – Street Level RouteStreet-level Route withassigned Work Ordersfor the Labor or Crew.
  29. 29. 282Everyplace Work Order Labor Bookings Start and Stop Timers– Start Timer allows you to automaticallyset work order to INPRG.– If a member of a Crew is logged in willcreate a labor transaction for eachmember of the crew.– Each transaction is still editable afterthe fact until WO is set to Complete.– Stop Timer allows you to set WOStatus to Complete.
  30. 30. 292Next Release - Optimization
  31. 31. 303Why Scheduler Optimization?Planner / Schedulermanually creates anoptimal scheduleManually leverage thebenefits of Scheduler 7.5.1Supervisor manually performsassignments for all work ordersand tasks within the scheduleManually leverages the benefits ofGraphical Assignments appl. inScheduler 7.5.1Dispatcher monitors current andincoming work & assigns based onmany org specific criteria. Manuallyadjusts resource schedulesaffected by new assignmentsManually manages a dynamicResource and Crew schedule in theDispatching appl. in Scheduler 7.5.1• Quicker schedule creation• Greater schedule accuracyand compliance.• Reduction in Servicesrequired to supplementresources.BenefitsSchedule automatically createdCapacity planning and resourceleveling models based onasset/location availability, resourceconstraintsLabor and/or Crewsautomatically assigned toschedulesAssignment optimization modeluses Craft, Skill and Crew Typeand vacation data to optimallyassign Resources or CrewsIncoming work automatically assignedto Labor or Crews based onorganizational prioritiesUses Dynamic Scheduling optimizationmodel to accommodate incoming workrespecting organizational priorities tooptimize routes, assignments, andproductivity• Major efficiency gain by freeingthe Dispatcher from having toshuffle resource routes toaccommodate incoming work.• Optimizes work and travel timeto maximize productivity.Current ApproachScheduler 7.5.1Streamlines the entire work management process!• Huge efficiency gains byeliminating routine repetitiveassignment action.• Allows Supervisor to adjustthe assignments rather thanmake them.Our intentwith a new approachScheduler V.x
  32. 32. 313Our Intent with Scheduler Optimization Models…Capacity PlanningAdjusts craft, skill and crew type availability toexecute as best as possible the work as required(overutilization and underutilization periods arepossible). Gaps are identified.Resource LevellingWork orders are scheduled within their allowed timewindow to minimize overutilization andunderutilization.Craft, skill and crew type availabilityCraft, skill and crew type availability(1) Long/Medium Term Planning(2) Medium/Short Term PlanningResourceAssignmentScheduled work ordersSpecific workers are assigned to the activities to fulfilthe craft or crew type requirement.Dynamic WorkSchedulingDynamically assign emergency work orders tolabor/crews and reassign/reschedule affected workorders.Named resources availability withspecific craft, skill set, crew type andlocation.Specific resources with required craft,skill set, crew type for a given geographiclocation.(3) Short Term Planning(4) Short Term PlanningEmergent work orders
  33. 33. 323Base enhancement - Highlighted Edited RecordsWork rows will be highlighted when the work order has been editedRight-click action available to commit only selected rows that have beenedited.
  34. 34. 333Optimization Processing OptionsA resource leveling scenario allows foreground or background processinga cron for timing the run on a recurring basisvarious user inputs based on the type of criteria for the problem being resolved
  35. 35. 343Compare SchedulesThe new Compare View lets the planner see the differences between any 2 scenariosincluding the current scheduleRed indicates a difference in a work orders schedule datesA previous/next button scrolls through the differences. A filter button filters the view to justthe differences
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