Success stories and recommendations from IBM clients


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The National Registration Department of
Malaysia (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara
Malaysia, or JPN) is the government agency
responsible for registering important demographic
events. To expedite statistical queries
and requests for data extraction from governmental
entities, JPN custom-built an application
referred to as the Statistics and Data Extraction
Request Management System (SAL). Although
the application was designed to automatically
manage, calculate and distribute responses to
data requests, the underlying hardware platform
was woefully inadequate for the task and
frequently bogged down.

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Success stories and recommendations from IBM clients

  1. 1. IBM Systems and TechnologySuccess stories andrecommendations from IBM clientsFind out how organizations are taking bold, new approaches todramatically improve economics and innovation through IT efficiency. ENTER »
  2. 2. Success stories and recommendations from IBM clients « BACK | NEXT »1 2 3 4 5Enable a Consolidate Optimize Innovate Bank onsmarter workloads business with Smarterplanet and servers applications cloud ComputingLook beyond the Gain control of the Open new horizons Unlock the potential for Meet today’s businesstraditional IT bound- infrastructure through for SAP by simplifying innovation with an inte- needs and prepare foraries to meet business consolidation and operations and grated cloud solution the unpredictable futureobjectives virtualization managementThis document contains embedded videos; you may receive security warnings asking you if you wish to allow the program to access the internet to play the videos. If you allow that access, the videos will play on the page. You can also clickthe link to view the videos in a web browser.
  3. 3. Success stories and recommendations from IBM clients « BACK | NEXT » Smarter Computing: Enabling a smarter planet. competitive advantage by doing business in a generate real-time insights up and down the“Ultimately, as CIOs, CEOs, and whole new way. The challenge for IT is clear: value chain. As such, organizations expect IT, Improve responsiveness, reduce costs, and more than anything else, to be a provider of CTOs you have to have a vision. boost productivity. Successful business leaders industry-wide solutions to support imperative You are very much judged on your are helping their organizations adapt to the business initiatives. ability, your operational abilities. accelerating change and complexity that mark The smarter, more successful companies are If you can’t provide proper quality today’s competitive and economic landscape. those that design their IT infrastructures to of service you don’t have a job. But CIOs and CTOs are tackling new business create new opportunities. In this new era of those are easy. The really hard requirements head-on and expect IT and line of smarter computing, you can deploy IBM tech- thing to do is what you don’t know. business managers to work together to: nologies that are managed in a cloud, tuned to the task and designed for data—all deployed Whatever is coming up next month ● Refine business processes and enhance within a single, integrated system. or next year? Can you respond?” collaboration ● Streamline operations and increase The IBM Smarter Computing Workload —Bob Goodman organizational effectiveness Simulator shows you the potential cost savings Senior Database Administrator Florida Hospital ● Improve the industry value chain through your organization can realize through optimiza- improved relationships tion. It evaluates your current infrastructure ● Innovate products, markets, business models based on a few basic questions and identifies In today’s business and economic environment, how IBM can help you free up resources and it’s no longer enough to offer unique products To achieve critical business objectives, CIOs speed up business innovation. and services—now you have to create are looking beyond the boundaries of the enterprise to simplify business processes and 3 Consolidate workloads and Enable a smarter planet Optimize business applications Innovate with cloud Bank on Smarter Computing servers
  4. 4. Success stories and recommendations from IBM clients « BACK | NEXT » licensing and administrative cost, and the information which just makes business harder. servers are far underutilized. In the end, the Consolidating databases so there is one ‘true’ organization may have difficulty managing all version of all information can make day to day those servers, and may be unable to quickly business easier and more successful. And,Visualize savings across categories Download your Findings and efficiently respond to changing business analytics based on correct information, makes needs. One way to address this is the consoli- decision-making more effective because it is dation of workloads from distributed Linux to grounded in facts. Linux on System z®. Customers can gain sig- Virtualize and manage workloads nificant cost savings from software licensing, Organizations today need to extend the busi- hardware and administrative cost, as well as ness value of their current and future IT facility costs, such as power and cooling. It canLarge scale multiplatform Linux resources to keep up with ever increasing also simplify the management of the workloadsserver consolidation workload demands and create a computing while gaining the performance, reliability andIn many IT organizations, the