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Data on demand flexible archiving in a big content world


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Published in: Technology
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Data on demand flexible archiving in a big content world

  1. 1. Case Study National Industrial Concepts Introduction It’s as true in financial services as it is in insurance and telecommunications. Content is key. It drives complex projects and fuels day-to-day business. And with content today growing exponentially, it’s more important than ever that organizations in all industries find a way to store it properly. A way that’s reliable, and where content is accessible and usable. Yet most archives available today were designed in the 1990s, a time before the advent of big data and multi-channel communications. They can’t handle the print, media, mobile, email and social media demands of today’s daily business, and can’t present content that is appropriate and relevant to end users, whoever that might be – with formats and visualizations that match the channel they’re using. They buckle under the pressure of this fast-paced, data-heavy world. It’s clear, then, that a new approach to archiving is needed: one that makes intelligent delivery decisions and transforms content in an appropriate way for each channel, empowering users to manipulate data and make decisions in real time. To meet today’s challenges such a solution has to be open and flexible, incorporating more than just basic archiving and retrieving. It needs to handle everything from legacy storage systems to externally generated material such as PDF files and relational data stores. It also needs to provide content analytics, and has to generate content that’s more relevant to users, in the form of statements, spreadsheets and interactive visualizations. Xenos Repository – a solution by Actuate’s Xenos Group – was built with exactly those needs in mind. Meeting the Needs of Today Xenos Repository is a true solution: an intelligent archive where organizations can address multiple channels of users and systems. It considers the big data, content analytics and interactive presentation needs organizations face today, but is also designed to be future-proof, allowing users to easily integrate with new sources of content, from composition to Electronic CRM (eCRM) systems. Xenos Repository has been built on Xenos’ 25 years of experience as a product innovator: • With the Xenos Enterprise Server framework as its foundation, it incorporates an extensive array of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), meaning it can be integrated and utilized in a variety of ways. Users can retrieve content for online web presentment, for example, or integrate Java and Web Service API calls within front office business applications that require access to stored content. • It incorporates Xenos’ industry-leading document and data transformation capabilities, to index, load and retrieve content in native print stream, PDF or image formats. Article Data on Demand: Flexible Archiving in a Big Content World The Xenos Repository provides document storage and multi- channel delivery for high-volume customer statements, electronic documents and scanned images.
  2. 2. Data on Demand: Flexible Archiving in a Big Content World While it’s grounded in proven technology, Xenos Repository has truly been designed with today’s needs in mind. Built to support multiple storage devices, it utilizes an abstracted storage layer with both logical and physical storage, offering more flexibility in defining where content should be stored, while allowing for its seamless movement in the future. Content can be stored on local disk, corporate Storage Area Network (SAN), EMC Centura devices, or Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). An abstracted storage layer also means users can detach the logical storage from the physical storage devices, allowing them to leverage and switch between multiple tiers of storage devices for total flexibility. The Repository User Interface (RUI), meanwhile, offers a user-friendly experience that provides direct access to the Xenos Repository and third-party archives, allowing the opportunity to browse, search, view and retrieve content through a simple, intuitive user interface. Through the RUI, users can: • View content across multiple Xenos Repositories. • View content across third-party repositories, such as IBM’s Content Manager OnDemand, EMC Documentum, FileNet P8, Image Services and CMIS enabled repositories. • View all of the content in their organization through a single interface. Interactivity and flexibility are inherent to Xenos Repository. It serves up an interactive view of previously static documents and aggregates information from multiple document types with external data stores, for uses such as historical reporting and content analytics. The entire system is managed through a browser-based Management Console (MC), providing administration capabilities that allow users to set up applications; monitor repository instances; define groups, roles and permissions; manage physical and logical storage; define retention and disposition rules; and configure distribution channels. IBM® CMOD EMC® Documentum® IBM® FileNet® Image Services Xenos Repository User Interface Folder Display Document Display Search Hit List Display Document Retrieval Repository Adapters IBM® FileNet® P8 Xenos Repository
  3. 3. Data on Demand: Flexible Archiving in a Big Content World tel: 1 (888) 242-0692 email: Copyright © 2012 Actuate Corporation. All rights reserved. Actuate and the Actuate logo are registered trademarks of Actuate Corporation and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and certain other countries. All other brands, names or trademarks mentioned may be trademarks of their respective owners. UK & Europe North tel: +44 (0) 207 246 4700 France & Europe South tel: +33 1 47 14 00 96 Germany tel: +49 (0) 69 669025-13 What Makes Xenos Repository Different? With Xenos Repository, Xenos has overcome many of the hurdles organizations typically encounter when implementing a corporate storage and multi-channel delivery infrastructure, all while at the same time adding the functionality that business users are demanding to differentiate their consumer services. Three primary distinctions separate Xenos Repository from the competition: 1. Advanced Storage Capabilities. Its abstracted storage layer allows Xenos Repository to leverage high-speed/high-cost tier-one storage for the immediate retrieval of the most recent content, while allowing content to be relegated to slower/ lower-cost storage when the content is not in such high demand. It can also store content within an HDFS to leverage low-cost commodity hardware, while providing high availability and data redundancy to EMC Centera devices, FTP, local disk, SAN and NAS. As well, Xenos Repository can compress content and reduce the amount of storage space required in those systems by extracting commonly used resources such as fonts, forms, overlays and images, storing them only once to be used as needed – a task that can save up to 90 percent on storage costs. 2. Indexing. By leveraging Xenos’ industry-leading document transformation and indexing technology, Xenos Repository provides best-of-breed capabilities to index documents in print-ready formats. Xenos Repository can provide complete customization integration to suit any business need, through robust Java APIs and Web Service interfaces. 3. Business Intelligence and Content Analytics. Through its integration with Actuate BIRT, Xenos Repository offers state-of-the-art Business Intelligence and content analytics on documents stored within the Repository. Organizations can provide interactive views of their documents across multiple channels, and offer analytics and aggregations on the content stored in each document. Xenos Repository can also extract information from static reports into more usable formats (such as interactive dashboards and Microsoft Excel), merge mainframe content with relational data stores, and gain truly relevant Business Intelligence from their content in ways that weren’t possible before. Conclusion Xenos Repository addresses many of the shortcomings that other archival systems have, with robust and efficient storage paired with an intuitive user experience and easy integration and extendibility. Offering in-depth analysis and multi-channel deployment, it takes into consideration the real needs of organizations today – creating true business advantage. More than just an enterprise-class system of record, Xenos Repository allows organizations to take advantage of their information assets. It gives internal and external consumers the ability to analyze, aggregate, enhance and interact with content contained within, creating a true System of Engagement for organizations and customers. Xenos Repository has been designed for a big content world – it’s exactly what today’s data-driven companies are looking for to thrive. For more information on how Actuate-Xenos Group can help you with your archive and multi-channel delivery needs, contact us today. Copyright © 2012 Actuate Corporation. All rights reserved. Actuate and the Actuate logo are registered trademarks of Actuate Corporation and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and certain other countries. All other brands, names or trademarks mentioned may be trademarks of their respective owners.