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Shuba Solutions- Mobile Sales and Prospect Application


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m-SalesPro, an evolutionary mobile sales and prospecting application that not only will eliminate all the hassles of your sales-force but will also boost your sales force’ productivity in a manageable and efficient way

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Shuba Solutions- Mobile Sales and Prospect Application

  2. 2. IInnttrroodduuccttiioonn SHUBA Mitra Solusi, PT or "SHUBA“ established in 2003, is one of the best known custom IT solutions provider in Indonesia. With more than 11 years of experience in various industry mainly in Banking, Oil & Gas, Insurance, Manufacturing and many more, designed to optimize business operations by increasing operational agility and boost the productivity of a business.
  3. 3. IInnttrroodduuccttiioonn With range of flagship and award winning product line that has been proven with continuous improvement in line with the technology advancement and future demand
  4. 4. Oil & Gas • IT Consulting Services • Proposed Solutions • Development & System Integrators • Maintenance & Support • IT Professional Outsourcing Microfinance Manufacturing Special Projects LLiinnee ooff BBuussiinneessss Insurance Banking
  5. 5. Our Custom Software Development services makes your business more agile and innovative by reducing your IT operating costs and risks while improving efficiencies. We assume the day-to-day tasks of your IT operations and delivery, with a strong focus on rigorous IT governance, quality and operational excellence, so you can focus on your core business SSeerrvviiccee && SSoolluuttiioonnss  Custom Software Development
  6. 6. PPrroojjeecctt EExxppeerriieenncceess Sales Mobile Application Sales Application Management Sales Automation System Billing System SMS & Email Notification Electronic Statement Document Management System Inventory Management & Logistic System Quality Management & Information System Supplier Portal Raffle & Point Redemption System Application Management Console Employee Personal Data Online Form Transportation Online System Tanker Sailing Advice And More…
  7. 7. CCuussttoommeerr RReeffeerreenncceess Our customers are reputable organizations of various sizes: multinationals, large national corporations, as well as state-owned enterprises and government institutions. With the wide range of companies that has benefited from our services as well as the broad array of industries they are involved in, attests to the quality and versatility of our services.
  8. 8. CCuussttoommeerr RReeffeerreenncceess
  9. 9. m-SalesPro Mobile Sales and Prospect
  10. 10. Identify the needs Establish the Relationship Recognize The Needs Form a Solutions Follow up Retention The Deliver & Close The Sales & Sales Cycle PPrroossppeeccttiinngg FFoollllooww UUpp Making Appointment SSaalleess AAccttiivviittyy UUppddaattiinngg CClloossiinngg Reporting Progress The Processes
  11. 11. The Hassles and Challenges CCaauussiinngg PPrroossppeeccttiinngg FFoollllooww UUpp Making Appointment SSaalleess AAccttiivviittyy UUppddaattiinngg CClloossiinngg Reporting Progress Double Work – Back-end activities such as data entry Too many papers and hard-copy documents Overall – longer process time to complete the Sales Cycle Hand-writen that prone to miss-spell and wrong data captured Managing and Monitoring
  12. 12. The Solutions m-SalesPro, an evolutionary mobile sales and prospecting application that not only will eliminate all the hassles of your sales-force but will also boost your sales force’ productivity in a manageable and efficient way
  13. 13. One Thumb Operating m-SalesPro - Developed with ease of use and conveniences in mind, we adopt a natural human interact toward operating a smartphone. An application that operable with just one thumb. Sophisticated m-SalesPro is fully integrated with your smartphone communication and other social media apps that makes you “one thumb closer to your prospect and Clients”.
  14. 14. Introduction to m-SalesPro Empower your sales-force with m-SalesPro Sales and Prospect application. It is a must-have tool for all sales-force. Worked on any platform i.e. Android, iOS, Windows mobile and Blackberry. Making sales activities efficiently at ease and improve productivity. Mobile Sales & Prospect
  15. 15. Introduction to m-SalesPro With m-SalesPro, your sales team will no longer missed any prospect, important meeting appointment. Receiving important message and morning briefing prior starting the day. Application that will walk you through your routines Today Schedule Broadcast Messages Special instructions Application updates
  16. 16. m-SalesPro – Help you to start the day 1. Arief Kunto 09:00 2, 2, Wahyu Endar 13:00 3. Jubie Mukesh 15:00 4. David Copper 20:00 Prospert Contact Name : Wahyu Endar Contact : 08787766800 08787766800 Address : Gandaria 8, 8th Floor Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan MAP & NAVI Today Appointment
  17. 17. m-SalesPro – Lead the way Show you the way to your Prospect and Client Journey start from your current location
  18. 18. m-SalesPro – Convenience & Efficient It is all the tool that your sales-force ever need. Performing and updating all sales activity anywhere and anytime just within their fingertips. m-SalesPro support both Online and Offline updates either way manually or automatically. Mobile Sales & Prospect No Connection! Proceed Off-line ? YES NO
  19. 19. m-SalesPro – Get to know closer Mobile Sales & Prospect LINDA m-SalesPro support photo taking and ID or other type of identification as supporting during initial client registration process or mini CIF.
  20. 20. m-SalesPro – State of the art m-SalesPro’ sophisticated yet user-friendly features allows you to configure your own m-SalesPro accordingly to fit your products or services and business model. BANKING INSURANCE TRADING SERVICES
  21. 21. m-SalesPro – Control m-SalesPro si not all about focusing on convenience and efficiency alone, it will also help you in managing and monitoring the sales activity of your sales-forces.
  22. 22. m-SalesPro – Output m-SalesPro back-end Web-Sales and Prospect application will generate your routine sales report and other statistic data that will help you with market analysis to plan the best marketing strategy in achieving your sales target
  23. 23. m-SalesPro - Security To prevent On-device storage data tampering by malware; in case if the device is lost or stolen, sensitive data can be extracted by unauthorized third parties, m-SalesPro provides the following capabilities to protect data on the device: • Encrypted offline cache • Offline authentication • Secure challenge-response on startup • Application and device authenticity
  24. 24. m-SalesPro - Features o Customizable field to suit industries and product ranges o Daily appointment and schedule popup notification o Inbox direct message push or broadcast to sales team o Powerful Search by Name, Area and Date o Direct call from prospect detail screen and save to device contact capability o Location tagging during data update and full GPS navigation supported o On-line and off-line data updates o OTA capability of application updates
  25. 25. m-SalesPro – And beyond You choice of native, hybrid or single code multi-platform Developed using top and proven mobile application development tools that makes any custom changes as-easy-as writing a blog.
  26. 26. Contact ++6622--2211 3366885577330066 Us: PT. SHUBA Mitra Solusi Komp. Perkantoran Mitra Matraman Blok C-17 Matraman Raya No. 148 Jakarta 13150 DKI Jakarta - Indonesia ++6622--2211 3366885577330044,, 3366885577330055,, 7700883311110066 iinnffoo@@sshhuubbaa..ccoo..iidd wwwwww..ffaacceebbooookk..ccoomm//sshhuubbaassoolluuttiioonnss wwwwww..sshhuubbaa..ccoo..iidd @@SShhuubbaaSSoolluuttiioonnss
  27. 27. TTHHAANNKK