demands for IT environment that optimizes performance by security of the System z and services are addressed tactically. reducing complexity, controlling managementIf a business unit needs to roll out a new appli- Consolidate databases (multiplatform) costs and increasing adaptability. Virtualizingcation, new resources are procured and All too often databases are kept by individual workloads is a way to simply operations anddeployed to address that specific requirement. business units to meet a specific business management, including maintenance; reducingOver time, the data center can become filled need. You may have numerous databases (and licensing costs, and delivering services morewith large numbers of servers and the IT organ- countless may be legacy) sprawled across quickly and flexibly.ization may not even have a complete view of numerous servers in several geographies.all the server assets or their intended use. The This can lead to unwieldy management, Why not get started today? Link to the Smarterresult is skyrocketing facility, power and cooling, redundancies and inconsistencies in customer Computing Workload Simulator 4 Consolidate workloads andEnable a smarter planet Optimize business applications Innovate with cloud Bank on Smarter Computing servers
  5. 5. Success stories and recommendations from IBM clients « BACK | NEXT »Using Linux to consolidate workloads and servers to optimizesystemsBusinesses around the world are under pres- A System z server can be used to consolidatesure to control costs—and IT costs are no workloads from many individual servers.exception. Therefore, if there is a large administration over- head or a physical capacity concern of manyServer and workload consolidation is one individual servers, System z can take on thekey way to help reduce IT expenses. By consol- role of a single server environment managingidating servers, you can reduce both power those workloads. It can present a single view ofconsumption and space requirements: Fewer administration, performance and recovery forservers reduces power, cooling and physical applications that harness the mainframe’sfootprint requirements. Through provisioning, services during can minimize lead time for new projects.For example, a new test or development Server consolidation is not just about reducing To view this video on YouTube click hereenvironment can be provisioned in minutes the number of servers, but also integrating,without procuring new hardware and data simplifying and optimizing the existing IT infra- Visit the IBM Linux website to viewcentre planning. Using the performance moni- structure across heterogeneous applications consolidation storiestoring and workload management capabilities and data.inherent in IBM zEnterprise, you can improvethe reliability and availability of applicationsdirectly affecting your organization’s ability toachieve service level agreements (SLAs) andpeak workload levels. 5 Consolidate workloads andEnable a smarter planet Optimize business applications Innovate with cloud Bank on Smarter Computing servers
  6. 6. Success stories and recommendations from IBM clients « BACK | NEXT »National Registration Department of Malaysia boostsavailability of critical applications with LinuxChallenge: Linux (IFL) engine to provide a highly availableThe National Registration Department of environment for new SUSE Linux Enterprise “We estimate employee productivityMalaysia (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara Server workloads. After migrating the SAL has increased by 50 percentMalaysia, or JPN) is the government agency application to SUSE Linux, employee satisfac-responsible for registering important demo- tion rates increased significantly and the secure since the implementation of thegraphic events. To expedite statistical queries and virus-resistant environment helped protect IBM solution. With the SALand requests for data extraction from govern- the confidential data of Malaysia’s citizens; and application performing to its fullmental entities, JPN custom-built an application the entire project was completed within four potential, crucial information isreferred to as the Statistics and Data Extraction months.Request Management System (SAL). Although available 24×7, just a few mousethe application was designed to automatically Benefits: clicks away. User feedback has been ● Dramatically improved response times,manage, calculate and distribute responses to overwhelmingly positive.”data requests, the underlying hardware platform increasing utilization of the SAL application towas woefully inadequate for the task and 100 percent and boosting employee produc- —Laila Binti Abdul Majidfrequently bogged down. tivity by an estimated 50 percent Chief Assistant Director ● Gained a highly reliable, stable platform JPNSolution: making it possible to offer the SAL applica-JPN implemented a new IBM System z server tion 24×7 (previously available only duringrunning the IBM z/OS operating system to bet- working hours) Link to the full storyter handle the existing workload. JPN was also ● Moving to open source technology has intro-able to activate an IBM Integrated Facility for duced significant cost savings 6 Consolidate workloads andEnable a smarter planet Optimize business applications Innovate with cloud Bank on Smarter Computing servers
