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Sales prospect pitch


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Published in: Business
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Sales prospect pitch

  1. 1. / Sales Prospect Pitch Ten slides for your sales pitch
  2. 2. Title Organization name Your name and title Contact information
  3. 3. / Problem Describe the customer pain that you’re alleviating Be sure that you are describing a pain that the customer actually has!
  4. 4. Solution Explain how you alleviate this pain Don’t be to technical, just explain – or better illustrate – what you do
  5. 5. / Sales Model Ensure that the audience clearly understands – What they will get – What they will pay for – What they will have to do to get it and use it
  6. 6. / Technology Describe the technology, secret sauce or magic behind your product or service. Still not too technical – just the MAGIC
  7. 7. / Demo Don’t just tell it, SHOW IT!
  8. 8. / Competitive Analysis Provide a complete view of the competitive landscape. Know what product your listener is currently using. Address the problems that your listener is facing with that solution …but don’t dismiss or criticize your competitors
  9. 9. / Management Team Describe the key players in you business: – Management team – Board – Investors
  10. 10. / Next step End you presentation with a call to action, fx – Trial period – Test installation
  11. 11. …this presentation is inspired by Guy Kawasaki: The Art of The Start