Getting your donors to fall in love with you


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Slides presented on February 11, 2014 by Farra Trompeter in partnership with Guidestar USA.

Using examples from nonprofits of all sizes, this webinar explored new techniques you can try to woo current donors, lapsed donors, and even unsuspecting would-be donors (aka “prospects”) into everlasting love.

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  • A little bit about big duck going from freelance to agency
  • FIRST, BE CLEAR ON WHAT YOU”RE TALKING ABOUT: Know your own brand. Make sure everything you say or do reinforces a coherent and compelling identity. Our model for understanding how your brand informs all communications.BUT YOUR BRAND IALONE SN’T ENOUGH.
  • Show parts of these infographics?
  • rgb(202, 220, 216)rgb(199, 217, 212)rgb(178, 202, 206)rgb(185, 207, 202)
  • 5% thought charity didn’t need them, 8% no info on how $ used, 9% non memory of supporting, 13% never got thanked, 18% poor service of communicatin
  • Email collection online, direct mail BRE, Cure Duchenne petition, Twitter and Facebook pages
  • Built up twitter list through conversation
  • Email capture, social media icons
  • Email capture, social media icons
  • Mission, Pat’s blog, welcome message, thank you screen
  • Kivi’s frequency stuff, NOT press releases, I/you language, web/welcome language
  • Facebook page, community page, brandraising research/surveys?
  • Enews donation asks, more than just “donate now”
  • Trust seals, design/copy – not new design, inconsistent experience,
  • Kivi’s frequency stuff, NOT press releases, I/you language, web/welcome language
  • ROI stuff – graph of response rates from direct mail and email, blackbaudinfographic, M+R benchmarlks
  • Show parts of these infographics?
  • Amount raised per online appeal increased 350.13%
  • Getting your donors to fall in love with you