  7. 7. Success stories and recommendations from IBM clients « BACK | NEXT »Dundee City Council delivers more value throughnew technologiesChallenge: new infrastructure runs a range of Linux appli- ● Reduced Oracle per-processor licensingDundee is Scotland’s fourth largest city, home cations and Oracle databases—supporting key costs, as numerous virtual Linux servers canto 145,000 people. Dundee City Council systems such as social services, 24×7. run on each IFL processoremploys around 10,000 people, and provides awide range of municipal services for citizens, In terms of power supply, air conditioning andmany of which rely on IT support. data center floor space, the new server and “The combination of the z10 proces- storage landscape delivers significant savings using an estimated 30 to 40 percent less sors and the XIV grid architectureDundee City Council needed to handle increas-ing demand for IT and e-Government services, electricity than the old storage arrays. gives us 50 percent betterwhile also reducing costs in line with central performance than our previous Benefits:government targets. When the lease on its ● More than 50 percent improved performance infrastructure—which means weserver and storage hardware needed to be providing capacity for growth without can run 50 percent more workloadrenewed, the Council saw an opportunity toenhance its capabilities and increase value for increasing IT costs for the same price.”money. ● Rapid provisioning of virtualized server and storage resources —Tim Simpson IT Support ManagerSolution: ● Enables faster IT response times to end user Dundee City CouncilDundee upgraded the IT environment with needstwo powerful IBM System z servers, and intro- ● Superior availability and disaster recoveryduced the IBM XIV Storage System. The new capabilities—all systems can be restored Link to the full storymachines each contain two IBM Integrated within 20 minutesFacility for Linux (IFL) processors, and runapproximately 60 virtual Linux servers. The 7 Consolidate workloads andEnable a smarter planet Optimize business applications Innovate with cloud Bank on Smarter Computing servers
  8. 8. Success stories and recommendations from IBM clients « BACK | NEXT »Allianz uses Red Hat Enterprise Linux to better manage risk,improve customer service and accommodate growthChallenge: Allianz was confident that should any issuesOperating across Australia and New Zealand arise, Red Hat could essentially replicate the “…Running Red Hat Enterprisewith approximately 3,300 staff, Allianz is scenario on their own IBM z server, leading to Linux was undoubtedly the best fit-Australia’s fourth largest general insurer with faster support solutions. The combination ofover two million policyholders. It offers a wide IBM System z hardware and Red Hat software for-purpose solution for us… Arange of insurance and risk management exploits the use of virtualization technology major part of the decision to useproducts and services. After running to deliver savings—both financial and Red Hat was its tight integrationWebSphere applications on an Intel platform environmental—through lower power usage, with the IBM platform and itsusing Microsoft Windows for some time, Allianz ensuring Allianz to meet their goal to reducerealized it could go no further with the current emissions by 20 percent. impressive supportset-up. Allianz saw the situation as an opportu- structure.”nity to build a completely new infrastructure Benefits:from the network right down to the back-up ● Resolved data center power limitations with —Peter Rowe new capacity for growth Head of Infrastructure and Operationsdevices. Allianz Australia Limited ● Provided superior workload managementSolution: and operational efficiencyAfter comprehensive analysis, Allianz concluded ● Helped reduce its carbon footprint whilethat the most viable option for the business increasing flexibility and scalability Link to the full storygoing forward would be to combine the per- ● Allowed reallocation of IT budget fromformance and reliability of the IBM System z software licensing to staff and resourcesmachine with the flexibility and efficiency of RedHat Enterprise Linux. 8 Consolidate workloads andEnable a smarter planet Optimize business applications Innovate with cloud Bank on Smarter Computing servers
  9. 9. Success stories and recommendations from IBM clients « BACK | NEXT »Optimize business applicationsOver the past four decades IBM has closely IBM zEnterprise can help simplify, automate, Discover how organizations in a range of indus-collaborated with SAP in developing solutions. and improve service quality by enabling the tries have taken advantage of IBM System z toThis collaboration has driven the evolution of consolidation and deployment of end-to-end optimize their business applications and driveboth IBM and SAP products and services to SAP solutions. profitable growth.respond to our customer’s needs. As a result,we are able to offer even more efficient, IBM delivers a unique hybrid computing modelintegrated, end-to-end solutions for general that allows data centers to optimize workloadbusiness and specific industries. deployment on best fit technologies with a common management infrastructure forEnterprises face new challenges every day as both mainframe and distributed systemthe global business environment becomes resources while driving down overall costs.increasingly dynamic. It is mandatory for busi- IBM zEnterprise provides the architecture andnesses to be able to react quickly to new busi- capabilities to support hybrid workloads in aness models and changing processes. There single architecture managed with one set ofare few places where solving these challenges skills and more critical than for enterprise core business To view this video on YouTube click hereapplications like SAP. Running SAP solutions on 9 Consolidate workloads andEnable a smarter planet Optimize business applications Innovate with cloud Bank on Smarter Computing servers
