Sales: It's Not About YOU Part 2: Prospect Buy for Their Reasons


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All too often salespeople focus on themselves when they should really be focusing on the prospective customer/client. Sales it's about the salesperson, it about the wants and needs of the consumer. In this presentation Vince Esposito, Managing Partner at The Strickland Group/Sandler Training and Christine Ashley, Senior Consultant at Oasis Solutions Group discuss how to motivate sales.

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Sales: It's Not About YOU Part 2: Prospect Buy for Their Reasons

  1. 1. presented Vince Esposito
  2. 2. Christine Ashley Senior Consultant Oasis Solutions Group www.oasisky.comChristine is a HR/Payroll and CRM consultant. She has 16+years experience with sales, project management, softwareimplementation, training and development.Oasis Solutions Group has been providing service, supportand training for accouting/ERP, CRM and HR/Payrollsoftware since 1991.
  3. 3. Vince Esposito Managing Partner The Strickland Group/ Sandler Training has over 20 years of direct sales, sales managementand training experience.The Strickland Group has been an Authorized Franchisee ofthe Sandler Sales Institute since 1992
  4. 4. “Prospects buy for their reasons not the salesperson’s reasons!”
  5. 5. 1. The first part of thequalifying process2. The compellingreason for change
  6. 6. Finding Problems• Work to understand the prospect’s needs and determine if your product or service will meet their needs.• A proper pain step distinguishes you and your product from every other competitor.• Qualify the prospect early before the effort and cost of developing presentations and proposals.
  7. 7. 3 Levels Of PainHey! 1. _____________ Admittance/Surface 2.Impact/Consequence ______________ 3. ______________ Emotional
  8. 8. Admittance/Surface• Problems or challenges the prospect will openly share with the outside world• They tend to be factual and intellectual• They describe symptoms or manifestations of other, usually deeper problems or concerns• They are never the real problem
  9. 9. Impact/ConsequencesThe WHY beneath the WHAT – The cause of the “pain indicators”! Specifically, they explain why: • The surface problem exists • They are interested in your product or service • They are replacing or repairing the existing Pain product or service Funnel Questions • They are looking for another option • They are pursuing a particular result • They have not already achieved the desired result
  10. 10. Pain is Beneath the Surface Avoid Solutions! Clarifying Questions
  11. 11. The 30 Second Commercial • Features/Benefits • Problems You Solve First 5 Minutes in Person• “Thanks for Inviting Me..• Match & Mirror DISC PSD• Time/ Not Ok..Looks Like• “Productive Meeting/Agenda”• N “me”• O “you”• T 2 Things
  12. 12. How To Find Problems• Usually When I am Invited …• (Nurture First) Why Am I here?• 30 Second Commercial• On a Scale of 1 to 10• 3rd Party Stories• Like or Dislike About Current Vendor• I assume you are comfortable with…• Aladdin’s Lamp• Magic Wand• Make Your Job Easier• In a perfect world….
  13. 13. Advanced PAIN FUNNEL!• Tell me more about that?• Can you be more specific?• Any specific examples?• How long has that been a problem?• Have you tried to fix it in the past?• And did it work?• Any idea what _____ may be costing You?• What impact does this have on you directly?• Sounds like you are not happy?• Are You Ready to Give Up?• How do you see me helping you?• What were you hoping I could do?• Any Thing Else I Should Know?
  14. 14. Reversing The Question To Get True Meaning The Story Of The New Heater Guy “The dummy curve”How are we programed to respond to questions? Reversing Rule Of 3How can we check the temperature of the prospect? Negative Reversing
  15. 15. Don’t Be Afraid To Go Negative• I Have A Problem• I’m Surprised…Strip Lining• I’m Confused• It is my fault…Fall on the Sword• What were you hoping I could do• I am not sure we are a good fit
  16. 16. PAIN isBeneath the Surface Admittance Pain Funnel Questions Tell me more. Can you be a bit more specific…maybe give me an example? Impact What have you tried to do to solve (deal with) it? consequences ------------------------------------------------------------------ Why do you suppose that didn’t work? Emotional What (how much) has that cost you? ------------------------------------------------------------------ How does that affect you directly? Pain Summary/ How does that make you feel? Review ------------------------------------------------------------------ Are you ready to give up trying to deal with it? Is there anything else I should know that would be helpful? Avoid Solutions! Clarifying Questions
  17. 17. Prospects buy for their reasons… Not yours – Key Strategies• Get Your Client Comfortable to Share PAIN Emotional Connection• Avoid The Obvious “Selling” Traps /Interrupt the pattern• Don’t Give solutions to soon• Don’t Price too Early!• Reversing Rule of 3!
  18. 18. FREE Sales & CRM Webinars!!
  19. 19. If you have questions you can follow up with us via• Twitter @Oasisky• Facebook• LinkedIn Group-Customer-Network- 1715527/about• Blog
  20. 20. Sandler Training• Our Clients Say It Best:• “"After more than a decade of working together, Sandlers superb sales and sales management training programs continue to deliver the edge we need. Your most recent prospecting seminar produced another big surge in appointment levels for the attending regions. Sandlers overall training efforts continue to earn an astounding 93 percent approval rating!"• “Put simply, Sandler makes our sales personnel look very different to prospects than our competition, which are using a potpourri of classic sales pitches.”• "What the Strickland Group and Sandler taught us was to really take charge of the sales process. We wanted the sales team to own it and set the marks and Sandler has helped tremendously!"• WWW.STRICKLANDGROUP.SANDLER.COM• Phone # 502-454-5454 Ex 3