    1. 1. Getting your donors to fall in love with you #GetDonorLove Farra Trompeter | Big Duck Guidestar USA February 11, 2014
    2. 2. Farra Trompeter Vice President, Big Duck @farra @bigduck #GetDonorLove
    3. 3. What we’ll discuss • Why this matters • Ways to tell if your donors love you • How to get donors to fall in love with you • Resources #GetDonorLove
    4. 4. Why are you here? #GetDonorLove
    5. 5. Tell us • I donate to ______ because ________. #GetDonorLove
    6. 6. Why am I here? #GetDonorLove
    7. 7. #GetDonorLove
    8. 8. Use your brand to drive fundraising communications • Feature your „big idea‟ and personality • Bring your audience into the story • Consistently connect your messaging across channels #GetDonorLove
    9. 9.
    10. 10. Keeping donors is getting harder • Donor retention rates dropping • Overall is 41% • New donor retention rate is 27% • Recurring gift donors = 10% of U.S. donors • Cost to acquire a new donor 6-7x cost to retain an existing donor and Blackbaud #GetDonorLove
    11. 11. “Improving donor retention by just 10% can double the lifetime value of your donor database.” ~ Adrian Sargeant, fundraising researcher #GetDonorLove
    12. 12. 53% of donors leave due to the charity’s lack of communication ~ Jay Love, Bloomerang #GetDonorLove
    13. 13. Are your donors in love with you? #GetDonorLove
    14. 14. 1. She spends her money and her time. #GetDonorLove
    15. 15. 2. She gives to you on a regular basis. #GetDonorLove
    16. 16. 3. She acts when you ask, and asks when you act. #GetDonorLove
    17. 17. 4. She raises money for you too. #GetDonorLove
    18. 18. 5. She reads what you send. #GetDonorLove
    19. 19. 6. She answers when you call. #GetDonorLove
    20. 20. 7. She comes to your parties. #GetDonorLove
    21. 21. 8. She wears it on her sleeve. #GetDonorLove
    22. 22. 9. She knows where her money goes. #GetDonorLove
    23. 23. 10. She thinks giving to you is easy. #GetDonorLove
    24. 24. 11. She talks about what you do. #GetDonorLove
    25. 25. Ways to tell if she’s in love… 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. She volunteers. She gives regularly. She takes action. She asks friends to give. She cares what you have to say. She answers the phone. She attends events. She buys and wears your goodies. She feels good about giving to you. She gives to you --- again. She understands you and talks about it. #GetDonorLove
    26. 26. How to do it… #GetDonorLove
    27. 27. Use tools to manage fundraising communications • CRM/donor database • Customizable donation pages • Email blasts and message scheduling • Peer-to-peer or social fundraising • Event ticketing and promotion • Advocacy campaigns • Social media integration #GetDonorLove
    28. 28. #GetDonorLove
    29. 29. These tools will allow you to… • Segment your database • Send targeted communications, including welcome series, triggered emails • Give your supporter non-$ actions to take • Support donors as fundraisers • Help you add names to your list • Track how supporters engage with you across communications channels #GetDonorLove
    30. 30. Case Study: Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy #GetDonorLove
    31. 31. Make it easy for supporters to find and connect with you Start collecting names via… • Events • Your website • Social media “likers” and “followers” • Online actions • Direct mail acquisition #GetDonorLove
    32. 32. Let’s dive in! #GetDonorLove
    33. 33. Let’s dive in!
    34. 34. Let’s dive in!
    35. 35. Help your donors understand and know who you are Establish your voice and identity via… • Clear, visible explanations of your mission • Regular signers & faces of your organization • Welcome messages, thank yous #GetDonorLove
    36. 36. Let’s dive in!
    37. 37. Let your donors know when they will hear from you Stay relevant and top-of-mind by… • Regular frequency of messages • Messages that feel relevant • A clear explanation of supporters‟ role #GetDonorLove
    38. 38. Be where your donors are Establish a presence in the right channels… • Researching your supporters‟ preferences and habits • Build the pages or systems you need to get each channel up and running • Cross-promote other channels regularly #GetDonorLove
    39. 39. Tell your donors why you need them Establish the need for support by… • Making a case for giving before any “ask” • Connect it to your big picture mission • Back it up with specific needs • Ending other actions with a donation ask #GetDonorLove
    40. 40. Build trust – show them you are legit Establish credibility by… • Prominent trust seals • Consistent design and copy • Prompt receipts and thank yous • Follow up on impact of giving #GetDonorLove
    41. 41. Making giving interesting and simple Help them make a difference through… • Easy-to-use online donation forms • Direct mail appeals with clear, simple reply devices • Actions or advocacy, online and off • Email outreach with timely opportunities to make a difference #GetDonorLove
    42. 42.
    43. 43. v
    44. 44. v
    45. 45. Grow in a way that makes sense for your org Before taking outreach to the next level, you might consider… • Cost of establishing new channels or offerings • The initial returns you can expect • Outside consulting or implementation you‟ll need #GetDonorLove
    46. 46.
    47. 47. Takeaways #GetDonorLove
    48. 48. Build a foundation for success Your donors need to… 1. Exist 2. Know who the heck you are 3. Expect communications from you 4. See you where they already are 5. Know why their support is needed 6. Trust that you‟re legit 7. Be able to help easily 8. Be big enough to justify the expense #GetDonorLove
    49. 49. Communicate where they are #GetDonorLove
    50. 50. Understand why they give • • • • • • • • I believe in the cause I want to help make change happen I have friends/family who support it I know someone who has recvd services The charity asked for my help I want to set a good example I want to connect with others… I have recvd services from this org [65%] [30%] [20%] [19%] [18%] [16%] [15%] [12%] #GetDonorLove
    51. 51. Ask why they care – and use it #GetDonorLove
    52. 52. Diversify Calls-to-Action #GetDonorLove
    53. 53. Make it easy to get involved – beyond donating #GetDonorLove
    54. 54. Collect data and target and segment asks Segment Criteria Goal Key multi-year donors At least one gift over the previous two years Upgrade/automatic recurring gift New/one-time donors A sign gift within the past 18 months Second gift, multiyear donor Lapsed donors Last gift > 18 months Reactivation gift Nondonors Never given First gift #GetDonorLove
    55. 55. Convert your loyal donors to monthly donors Target: • Existing donors, $10+, 2+ gifts in past year • Existing donors, 1 gifts/year, past 2+ years • Lapsed donors who just came back and had previously given frequently • New donors who may find this convenient #GetDonorLove
    56. 56. So tell us… What is one thing you will try? #GetDonorLove
    57. 57. Resources #GetDonorLove
    58. 58. nonprofit_training_webinars #GetDonorLove
    59. 59. Posts and Books • The Duck Call Blog: • - Five approaches to keep your donors engaged - 11 ways you can tell your donors love you - Four ways to show your donors some love - Engaging your supporters with online actions Books: - Building Donor Loyalty by Adrian Sargeant and Elaine Jay - Keep Your Donors: The Guide to Better Communications & Stronger Relationships by Tom Ahern and Simone P. Joyaux #GetDonorLove
    60. 60. Research • AFP: Fundraising Effectiveness Project FinalReport.pdf • Blackbaud: Show the Love [eBook] • NTEN: Nonprofit Donor Engagement Benchmark Study enchmarkReport_Final.pdf • Urban Institute: Donor Retention Matters #GetDonorLove
    61. 61. Articles • "I Do." Engaging in a Committed Online Relationship • That's Engaging: Keep Supporters Engaged Year 'Round • How A Donor Communications Program Keeps Donors Giving and Giving • A Consumers Guide to Low Cost Donor Management Systems • 5 Ideas That Will Give Your Donors a Reason to Stick Around • 12 Ways to Make Your Nonprofit‟s Monthly Giving Program Stand Out #GetDonorLove
    62. 62. #GetDonorLove
    63. 63. #GetDonorLove
    64. 64. Big Duck can help! • Assess your donor communications (including social media) and develop a strategy for deeper engagement • Plan, create, and evaluate a multichannel fundraising or outreach campaign • Provide as-needed consulting or coaching #GetDonorLove
    65. 65. Upcoming Big Duck Trainings 2/13 2/18 2/20 3/25 Developing your brandraising strategy Brandraising @ Big Duck Shaping your organization's core identity Social Media Strategy @ Big Duck We’ll also be at the NTEN conference, you? #GetDonorLove
    66. 66. Thanks! #GetDonorLove