  10. 10. Success stories and recommendations from IBM clients « BACK | NEXT »Banco Pastor slashes costs and boosts efficiency withSAP and IBMChallenge: operating system partitions and IBM DB2 run-Banco Pastor was founded in 1776 and is the ning natively on IBM z/OS. While Banco Pastor’s “... we resolved our issues of scalabil-second oldest banking institution in Spain. It is previous solution required 21 physical servers, ity, speed and cost. We have reducedamong the top ten banking groups in the coun- the new single System z installation deliveredtry with 4,500 employees and 650 branch immediate savings in floor space, energy and our footprint by ten times, andoffices worldwide. The bank’s human resources cooling, as well as reducing complexity and minimized our overall businesssolutions were heavily customized, with multiple simplifying IT administration. risks. The z10 servers are based inseparate modules for each functional area, Benefits: two separate sites and provide ussuch as payroll, vacations and training. Eachtailored module required a significant amount ● Consolidated and simplified a complex, with the utmost security by ensur-of maintenance and management, resulting in modular HR system ing that even if there is a natural ● Cut administrative processes and reducedhigh operational costs. disaster we can maintain high complexitiesSolution: ● Minimized workloads for IT and HR depart- availability...”Banco Pastor implemented SAP ERP Human ments by 30 percent each —Montserrat Torres TorresCapital Management, with SAP NetWeaver ● Enabled staff to process personnel issues Computer Systems ManagerPortal providing simple browser-based access through a web portal quickly and easily Banco Pastorfor employee self-service. The system runs on ● Reduced bureaucratic processes by betweentwo IBM System z10 servers, supporting Linux 30 to 70 percent Link to the full story 10 Consolidate workloads andEnable a smarter planet Optimize business applications Innovate with cloud Bank on Smarter Computing servers
  11. 11. Success stories and recommendations from IBM clients « BACK | NEXT »Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina becomes amodel of IT efficiency with IBMChallenge: choices because most of the applications that Benefits:Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina BCBSSC runs are complex, transaction inten- Compared to a distributed architecture, the(BCBSSC) has 11,700 employees spread across sive applications (such as claims processing) IBM System z:17 US states and serves a customer base of that benefit from the huge I/O subsystem andapproximately 66 million individuals. BCBSSC the tight coupling with the database that main- ● Requires less networking equipment than ahas huge data processing scale—driving frame architecture offers. distributed architectureapproximately $247 billion US in annual claims ● Uses less energy and requires less datapayout. That amounts to almost 9.5 percent It also makes sense for other reasons: center spaceof the entire national healthcare expenditure in ● Needs fewer management personnel ● System z is the industry’s most securethe United States. To its credit, BCBSSC busi- ● Makes better use of the environment’s commercial computing environment, havingness processes drive IT—IT does not force storage assets achieved EAL level 5—a testing level that noIT conventions and restraints on users and other server environment has yet matched;external partners. Link to the full story ● System z offers the industry’s most advancedSolution: virtualization facilities allowing for high levelsBCBSSC has removed approximately of system utilization and providing a high-1,000 Intel-based servers, rehosting those availability resource pool for failover situa-applications on Linux on an IBM System z tions; andenvironment. BCBSSC prefers the ● System z offers the industry’s most advancedIBM System z architecture over other platform management facilities. 11 Consolidate workloads andEnable a smarter planet Optimize business applications Innovate with cloud Bank on Smarter Computing servers
  12. 12. Success stories and recommendations from IBM clients « BACK | NEXT »gkd-el achieves 30 percent TCO reduction by migrating itsSAP systems to IBMChallenge: Information Processor engine and three ● Maintains agreed performance levels asGelsenkirchen is a city in northwestern IBM System z Integrated Facility for Linux workload growsGermany with almost 300,000 inhabitants. With engines to run the SAP ERP application. ● Enables provisioning of new application84 employees, gkd-el manages the entire IT servers within minutesinfrastructure for the city government. It also Since migrating to the new machine, gkd-el hasprovides some managed application services seen average dialog response times fall fromfor the city of Herne and for several other 570 to just 190 milliseconds. Throughput for “By migrating to z10 and conduct-non-commercial customers. The company’s the SAP system has increased by 270 percent, and yet the total cost of ownership for the new ing associated streamlining work,agreements guarantee sub-second responsetimes for customers’ business-critical SAP IBM server is 30 percent lower. gkd-el’s IT infra- we were able to reduce our monthlyapplications. With increasing workloads, there structure is now able to scale with the growth of operational costs for the mainframewas a risk of failing to meet this guarantee dur- the business