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Schoolwide Enrichment Model


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Schoolwide Enrichment Model

  1. 1. A Curriculum Framework for Successful Gifted EducationCarolyn Rethwisch
  2. 2. Developed by:Joseph Renzulli& Sally ReisUniversity ofConnecticutMain FocusTo applypedagogy ofgifted educationto the wholeschoolTheory of HumanPotentialWhat makes giftedness?Theory of High-endLearningHow do you developgiftedness?The Basics of SEM
  3. 3. What is the Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM) about?
  4. 4. Two Types of Giftedness
  5. 5. What isGiftedness?
  6. 6. The Schoolwide Enrichment Model• The application of gifted education pedagogy to total schoolimprovement• Provides enriched learning experiences and higher learningstandards for all students by:1. Developing talents in all students2. Providing a broad range of advanced enrichment3. Providing advanced follow-up opportunitiesbased on strengths and interests
  7. 7. Compacting the Curriculum• Select learning objectives• Identify students for assessment• Develop and conduct pre-assessment• Streamline instruction• Provide instructional options• Provide enrichment and acceleration options• Record student progress
  8. 8. Total Talent Portfolio• Information that portrays student strengths• Classify information into general categories of• Abilities• Interests• Learning Styles• Markers of Successful Learning• Review portfolio regularly to provide enrichmentactivities• Use to negotiate various acceleration and enrichmentoptions• Use for personal, educational, and career counseling
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