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BI FirstBank


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Published in: Technology
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BI FirstBank

  1. 1. Choosing the Right BI Platform Ryan Buerger IT Manager,Enterprise Content & Collaboration FirstBank Denver, Colorado
  2. 2. Agenda• The Lay of the Land• Goals and Objectives• Things to Know Before Your Start• BI Platform Selection Process• Real-World Benefits• Questions & Answers
  3. 3. The Layof the Land
  4. 4. FirstBankDenver, Colorado• Second largest bank by deposits in Colorado• Focus on consumer banking• Over $11 billion in assets• Founded in 1963• Over 125 locations in Colorado, Arizona, and
  5. 5. Technical Challenges• Multiple BI systems• Platform-dependent reports• Developers created new reports based on the tool they knew• Java and Windows teams couldn’t use each other’s applications• Difficult to maintain reports• Complex integration with in- house applications• Reports routed via email and network drives
  6. 6. Environment• Windows and Java• Internal data sources only• Everything lived in database, data warehouse, or web services• LDAP with authentication via Active Directory• Oracle Advanced Security• Entire environment virtualized with VMware
  7. 7. Requirements• Broad database, driver, programming interface, and export support• Add and convert applications easily and quickly• Improve report return time from minutes to seconds• Meet scalability needs of organization over time• Improve time to market on all new reports
  8. 8. Goals andObjectives
  9. 9. ObjectiveDon’t get distractedby shiny objectsBig Data, Mobile, other BIconcepts and buzzwordsthat grab attention, butdon’t align with yoursituation, diverting focusfrom the task at hand.
  10. 10. ObjectiveRender old platformsobsolete andconsolidate themEliminate platforms to: • Speed development • React quickly to change • Reduce support and maintenance costs
  11. 11. ObjectiveReduce reportintegration complexitySpeed applicationdevelopment andintegration by reducing dataintegration and UIcomplexities
  12. 12. Things toKnow Before You Start
  13. 13. Know YourData Sources• Web Service• Direct Database• Data Warehouse• Programming Objects• LDAP• XML• Flat File
  14. 14. Know YourBusiness Process• Application development• Analytics• Static reports• Documents and disclosures• Self service
  15. 15. Know Your Audience• Programmers• UI developers• Report developers• Business users• Partners
  16. 16. The BIPlatformSelection Process
  17. 17. Evaluation LessonsAsk developers—withno training—to createvarious reports usingeach platform
  18. 18. Evaluation ScorecardsDevelop evaluationmetrics and completescorecards for eachreport on each platform
  19. 19. BI Platform Scorecard• Data sources required• Report scheduling and bursting• WYSIWYG editor• Types of report builders• APIs• Output types• Parameter support• Licensing and costs• Training and services• Vendor and product stability
  20. 20. Timeline2009-2010 Evaluated BI platformsSummer 2010 Gathered requirements and created plansDecember 2011 First production reportsMarch 2012 First Windows appsJune 2012 First Java apps
  21. 21. Preliminary EvaluationBI Platforms XML Solutions• Actuate • LogiXML• MicroStrategy • Stylus Studio• Business Objects• Cognos• Jaspersoft Analyst Reports Gartner and Forrester Technical Evaluation• Downloaded trial versions and public documentation• Narrowed to MicroStrategy and Actuate• Selected Actuate
  22. 22. Why FirstBankSelected Actuate• Scalability• Report performance• Java and JavaScript APIs• Web Services• WYSIWYG design tools Sample Reports 2 days with Actuate2 weeks with MicroStrategy
  23. 23. Security ArchitectureToken IC2 Thick Token Token IPSE Token Client App Username Database IPass-through P Java R E S T R I IC2 iServer C Username ASP.Net T IPSE RSSE Directory I O NSSO/Basic Authentication IC2 Web SSO SSO IPSE SSO Browser User/Pass Username Directory
  24. 24. Reports Embedded in SharePoint
  25. 25. EarlyResults UsingActuate
  26. 26. Enterprise ReportingImplementation 2200 users across the entire companyWindows • Loan request system • Point-of-sale tool for bank officers • Back office centralized loan processingJava • Account cross-sell application
  27. 27. Anti-MoneyLaundering SystemFirstBank users:• Run daily and weekly reports to verify activity• Navigate directly to reports through iServer portal• View reports in Information Console
  28. 28. Loan Tracking System• Tracks loans in process, who is involved and what is still needed• Users include 100s of branch reps, officers and back office staff
  29. 29. Cross-Sell Reports• Recommends other products when bank reps open accounts and sell products• Users include branch workers, tellers, managers, marketing, new account reps
  30. 30. Future Plans• Add 10 to 12 more apps by end of year• Convert or eliminate all non-Actuate reports including 200 Crystal reports• Build Personal Financial Management System• Provide user self-service platform• Support mobile devices
  31. 31. Real-World Benefitswith Actuate
  32. 32. Development Benefits• App specialists focus on their apps, not building reports• Reports integrated into apps quickly and without extra development• Multi-source support reduced reports required• BIRT Exchange provided pre-built components
  33. 33. Business Benefits• Faster time to market for new systems• Report wait reduced from 10 minutes to seconds• Multiple-source reports more usable• More work done with same number of people• Lower support and training costs from platform consolidation
  34. 34. Lessons Learned• Consolidate similar BI functionality onto one platform• Focus on areas that affect everyone• Give developers reports to implement on each platform you evaluate• Use evaluation scorecards• Understand licensing and hardware issuesKeep your eyes on the prize and prioritize
  35. 35. Questions & Answers Ryan
  36. 36. Choosing the Right BI Platform THANK YOU Ryan