without increasing IT complexity. environment by 30 percent. Ining peak load times. gkd-el wanted to ensure this way, urgently needed capital Benefits:that it could continue to meet its commitmentsto customers while, at the same time, reducing ● Provides virtually continuous availability for became available for other necessary business-critical systems investments.”its operational costs. ● Helps decrease total cost of ownership whileSolution: adding speed and capacity —Willi LohmannTo achieve this goal, gkd-el deployed an ● Simplifies compliance with high security and CEO confidentiality standards for data gkd-elIBM System z server comprised of a standardprocessor, one IBM System z Integrated Link to the full story 12 Consolidate workloads andEnable a smarter planet Optimize business applications Innovate with cloud Bank on Smarter Computing servers
  13. 13. Success stories and recommendations from IBM clients « BACK | NEXT »Smarter innovation with a secure Enterprise CloudOrganizations today grapple with the expansion protecting critical data. Not surprisingly, the From automation to advanced virtualizationof distributed computing, increased online level of data security depends largely on which technologies and open industry standards,collaboration, explosive data growth and het- platform supports the cloud environment. IBM System z servers deliver a solid, secureerogeneous IT environments—all issues that foundation on which to build the virtual environ-make information security more critical, yet IBM System z has a strong heritage of being ment. They support expandable cloud environ-more complex than ever. Moving data to a an extremely secure platform for virtual ments with industry-leading security, as well asvirtualized, cloud-based environment can help environments and workloads, and offers a availability, performance and cost-effectiveness.develop and manage a more flexible infrastruc- compelling alternative to massively scaled-out These benefits are particularly valuable onture, and reduce operational costs and total environments often deployed in the cloud— today’s smarter planet, where instrumented,cost of ownership. In addition, a virtualized particularly in the realm of security. Also, many interconnected and intelligent businesses col-environment can help accelerate time to market organizations are already using a mainframe lect, process, use and store more informationthrough increased efficiency and automation; as their data hub running key applications, pro- than ever before.scale operations to meet market dynamics and viding a natural jumping off point to create abusiness strategy; and virtually eliminate down- security hub for the entire enterprise. Find out how leading organizations havetime. The question, therefore, is not whether deployed cloud computing on System z toto move to the cloud—it’s how to do it while transform their business. Visit the IBM Enterprise Cloud website 13 Consolidate workloads andEnable a smarter planet Optimize business applications Innovate with cloud Bank on Smarter Computing servers
  14. 14. Success stories and recommendations from IBM clients « BACK | NEXT »EFiS EDI Finance Service AG moves to Linux on IBM for betterperformance and lower costsChallenge: onto an IBM Enterprise Linux Server (ELS) ● Allowed the company to optimize its disasterEFiS EDI Finance Service AG provides its running the Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise recovery planclients with SaaS services that deal with Server for System z operating system. ● Helped reduce the company’s carbonsensitive financial data. As a result, the com- footprint to minimize the impact on thepany has always been committed to high While the IBM System z platform satisfied the environmentperforming and secure technology to help it company’s performance and energy require-comply with strict data protection laws. They ments, EFiS EDI Finance Service AG saw anneeded to implement new server solutions additional opportunity to expand its IBM and “We at EFiS have managed to Linux investments and improve the company’scapable of optimizing their Linux-based envi- substantially reduce our IT costs,ronment while minimizing risks and lowering overall services. The company updated its datacosts. Additionally, the new solution needed center by installing a new Enterprise Linux risk and resources - which allowsto improve disaster recovery capabilities to Server running on System z server as its new us to increase the environmentalsupport the uninterrupted operation of its disaster recovery platform. protection and in particular effi-24×7 online banking system. Benefits: ciency. All this is achieved at EFiSSolution: ● Consolidated the IT environment while by using IBM System z hardware.”EFiS chose to implement its new Linux platform deploying hundreds of Linux instances ● Helped double processing speeds and opti- —Armin Gerhardton IBM System z technology. IBM Business CEO, EFiS CorporationPartner PROFI Engineering Systems AG helped mized the data center by replacing unneces-the company migrate its mission-critical appli- sary or underperforming hardwarecations from pre-existing x86-based servers ● Streamlined the data center by optimizing maintenance and management processes to Link to full story reduce costs 14 Consolidate workloads andEnable a smarter planet Optimize business applications Innovate with cloud Bank on Smarter Computing servers
