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Sales Ready Lead Starter Kit


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SalesNexus Sales Ready Lead Starter Kit - Qualified sales leads via completely automated email marketing campaigns to business contacts you select.

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Sales Ready Lead Starter Kit

  1. 1. Welcome!Be sure to join the audio portion of the meeting. See Audio inthe GotoWebinar control panel.Ask questions by typing questions in the Questions area ofthe GotoWebinar control panel.Sales Ready Lead Starter Kit
  2. 2. Your Host:Craig Klein, CEO, 18 years as a sales executive. Hiring, trainingsales people. Developing lead generation andbusiness development campaigns.
  3. 3. 2013 Sales GrowthWebinar Series
  4. 4. Today we‟ll discuss…1. Why traditional sales prospecting isn‟tworking2. How you can fill your funnel with highlyqualified leads3. Easy ways to create email campaigns thatget results4. Sales Ready Lead Starter Kit
  5. 5. Email Marketing to Drive Sales? “I need more leads!” Trouble identifying good prospects Costly/Difficult to connect with prospects Email Marketing Minefield How to build lists? What and When to send? How to drive meaningful results – Qualified Leads!
  6. 6. Traditional Sales Prospecting Networking, Referrals, Trade Shows, Cold Calling Constant search for interested prospects Failure to devote time to this process is the Achilles Heel of all salespeople.ProspectingSelling
  7. 7. Traditional Sales Prospecting Networking, Referrals, Trade Shows, Cold Calling Constant search for interested prospects Failure to devote time to this process is the Achilles Heel of all salespeople. LinkedIn, Web, Social…. Same story!ProspectingSelling
  8. 8. Sales Time…• Finding• Connecting• QualifyingProspectingSelling
  9. 9. Sales Time…• Automate Identifying Qualified Prospects• Maximize Time SellingProspectingSelling
  10. 10. Sales Time…• Automate Identifying Qualified Prospects• Maximize Time SellingUnlimited Qualified Leads!ProspectingSelling
  11. 11. How?!2 Ingredients…1. A really big list2. Emails that catch the attention of qualifiedbuyers
  12. 12. Email Marketing - What doesn’t work? Sales Pitches – “save 25%”, “Buy Now”, “Our Solution isBest”, “You need our product because…” Long, wordy diatribes… Repetition
  13. 13. An email is not expected to generate a saleAn email is expected to generateinterest, engagement, a conversation or a “lead”B2B Sales
  14. 14. Creating engaging content that your audience findshelpful, informative and entertainingWhere do I start?Content Marketing
  15. 15. Create Outline of Content Pieces NeededDefine the “Pains” You Solve• One for each of the most common “Pains” your serviceaddresses• Could be blog post, whitepaper, video, ebook, otherpeople‟s content• Emails “sell” the Pain and the Piece.• Click a link to access the content.
  16. 16. Why do they buy?To fix ??? (that‟s the Technical Pain)Because it costs ??? (that‟s the Business Pain)Why do they lose sleep? (that‟s the REAL Pain – emotional!)What is your customer’s Pain?
  17. 17. Three Levels of PainTechnical Pain• Processes• Systems• EmployeesSlow, broken, or manual processesPoor system or employee performanceLack of reliabilityBusiness Pain• Revenue• Costs• CustomersLow revenue / market share / close rateHigh cost of goods sold / labor costPoor delivery of servicesPersonal Pain• Income• Career• Work EnvironmentLow bonuses, commissions, compensationNo recognition, no promotions / career pathHigh workload, poor work–life balance
  18. 18. Pain > Headline/Title > Subject LinePain = Working late to handle billing new clientsHeadline = 3 Ways Inefficient Bookkeeping Kills Profits of NewBusinessesSubject Line Examples…“Working late again to bill new clients?”“You choose – bill new clients or spend time with family?”
  19. 19. Pain > Headline/Title > Subject Line• Pain 1 = Subject 1• Pain 2 = Subject 2• Pain 3 = Subject 3• Pain 4 = Subject 4• Pain 5 = Subject 5Example: 4 Ways to „avoid pain #1Example: How XYZ Corp. Fixed Pain #3
  20. 20. Writing the email…• Sell the content, not the solution, not your company, notyour product!• Make them hurt! Make them feel the pain! Remind themhow, when and where it hurts!• Has this happened to you?• Is Pain 4 costing you $$$ / time / jobs / customers ?• Make them click to read the content. Include only “teaser”amount of content in the email
  21. 21. The Numbers• Wanted! 5 great leads a day.• 1 to 3% click rate• 250 emails per day• 5,500 emails per month
  22. 22. Email list challenges…• Messy lists internally• Difficult to buy• List rental• Very expensive• $1.00 per contact or more!Where will I getthat list?
  23. 23. LeadFerretsearch• Title• Revenue• Employees• SIC Code• Location500 contactswith emails ea.month
  24. 24. Create your content! A few tips…• Schedule Time to Work on It!• Articles on other sites• Video interview – you or a customer• Customer stories – case studies, testimonials, “don‟t let thishappen to you”• Comparison of options/competitors• Book recommendationsYou can do this!
  25. 25. Follow these 5 Steps!1. Define Your Target2. Define Your Customers‟ Pains3. Create or Find Your Content4. Write the emails5. Download your list – 500 per month!
  26. 26.  30 day subscription 30 to 45 min. Email Campaign Consultation Identify your target prospect Review of current content and/or find 3rd party content Create 3 emails Download 500 LeadFerret contacts Start Campaign In 30 days, you‟ll have 5 to 20 qualified leadsSales ReadyLead Starter Kit
  27. 27.  Bonus! Use SalesNexus and LeadFerret for 12 months! 6,000 contacts Polished content campaign 60 to 200 qualified leads!Sales ReadyLead Starter Kit
  28. 28.  $780 1 year SalesNexus Complete Subscription 6,000 contacts with email addresses Polished 3 email campaign 60 to 200 qualified leads$500 before June 11th!Sales ReadyLead Starter Kit