  15. 15. Success stories and recommendations from IBM clients « BACK | NEXT »The University of Bari builds a service-oriented cloudarchitecture using IBM and LinuxChallenge: The university developed innovative cloud Benefits:Southern Italy’s University of Bari needed a plat- solutions—delivering powerful computing ● Accelerates the sale and delivery of wine, fishform to facilitate cost-effective, flexible applica- capabilities to local businesses. One application and other cargo to end-customerstion development. The University is a member is an online auction system for fishermen to use ● Provides real-time information from RFIDof DAISY-net, a consortium of public universities while they are out in their boats catching fish. sensors on variables such as temperature,and information and communication technology Using cloud computing to allow multiple entities humidity and whether cargos have beencompanies in the Puglia region. DAISY-net to tap into heavy-duty computing power, at a subjected to any shocks or stresseswanted to create a highly secure, scalable minimal cost, lowers the barrier to ensuring ● Integrates sensor, market and GPS data withand flexible architecture for application develop- local businesses can access and benefit from systems at the university, private sector andment and deployment. So the University the technology. government regulatory agenciesdecided to host the infrastructure for this ● Virtualizes the University laboratory fornew architecture in the cloud. By augmenting a Linux for System z cloud, the students developers created a wide range of innovativeSolution: solutions. For example, one DAISY-net solution To view the University of Bari video onThe University leveraged the IBM System z was created for the fishing industry. It provides YouTube click hereSolution Edition for Cloud Computing—a virtu- a touch-screen solution fisherman can install inalized infrastructure that uses IBM System z, their boats and use to report the size and Link to the full storyIBM System Storage®, SUSE Linux Enterprise species of the fish they catch. This informationServer for IBM System z and IBM Tivoli® is then automatically shared with potentialService Automation Manager to enable intelli- customers such as local markets, shops andgent management of Linux virtual machines. restaurants, who can compete in a live auction while the fishing boat is still out at sea. 15 Consolidate workloads andEnable a smarter planet Optimize business applications Innovate with cloud Bank on Smarter Computing servers
  16. 16. Success stories and recommendations from IBM clients « BACK | NEXT »Transzap fuels a competitive edge with increased applicationuptimeChallenge: excited to discover the Linux on System z plat-Founded in 1999, Transzap, Inc. offers its form, as they had previous experience running “We intend to deliver a 99.9 percentcustomers in the global oil and gas industry a their business applications on Linux. application uptime guarantee to ourcomprehensive suite of software as a service,called Oildex™. Oildex is focused on financial The System z solution helped Transzap estab- customer base, thanks to the avail-back-office transaction processing between lish a dynamic infrastructure that reduced costs ability characteristics of System z.”energy companies using digital data and work- while at the same time improving the level offlow tools. But, as demand for their software service the company provided. As a result of —Peter Flanagan the success they have had with the IBM system, CEOincreased, Transzap began experiencing avail- Transzap, Incability problems with their existing x86 distrib- Transzap plans to offer enhanced service leveluted infrastructure. Transzap wanted to not only agreements to its customers.solve its application uptime issues but also Benefits:address the growing company’s future capacity ● Helped improve system uptime usingconcerns virtualizationSolution: ● Reduced costs by helping lower power, floorTranszap knew they wanted to implement space and staff requirementsvirtualization to improve scalability and ● Allowed faster creation of database instancesbusiness flexibility, and started investigating for SaaS providersIBM System z offerings. They were particularly ● Offered competitive advantages with better availability, security and scalability To view this video on YouTube click here Link to an in-depth interview 16 Consolidate workloads andEnable a smarter planet Optimize business applications Innovate with cloud Bank on Smarter Computing servers
  17. 17. Success stories and recommendations from IBM clients « BACK | NEXT »Bank on Smarter ComputingConcerned about growth, financial pressures, the infrastructure, banks deploying this solutionand competition, banks are making fundamen- “We’ve even seen situations where can reduce transaction costs and speed time total changes to the way they do business, driving market of new services. 80% or more of the of the ITIT innovation to keep pace with change anddeal with thinning margins. You need the IT budget is going toward managing, Discover how banks around the world areflexibility to stay ahead of the market, but you maintaining, in some cases, extend- driving innovation and saving money using IBM solutions based on System z.need to keep your applications running and ing what’s there…”your data safe. Link to the Clabby Analytics paper to —Steve MillsIn banking organizations, 70 - 80 percent of IT Senior Vice President learn morecosts are spent on maintenance of legacy envi- Systems and Software IBMronments, while less than 30 percent is spenton true differentiation, innovation and new prod-uct offering support. Moreover, inflexible, com- For banks who want to reinvent their businessplex operations and siloed data can prohibit model, while balancing growth, efficiencybanks from focusing on their customers. And and business resiliency, the Core Bankingas complexity increases, costs increase, zEnterprise™ Hybrid Integration Solutioncompliance becomes inhibited and growth is optimizes banking workload deployment acrosslimited. At the same time, downtime or security different systems while driving a simplified,breaches can result in millions of dollars of lost streamlined and agile enterprise. Through the To view this video on YouTube click hererevenue, as well as damage to brand reputation integration, consolidation and simplification ofand increased customer dissatisfaction. 17 Consolidate workloads andEnable a smarter planet Optimize business applications Innovate with cloud Bank on Smarter Computing servers
  18. 18. Success stories and recommendations from IBM clients « BACK | NEXT »Svenska Handelsbanken consolidates applications runningon 2,500 distributed serversChallenge: virtualized environment on System z. In addition,Founded in 1871, Svenska Handelsbanken the licensing for databases on Linux on “The capacity and the virtualizationis one of Sweden’s largest and best-known System z is much less than on Microsoft Windows servers. Aside from the cost advan- capabilities of System z are a hugebanks with more than 10,000 employees and700 branches worldwide. Handelsbanken’s tages and the ease of provisioning new virtual advantage for fast-growing envi-main strategic goal is to be more profitable by servers on System z, the new environment ronments like our online bankingincreasing its customer base through excellent made it much easier to protect data and ensure system.”customer service, and by reducing operational high availability. For all these reasons, Svenskacosts and increasing efficiency. The bank Handelsbanken considers IBM System z as a —Roger Rydberg Manager of System z Platformwanted to consolidate as many systems strategic platform and plans to use it to support Svenska Handelsbankenas possible to a centralized infrastructure its core banking systems and online services forbecause they had built a landscape of almost the future.2,500 smaller, distributed servers runningMicrosoft Windows or Linux operating systems. Benefits: ● Runs hundreds of systems on a single physi-Solution: cal machineTaking advantage of IBM System z Application ● Cuts Java workload costs by 15 percent perAssist Processors (zAAPs), the bank is able yearto run the Java online banking applications on ● Enables disaster recovery within secondsan IBM WebSphere Application Server in a To view this video on YouTube click here 18 Consolidate workloads andEnable a smarter planet Optimize business applications Innovate with cloud Bank on Smarter Computing servers
  19. 19. Success stories and recommendations from IBM clients « BACK | NEXT »Bank of New Zealand takes a bold step to consolidateworkloads to improve economicsChallenge: by 2010 and the second was to explore open JAVA applications written by BNZ. Combined,Like a large number of businesses in New source opportunities through the adoption of these applications power BNZ’s customerZealand and around the world, BNZ was close Linux.” facing banking reaching capacity in its data center andneeded to determine how to maximize space Solution: The combination of z/VM and Red Hatwhile keeping costs down. The bank’s corpo- To address environmental and space issues in Enterprise Linux enabled BNZ to virtualize andrate values also have a carbon neutral focus, the data center and achieve the corporate goal consolidate a largely distributed SUN environ-which it was keen to put into practice across all of becoming carbon neutral by 2010, BNZ ment, incorporating all of its front-end systemsaspects of its business operations. Another migrated from distributed Intel and SUN SPARC to just one box without presenting any increasechallenge BNZ faced was to create a disaster servers to Red Hat Enterprise Linux running in administration resource. And, by utilizing RHNrecovery solution. Its data center-one in under z/VM® on IBM System z servers. Satellite, the bank was able to reprovision itsAuckland, New Zealand and the other in East entire Teller platform development environment BNZ overhauled its mission-critical front-end IT in two hours.Melbourne, Australia are separated by the environment, including Internet banking andTasman Sea. bank teller functions through to core backend Benefits:“The issues we were dealing with were not data by migrating systems to Red Hat ● Recovered 30 percent of datacenter floornecessarily unique, but a reflection of the cur- Enterprise Linux running under z/VM on spacerent business climate,” said Lyle Johnston, System z. BNZ uses one IBM System z server ● Reduced power consumption by 38 percentInfrastructure Architect for BNZ. “BNZ had for production, as well as one IBM System z ● Twenty percent return on investment (ROI)defined two important goals for the future, server as a disaster recovery machine. Both over the life of the platformboth of which relied heavily on IT. The first was machines exclusively run Red Hat Enterprise ● Simplified, more efficient deploymentfor the organization to become carbon neutral Linux, IBM WebSphere® application and IBM Process server, along with customized 19 Consolidate workloads andEnable a smarter planet Optimize business applications Innovate with cloud Bank on Smarter Computing servers
  20. 20. Success stories and recommendations from IBM clients « BACK | NEXT »BNZ has consolidated 131 SUN SPARCsystems to Red Hat Enterprise Linux on “What’s been truly remarkable has been the fact that introducing Red HatIBM System z. Moving to Linux on System z Enterprise Linux into the organization has breathed new enthusiasm andrepresented a major shift from traditional bank-ing systems. The migration produced impres- new life into the business and the people behind it. This project has been asive returns, exceeding expectations: After just type of gateway for us, and working with Red Hat has opened our eyes tothree months the project was ahead of sched- what’s possible with open source. From our perspective, the best is yetule and on budget. Moreover, BNZ was able to to come.”consolidate servers, reducing its front-endsystems’ datacenter footprint by 30 percent. —Lyle Johnston Infrastructure Architect Bank of New Zealand Link to the full story 20 Consolidate workloads andEnable a smarter planet Optimize business applications Innovate with cloud Bank on Smarter Computing servers
  21. 21. Success stories and recommendations from IBM clients « BACK | NEXT »VietinBank uses Linux to manage risk, improve customer serviceand accommodate growthChallenge: traditional and more advanced banking serv-Established in 1988, VietinBank’s total assets ices continues to grow, System z can scale up “IBM System z10 is regarded aslast year accounted for over 20 percent of the to meet the challenge. the strategic platform for mission-entire Vietnamese banking industry. The bankoperates almost 850 branches and transaction As the country’s first Linux on the mainframe critical work. Nothing is moreoffices and nearly 1,200 automatic teller user, VietinBank joins the ranks of the world’s mission-critical than ensuring safe largest banking institutions and emerging mar-machines (ATMs) in Vietnam. After growth of money deposits and transfers in a35 percent in a single year, the bank needed ket leaders that seek out System z to compete in an interconnected world. System z also lets country like Vietnam (which is)the computing power to continue serving itscurrent customers, as well as provide sufficient the bank take advantage of the more than experiencing exponential growth.”capacity to acquire new banking customers. 3,150 compatible open source applications. —Mr. Pham Anh TuanThey also wanted to add additional services Deputy Director Benefits:without impacting computing workloads. VietinBank ● Delivers flexible architecture that can growSolution: with workloadsVietinBank selected the IBM System z main- ● Provides a platform for a wide variety of open Link to the full storyframe server, optimized for high transaction source Linux applicationsbanking demands. The bank benefits from ● Features capacity management andadvanced systems management features advanced securityincluding capacity management and security ● Helps support both future growth and mas-to protect the bank’s data from potential risks. sive cost savingsAt the same time, as the country’s appetite for 21 Consolidate workloads andEnable a smarter planet Optimize business applications Innovate with cloud Bank on Smarter Computing servers
  22. 22. For more informationDiscover how the unique capabilities of System z and zEnterprise™ can help toachieve critical business objectives by significantly improving flexibility andresource savings of both business and IT-oriented projects. IBM zEnterprise © Copyright IBM Corporation 2012supports diverse applications, architectures and technologies to help provide IBM Corporationfaster time to value, productivity gains and more capacity when it is needed. Route 100 Somers, NY 10589The IBM System z platform, IBM zEnterprise and Enterprise Linux Server (ELS) U.S.A.can provide a cost-effective, self-managed cloud solution that scales dynami- Produced in the United States of America April 2012cally to meet the resource requirements for organizations of all sizes. IBM offers IBM, the IBM logo,, System z, and zEnterprise are trademarks of Internationala robust set of cloud management capabilities using System z and the Tivoli Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other countries or both. If these and other IBM trademarked terms are marked on their first occurrence in this informationsuite of service management products providing you with the highest levels of with a trademark symbol (® or ™), these symbols indicate U.S. registered or common lawavailability and cost-efficiency for private clouds and SaaS providers. trademarks owned by IBM at the time this information was published. Such trademarks may also be registered or common law trademarks in other countries. A current list of IBM trademarks is available on the web at “Copyright and trademark information” atTo learn more, please contact your IBM representative or IBM Business Partner, visit the following website: Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the United States, other countries, or both. Microsoft and Windows are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both.IBM Global Financing can help you acquire the IT solutions your business needs Java and all Java-based trademarks and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Oraclein a cost-effective and strategic by partnering with credit qualified clients to and/or its affiliates.customize an IT financing solution to suit your business goals, enable effective Other company, product or service names may be trademarks or service marks of management, and improve total cost of ownership. IBM Global Financingis a smart choice to fund critical IT investments to propel your business forward. Please RecycleFor more information, visit:« HOME ZSB03054-USEN-00